Sophie Monk in a bikini

July 23rd, 2008 // 130 Comments

These pics tell an incredible story. A story about Sophie Monk in a bikini. Then in a wetsuit. Then stripping out of that wetsuit while taking a shower and now she’s just in a bikini. It’s basically The Greatest Story Ever Told, and I’ll fight to the death anyone that says otherwise.

UPDATE: Even God agrees. Check out this e-mail:

The Superficial,

That shit straight PWNED The Bible. Ha, what was I thinking with the plagues and talking donkeys? If you want to tell a story and tell it right, you use bikinis. I’ll remember that next time for “The Bible 2: Now with More Lightsaber Fights.”

Keep it real,

Big Dong G Upstairs


  1. felix


  2. numbers


    she’s hot.

  3. boredom

    wow she looks damn good in a wetsuit. First one to say she’s ugly or fat or there’s a birthmark that shouldn’t be there is definitely not getting any from the female(human) race

  4. granada

    She’s awesome. Fit, great body, pretty face.

  5. Proof that white girls are the hottest by far.

  6. BigJim

    Dear fish writer type dude:

    That is the first time you have made me laugh in a long time. Good work.

  7. Billy Graham

    I just splooged

  8. dude_on

    This is why something came out of the sky and killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. I see you working Big Dong – it was definitely worth the wait.

    Any mutant that goes negative is an ass-wipe or gay or a fat chick – but don’t worry… Big Dong loves you too. I’m also guessing that this is also a perfect opportunity for “straight” chicks to tell us how they would tongue bathe her.

  9. Britney Spears

    Changing on the street in front of the paps, typical media whore bimbo. I see her knocked up with a couple kids she’ll never see again, a dozen cheap ugly tats & those long blonde locks in a shaven pile in a year or two.

  10. Spanky

    That is so close to perfection. I bet there are straight women out there that what to munch on that.

  11. Spanky

    That is so close to perfection. I bet there are straight women out there that what to munch on that.

  12. Que

    Que who?

  13. Que

    Que who?

  14. Que

    Que who?

  15. Drago The Perv

    I’d stick my one-eyed snake inside that sweet poop-hole a few times !
    Then piss in her beautiful mouth. Mmmhh, yummi !

  16. Now this is a good bunch of pics. No idea who this bimbo is or why she is “famous” but nice rack and bod!

    Oh, #2 – what a douche.

  17. syn

    Who is she? I guess I could google her, but I’d much rather get the answer from you lovely people.

  18. lulu

    Benji Madden chose Paris Hilton over THIS chic?? Must be for the money….oh wait, Paris won’t be getting an inheritance HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

  19. About time we get some good pics of some hot chics on here. No more Jessica Parker and Amy Whinehouse!

    Anyway, I thought I’d share the story behind my website with everyone!


    “The AFFL (Albuquerque Fantasy Football League) began in 1993 over a few beers at Hooters. This was before any of us had seen a fantasy sports magazine or knew anything about fantasy sports. The rules were written on a napkin and the rest is, as they say, history. We are based in Albuquerque, NM but have teams from all over in our various leagues. We are in our 15th year of fantasy football, we still have 6 of the original 10 team owners. We currently are operating 3 fantasy football leagues, a fantasy basketball league & a fantasy baseball league. ”

  20. sarah

    ugh ew. yeah this girl is hot but hello? she dated ryan seacrest. and benji madden. this leads me to believe she sucks

  21. Her tits are nothing special, weird chipmunk face too.

  22. sarah

    yeah she does have a chipmunk face. she looks like a euro-elisha cuthbert

  23. Pat

    Extreme butterface. Obviously lipo’d stomach. Not the tiniest bit of muscle tone anywhere (look at her weirdly curveless thighs). It’s like she was made in a test tube, except her head melted a little bit and then froze.

  24. metalman

    poor thing!! she’s cold!

  25. kerri

    she does have a great body but her face is not even average…in fact it’s strangely ugly but maybe in a pretty way? if she cut her hair to a reasonable length she might improve. but yes, no doubt nice body.

  26. sierra

    she’s obviously hot but her stomach.. lipsuction much. eww

  27. Jayro

    Benji Douchetool Madden hit that over and over again. If that sentence doesn’t ruin your day, then you should donate your penis…

  28. Damn #24 – just what the Hell do you expect these bitches to look like? lol

    Sophie (whoever she is) is looking pretty damn good.

  29. Wooly T

    I’m surprised no one has said anything about her high beams being on. Somebody could get their eye poked out by those. I wish it was me!!!!

  30. mrroboto

    oops.. i think the previous url was too long… here it is again:

  31. will

    @16 – what a fucking broken record. DOUCHE. DOUCHE.DOUCHE.

  32. Omar Little

    Sheeeeit, fine woman.

    She should go up on

  33. Menzi

    Yeah, body-by-lipo for sure. That’s a lipo belly button, and you can see all the stretch marks in some of the pictures. But dating the gay guys, that’s the problem. She’s either gay herself, or afraid of hardcore cock (or both). Fake body, fake sex. I suppose you’d enjoy it if you tend to like that sort of thing.

  34. #32 – Really, don’t be a douche.

    How’s your hamster doing?

  35. ph7

    I can think of no reason not to bang her like a church bell on Easter.

  36. A-1

    What a knockout!

  37. Jammy

    Yeah- Twilight Zone Face. Like collagen hiding buck teeth. Still better than that Dutch faced Paris Hilton. Oh, and #3? I’m typing this as I’m fucking a hotter chick than her…………………….
    …………….annnnd I finished in her mouth. While typing. Ah.

  38. Tom

    Seriously #19, we dont care about your fucking website Dickhole. Looks like a 3 year old designed it.

  39. tp

    Her mouth never closes…yuck.

  40. Deacon Jones

    I personally volunteer to be her toilet for a week! Delish!

  41. MrWhipple

    I am insanely jealous of that wetsuit.

  42. Anyone who watches these posts at all know that #19 is a troll. So, please address your “dickhole” comments to the troll.

  43. Tom

    Still doesnt change the fact that your website looks like a 3 year old made it.

  44. havoc

    She’s hotness alright.

    Whoever she is…….


  45. And you, Tom, no doubt like hamsters in your rectum. But, the difference is I’m not telling people anything about the website, a dumb troll is. Now, whether or not the site is mine isn’t a factor but it does make a decent amount of change from several sponsors which is probably more than you make pimping out your sister so I wouldn’t worry to much about it.

  46. Just when I thought knowing how to say “I ripped my boxers” in 27 languages was enough, along come these pictures… I feel so inadequate.

    #40 – “Her mouth never closes…”


  47. Tranny Paint

    I know I always go surfing wearing heavy makeup. Seriously, not one smudge of mascara on that girl. It’s almost as if she knew she was going to be photographed…

  48. Tranny Paint

    I know I always go surfing wearing heavy makeup. Seriously, not one smudge of mascara on that girl. It’s almost as if she knew she was going to be photographed…

  49. SHAFT


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