Sophie Anderton is kind of famous, also a prostitute

November 19th, 2007 // 87 Comments

You probably don’t know who Sophie Anderton is, but she’s a lingerie model and reality TV star in the UK. Not only that, apparently she’s also a prostitute and does a ton of drugs. Awesome, I know. News of the World sent an undercover reporter to request her services and this is what they came back with:

When our reporter–posing as a potential client–declined [an offer of cocaine] she pulled a wrap out of her designer handbag, made lines on the coffee table and snorted them through a rolled-up £20 note. Then she called her dealer to the room and tried to get our man to buy two grams of the drug.

As name-dropping Sophie desperately tried to sell her body, throughout the meeting she:

* BOASTED about being on last year’s I’m A Celeb before BITCHING about the current contestants.
* TORE into rival supermodel Kate Moss, branding her a “f***ing nightmare”.
* DISHED the dirt on how she had her pal Prince Andrew rolling about with laughter at a party by INSULTING Harrods owner Mohamed al-Fayed.
* DEMANDED £15,000 a night for a WEEKEND of sex in the BAHAMAS with her and a hooker friend.
* HOOVERED up three lines of cocaine.

I’ve been saying supermodels should be role models for years, and I’m just glad they’re building my case for me. Sure, Mother Teresa was a pretty neat gal, but did she ever do lines of cocaine and then offer to have sex with you for money? Role model? More like role douchebag! Ha! Anyway, you can check out some more pictures and video of Sophie Anderton doing whatever it is prostitutes do at the News of the World site. They’re extremely NSFW which means they’re also extremely awesome.

NOTE: I added some pictures of Sophie Anderton not knowing how to walk because, you know, I figure she’s not embarrassed enough as it is.

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  1. allie

    omg wtf

  2. kayla

    damn i could’ve been first if i hadn’t stopped to watch the video… =[

  3. Miguelito

    Damn, Brits are sleazy.

    I’ll give her 15,000 for sex. 15,000 grains of rice. What is that, 6 boxes of Uncle Ben’s? I totally think she’s worth it.

  4. Mick

    She’s a model?!?! Her body is all mushy and all torn up looking. I’m not a model and theres no way I’d let me body look that aweful.

  5. combustion8

    she’s fugly and her tattoo sucks.

  6. Miguelito

    Click on the link that Fish puts up there to News of the World. I don’t know who this girl is, but the story is some fascinating shit. How far humans can sink.
    Manning the fryer at KFC looks glamorous compared to this bitch’s life.

  7. starship

    I’d hit that.

  8. Binky

    Personally I’ve found if a woman says:
    “I’ll be a lot of fun. I’ll look great on your f***ing arm. I’m a supermodel.”
    A bit of sleuthing will soon discover – they’re not actually a supermodel.
    Well…maybe it’s just me.


  10. She’s got itty bitty titties.

  11. TS

    Look at the jaw on this chick. She looks like Howie Long.

  12. steve

    oh…wow. Look at pic #8. what the hell is wrong with her body? are legs ever supposed to look like that? fuckin’ sick. Bloody England.

  13. Harry

    She kinda looks like Winona Ryder in one of the pix. And since I dont have moral objection to high class prostitution (just the $50 Hugh Grant stuff), and since it is a given that chicks who do coke are crazy in bed, I would take her and her friend up on this offer — as long as 15,000 pounds means $100 US.

  14. Chaz

    Love those shoes.

  15. ^Jodi


    Harry, £15,000 means 6 Billion Dollars at the moment.


  16. hot mess on heels

    i don’t think you can call yourself a “supermodel” when you have to sell your vag to pay your mortgage. i mean that just sounds more like a “strugglin’ model”. she’s about one shot away from a JCPenney’s Catalog.

  17. joey


    She is not really a proper model. She’s a wannabe.
    I think she might have been somewhat semi-famous about 20 years ago.
    She goes on the “celeb” reality TV here, and no one likes her.
    In fact we all hate her. Every single one of us.

    She probably set this up herself to give herself a little “scandal” and the fame she so desperately seeks. If she didn’t set it up she will just be pleasantly surprised when she gets her newspapers today.
    Then she will go all over morning TV to explain herself and talk about how she is changing her ways. Then she will write a book.

  18. libragurl

    not really surprising or shocking. many beautiful or attractive women date/sleep with wealthy men and receive money, gifts, trips etc. it may not always be cash on the nightstand type of money but they get it in some form or another. just like many playboy centerfolds supplement income by dating/escorting wealthy men so do many fashion models. only a fraction of them reach supermodel status. they can’t imagine working some job and making a meager salary. plus wealthy men are always around at these events looking for these women. i would bet a millions bucks that many of these women are propositioned initially and fall into the lifestyle of dating/fucking wealthy men for money. its easy to get wrapped up. As far as the drugs go, that’s a mess. Drugs are horrible for the mind, body, and soul, but its not a shocker that she’s using. Again with the cliches, but we all know that many models do DRUGS

  19. Superevil

    I think the real question is: Is she recently single and does she have a profile on Does she like fertile douches?

  20. Tawny

    No one noticed the nip slip on picture 3?

    Girl is tore up…

  21. Eye Of The Beholder

    Personally I do not think her profession in anyway should be offset by this. As a model she is apparently well known. As her alter ego per say she has the right to be whatever she desires after the cameras have left. Enough said.

  22. cookie monsta

    and the award for Little Miss Drug Fucked of the day goes to this skanky bush pig…..

  23. Look – You’re all a bunch of h8ters !
    Who among us hasn’t requested at least $25 K (US) for someone to sleep with us ? (And then renegotiated it in CDN $, Pounds or Euros)
    Only to find out you just wiped out in your underwear as per pix…and no one cared – because
    …well you know the line….ends in ‘Job’…etc….

  24. Auntie Kryst

    English = subhuman

  25. She is more than hot . Her nude profile and some of her nice nude photos were found on a nudist date site named . I was curious why she was there . Is she a nudist ? Anyone can advise ?

  26. me

    “As her alter ego per say she has the right to be whatever she desires after the cameras have left. Enough said.” (#22)

    Hmm, interesting you say that since prostitution and drugs are ILLEGAL.

  27. george jetson

    my type of lady!

  28. Jules

    this broad is so disgusting looking- i cant believe i wasted my time even clicking on other pictures…she is a bag of bones, has no booty and no titties..not your usual type fish

  29. bitch be tore up

    hoo boy

    #25…is that supposed to make any sense? Or are the shrooms kicking in again? Damn.

  30. condom man, I’m with you all the way on this one. Just not with you, that’d be yucky.

  31. Jules

    LOL to this comment..
    Justin – November 19, 2007 10:06 PM

    She is more than hot . Her nude profile and some of her nice nude photos were found on a nudist date site named . I was curious why she was there . Is she a nudist ? Anyone can advise ?

    This “justin” character clearly just posts this comment as a ploy to get people to go to this site for hits im guessing because he posted this SAME exact comment on perez hilton, under the entry about Nick hogan…aka Bolleas mom and that video where shes talking about speeding… Justin…your not smart.

  32. # 31 Hello ? ‘bitch be tore up’ ? (That should get u plenty of dates..?)
    Have we ever seen you here before ?
    Welcome ! Very humorous….well…ok….
    And if you need the Cliffs Notes – 9/11 was an inside job.
    Comprehendo ?

  33. Jahn

    Her ass is too flat to charge £15,000.

  34. Lady Sin


  35. I guess her spending is much more than she earns with modelling. So this is quite another way you and me will solve this problem. But it’s quite easy money though, NOT?

  36. Fabio

    British women look like fuckin’ dogs. The UK is just a really small island full of inbreds. Go there and you’ll vomit when you see the people. No wonder they do coke all day.

  37. Ted from LA

    With comments like that, you could be a diplomat for the Bush administration.

  38. Methos


    Where as the US gave us the 3 stunners below this story.. Brit, Julia and the midget below here…


    ‘Cause black people are rapists. :)

  40. NiceGuy

    That poor girl. This will most likely just make her more famous than ever though.

  41. Conky

    How far does that whore’s tattoo go? It appears to go all the way to her bunghole.


  42. me

    cactusman…most rape crimes are committed by men…it’s not really about race, so stop twisting things to your advantage. Also… most serial killers are white dudes.

    There is nothing wrong with being a butt man or a boob man or a leg man. Just because a man may prefer a woman with a nice butt over a woman with huge fake breasts but no ass…doesn’t mean he is black or inferior to you. Most men have flat asses…so it’s not a bad thing to appreciate a “womanly feature.”

  43. sindiva

    whatever, she’s quite pretty, has great skin and a nice body.

    So she owns her sexuality and sells it? So what? Her services are requested, she gets paid a lot of dough and she is good at what she does since she gets a lot of practice. Skanky are the Paperazzi who will cross a line before you can draw it. They’d stab anyone in the back for a picture and are cry babies who feel a very false sense of entitlement.

    Charlie Sheen has slept with over 3000 women, but you dont hear how ‘skanky’ he is or how bad he looks. Double standards still persist with this subject

  44. EuroNeckPain

    Is that another Gia ?
    You know, the American supermodel who died of AIDS because she was taking drugs (they made a movie with Angelina Jolie in the role of Gia, but the real girl was not remotely as pretty).
    There are a lot of web sites dedicated to her now. Funny how people are compassionate afterwards but cruel beforehand.
    However I join the crowd who say she is yet another worthless piece of meat. I do not pity those girls who don’t make any effort to study anything and think they can live solely out of their looks.

  45. I really don’t see the problem here….

  46. Sex=good.


  47. #47 – “Yet another worthless piece of meat. I do not pity those girls who don’t make any effort to study anything and think they can live solely out of their looks.”

    You at the back ? We have a BINGO !
    That’s why I tell the girls to put on the ’911 was an Inside Job ‘ tee shirts.(100 % cotton…5% spandex)
    Lord knows I’ve tried…
    Time to ‘go with the flow’ Ladies….
    ILet’s face it. It’s either the ‘new you’ or dealing with guys like #47….

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