Sophie Anderton is kind of famous, also a prostitute


You probably don’t know who Sophie Anderton is, but she’s a lingerie model and reality TV star in the UK. Not only that, apparently she’s also a prostitute and does a ton of drugs. Awesome, I know. News of the World sent an undercover reporter to request her services and this is what they came back with:

When our reporter–posing as a potential client–declined [an offer of cocaine] she pulled a wrap out of her designer handbag, made lines on the coffee table and snorted them through a rolled-up £20 note. Then she called her dealer to the room and tried to get our man to buy two grams of the drug.

As name-dropping Sophie desperately tried to sell her body, throughout the meeting she:

* BOASTED about being on last year’s I’m A Celeb before BITCHING about the current contestants.
* TORE into rival supermodel Kate Moss, branding her a “f***ing nightmare”.
* DISHED the dirt on how she had her pal Prince Andrew rolling about with laughter at a party by INSULTING Harrods owner Mohamed al-Fayed.
* DEMANDED £15,000 a night for a WEEKEND of sex in the BAHAMAS with her and a hooker friend.
* HOOVERED up three lines of cocaine.

I’ve been saying supermodels should be role models for years, and I’m just glad they’re building my case for me. Sure, Mother Teresa was a pretty neat gal, but did she ever do lines of cocaine and then offer to have sex with you for money? Role model? More like role douchebag! Ha! Anyway, you can check out some more pictures and video of Sophie Anderton doing whatever it is prostitutes do at the News of the World site. They’re extremely NSFW which means they’re also extremely awesome.

NOTE: I added some pictures of Sophie Anderton not knowing how to walk because, you know, I figure she’s not embarrassed enough as it is.

Photos: Getty Images