Sansa Stark Is Your New Jean Grey

As promised in the Supergirl post, here’s your next round of comic book castings, this time for X-Men: Apocalypse which now has its young Storm, Jean Grey, and Cyclops who I’m assuming Bryan Singer mentioned last because he didn’t want to go swimming. (Went right for it.)

And for those of you too lazy to click on Twitter handles that’s Alexandra Shipp from Lifetime’s terrible Aaliyah movie, Sansa Stark, and Tye Sheridan from Mud who, goddammit, is literally an 18-year-old boy. Seriously, no red flags? Nobody stopped and went, “Wait a minute…,” you just went ahead and counted the money? You people make me sick. I’m still gonna watch this in the theater and again on OnDemand, but you people make me sick. (Will there be collectible figurines?)

Photo: Splash News