Sophie Turner Didn’t Use the N-Word, She’s Just British and Talks Funny

The internet wolves, with their ruthless bloodlust for celebrity racism, have attacked once again. This time their collective impulsiveness has thrown English sweetheart, Sophie Turner, under the bus. She’s got everything that they’d love to rip apart in a Twitter blood orgy: a Jonas brother, an overrated X-Men character, an elegant British accent and… She’s smoking hot – Let’s not sugar coat anything here.

So here we have Sophie, in the gym with her boyfriend, Joe Jonas (who is not the other one) saying, “what’s up motha fuckaas,” to her meathead homie. If you listen, it’s almost believable that she may have been saying something else… but… no, sorry she’s just being English.

*PSHHK* That’s the sound of an ice-cold Fresca being popped because there is nothing to sling your feces over with this one. I suggest you do the same.

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