Sophia Bush is famous, I think, she’ll do as filler

October 5th, 2007 // 96 Comments

I don’t even know who Sophia Bush is. But, for the time being, she fits the criteria I’m looking for: She’s not Britney Spears, and she has a vagina. By the way she’s walking and sipping an iced coffee, I’m going to assume she’s on The Hills. However she does appear to be walking upright without wires attached, so that can’t be right. She’s on One Tree Hill? Never heard of it. Is that like a spin-off of The Hills or something? But with a tree? Is it even safe for those girls to be around trees? I heard that Heidi chick almost drowned in a sock and you’re going to put her around a large, flammable object with pointy branches. Man, what won’t they do for ratings?


  1. niner11


  2. stella


  3. niner11

    who is this bitch

  4. She’s cute.

    She has a natural, fresh look and her personality comes through even in these small photos

  5. p911gt10c

    She looked pretty hot in The Hitcher
    Great lil ass on her too.

    Oh, and #2, you’re a loser.

  6. aja

    Lovely and classy, fresh and natural.

  7. I wouldn’t mind stooling on this nobody.

  8. Rich

    How don’t you know who she is. Sophia Bush was married to Chad Michael Murray (who was on One Tree Hill with her) and she divorced his ass when she got an accidental call from him hearing him brag to his friend about how he banged Paris Hilton on the set of The House of Wax. Also One Tree Hill came before that shitty show The Hills. Sophia Bush is also in the movie John Tucker Must Die where she plays a nympho hippie chick who is hot.

  9. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    she is not ugly,
    but i see people from time to time that aren’t ugly either.

  10. ugh #8

    im not a stupid teenager that watches that SHIT!
    i am proud i do not know who this slightly above average person is.

  11. igroovin

    she’s cute kind of reminds me of neve cambell. now thats news.

  12. wedgeone

    She’s cute but annoying. I’d shoot thick ropey cum all over her face, but only after giving her a bloody nose first.

  13. Gerald_Tarrant

    I’d hit it.

  14. Mike

    #7 Jimbo bet you are a hit with the women. All women would love for you to stool on them.

  15. katie

    it’s an iced tea you moron. This blog has gotten so boring and pointless- give us something interesting. I’m considering becoming exclusive to Perez.

  16. No idea who she is. Any more pics of Kim Kardashian?
    Where hip-hop and Hollywood collide

  17. Her last name is Bush, hahahahaha

  18. --------


    I’d hit you, Gerald.

  19. idk who this is but for the record, i work at starbucks and thats def. not iced coffee, its iced green tea. iced coffee is like BLACK.

  20. Spongebob Gangsta

    I don’t see how this girl can be classified as “filler”
    The Superficial used to bag on all different celebrities.
    Not it only focuses on 3 or 4 each day.
    Not very diverse these days. Btw she’s cute when i can’t see her.

  21. b.m.

    wow, 15, the hatred.

    why is it so important to you that we know that she’s drinking an iced tea & not iced coffee?

  22. Fatty Arbuckle


    It’s called ‘The Superficial’, of course it’s pointless.

    And what’s so interesting about Perez Hilton? He’s a boring bitch who overuses the paint function in Photoshop.

  23. wedgeone

    #15 you’re a slut and you know it. Stop talking about “I’m considering becoming exclusive” to anybody. Whore.

  24. Cosmo

    At least Sophia Bush is a legit actress, so that’s something, right? That already puts her at a level higher than the losers from Laguna Beach and The Hills.

  25. no1justminda

    a cutie!

  26. Laura Vandervoort has a nice look.

  27. Scott

    ONE TREE HILL is a teen drama on The CW. It isn’t a shitty reality show. Get your facts straight.

  28. BORING

    she looks like a christian librarian.

  29. Steven Braun

    I thought it said “Sophie’s Bush”. Color me disappointed.

  30. Sophia Bush is truly a nice person in real life..she has no ego or sense of self entitlement, like that bitch whore Paris Hilton. Sophia is a good role model for young girls

  31. Katie

    wedge, you’re a sick fuck that likes to talk about cumming on girls after beating them up. Fatty, what I’m saying is that although it’s called The Superficial, it used to be entertaining and now it sucks, as Spongebob Gangsta pointed out. Perez covers multiple areas of media and entertainment, is updated regularly, is always right, is intersting, and isn’t too fucking lazy to update on the weekends.

  32. Katie

    oh yeah and doesn’t just talk about boobs all day- which guys on this site wouldn’t be as interested in if they had real boobs in their real lives that they could see

  33. wedgeone

    Uh, Catty, didn’t you say you were leaving? I think we all agree that sooner would be better than later.

  34. Andie

    Thanks #8, I had no idea who she was. She’s very cute, though. I saw house of wax, it really sucked.

  35. gspguy

    Try to keep up SF.

    Sophia Bush was the slamming hot coed from Van Wilder.

    After Tara Reid got engaged, Van went to his room and got drunk and was singing really badly. When Sophia came into the room and asked him what was wrong, He said “I just got run over by a truck.”

    She was the chick he was making out with when Tara Reid walked into the room. She said “You must be the truck driver.”

    She’s smokin’ hot. The pics are very average.

  36. mIke

    OK so you call yourself a blogger?
    You don’t know who she is?
    riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, maybe you should do your homework.
    To think you have your own website, damn dude
    i hate perez but at least he knows his shit

  37. KamUK

    And who is she? George Bush’s daughter?

  38. lulu


  39. BunnyButt

    No idea who she is, but I love her jeans. And she’s very cute, seems like she hasn’t been ruined by Hollywood. Yet.

  40. Catie

    wedgebone you’re a waste of time – neer sa anythig constructive. b better for us all if you just left

  41. handnblndr

    This is the daughter of a guy named George W. He might suck but his daughter is hot.

  42. Lexoka

    #38 She’s got nothing to do with the Hills.

    Plus, she’s hot.

  43. wedgeone

    Catie – hey look! Hiding where you parked your car! It’s the guy who’s gonna rape you with a wire brush! Enjoy!

  44. johnk348

    ayo, that’s a venti green iced tea. what.

  45. She is real hot…..i had no idea….keep the pics coming!!!

  46. Pam

    She’s on One Tree Hill.

  47. 41. handnblndr – October 5, 2007 1:26 PM

    This is the daughter of a guy named George W. He might suck but his daughter is hot.
    …. Clearly you cannot read…she is not George Bush’s daughter… reject. Shes on one tree hill, which has been on the air for over 4 years now… shes def. not from the hills

  48. J

    she was awesome as a goth gamer chick in Stay Alive, she was the only good part of that movie. And her character’s name was “October”. AMAZING!!

  49. Nathiest

    thats one hot lesbian

  50. Danklin24

    You dont know who sophia bush is??? She’s fucking beautiful! Thats all you need to know.

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