Someone Tried to Break into Bieber’s Disgusting Bathroom

Last time I checked, nobody wanted to rent their Beverly Hills home to the Maple Jesus, so Justin Bieber was living in a hotel like Eloise. I guess he somehow snotted his way around that because he’s got a pad now… Shockingly, people are already breaking in to steal his fruit snacks or something. 

Yesterday a woman, who is way too old to be considered “a fan,” was detained after trying to get into JB’s chips ahoy pantry or have sex with him/get her daughter to have sex with him — the details are vague.

A Justin Bieber fan was arrested at the singer’s Beverly Hills home Monday after cops say she wandered onto the property looking for the singer … for the third time this week.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ cops got a call to the home around 7:30 PM … we’re told Justin’s security detained the woman until officers arrived.

Our sources say the woman — in her 40’s — showed up at the home two other times in the last week and was warned by security to stay away. We’re told she made it on the property but did not make it inside the home. (from TMZ)

What are you going to steal if you break into Justin Bieber’s house? His size eight shoes and some Baby Gap shirts? Breaking into JB’s house is like busting into a rich kid’s 10,000 square foot treehouse. There’s nothing good to steal except video games and expensive sports memorabilia. This lady was definitely on a sexual (or possibly murderous) conquest.

What the Beebs needs is to hire a gumshoe like Randy Cappuccino to get to the bottom of this case, determining if it was Mrs. Peacock trying to drown him in his infinity pool or the french maid trying to suffocate him with her cleavage… He also needs to hire an actual maid to clean his fucking sink. WHO LEAVES A TOOTHBRUSH IN THE SINK LIKE THAT!?

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