Some Christina Aguilera Pics We Weren’t Supposed to See

December 8th, 2010 // 277 Comments

Candid, racy, sexy, semi-nude, midgets in rodeo outfits, [Other Google keywords here] photos of Christina Aguilera circa her “Not Myself Tonight” video shoot in April 2010 were leaked online today. Based on that time-line, I’m going to assume these were sent to her then-manstress Matthew Rutler who did exactly what you’re not supposed to do with these things: Knock someone up.

What? Did you think I was going to say, “not leak them online?” Because that’s just crazy talk. In fact, I question his manhood for waiting this long. That’s like being afraid to pump gas in your car. How do you think this thing runs? Groupon? Get outta here.

UPDATE: In a revealing move, Christina’s people have actually confirmed the photos are her, and that she was the target of a hacker. Because if there’s anything hackers love, it’s conveniently distributing photos of a now-pregnant woman to remind people she used to be thin. Damn their villainy!


  1. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Jim Bob
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    The HIV infested heroin addict stripper look sure is hot right now.

  2. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    I think she looks beautiful. Obvi accidental skanky pic release, but she looks good!

  3. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    damn she looks cracked out…

  4. soupofdefish

    I’m disapointed if this is the best photos mole boy has to release.

  5. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    I don’t know what everyone is complaining about, I think these pics are hot! You can almost see her pussy. I’m happy.

  6. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    YES, i would like to humpadump her, but she knew that already

  7. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    The last one is her? Wow she sure as hell looks different without the 900 layers of makeup and hair product.. I bet she weighs 50 pounds less too!

  8. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    christina`s pussy :)

  9. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Damned WikiLeaks!

  10. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    What the heck is wrong with her right shin (our left)? Looks like the skin is all torn off. Yealch.

  11. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Oooohhh, Closet porn.

  12. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Tell me this – Do guys REALLY like the completely hairless look? Doesn’t it feel like having sex with a small child? Pedophiles!

    • dmars

      Tell me this — Do you think women shouldn’t shave their legs? I mean only kids have hairless legs right, you must be a pedo if you like shaved legs by your logic. If you go back to the 1800′s women didn’t shave their legs or underarms. Now it is considered the norm, more and more shaving or at least trimming down there is becoming the norm, for guys too. Just like hairy legs aren’t attractive to men, a big ole hairy bush is not seen as attractive either, get with the times. You are either very dumb or a troll that I just fed.

      • Angie

        Whatever not all guys like the COMPLETELY shaved look – I go for a nicely trimmed little landing strip, at least a little bit of hair down there because I Think it looks a lot nicer and no one has ever complained

  13. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Nico de Geit
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    On photo 2 she has bruises on her legs that are not there on photo 1. There is nothing wrong with being naked, as long as you’re beautiful. If this is XA I wouldn’t recognize her if I met her. Maybe by her voice.

  14. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    well see got a fine nice body,be prowd of it cristina,you are beautiful.

  15. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    see got a lot of shoes and no tits

  16. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Well i think she,s looking great !

    Lot of bruise,s on her legs..

  17. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    what’s with the bruises on her legs?????

  18. Averre

    I’m surprised that she is bent out of shape about these pics. OK, she got “hacked” (which is turning into a very old excuse nowadays) but she has had more racy videos than anything in these pics show.

    When one poses in something-close-to-nothing for even video they’re in then gets all upset over some pics that are a -1 on a racy scale….it makes one question the honesty behind it.

  19. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Sexyyyyyyyyy Boobies!

  20. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    So much te wear and than you put on that…. OMG

  21. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Loving it!!
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    Boner time!!!

  22. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    looks like she had her implants removed after having her son. she looks frail and a lot different without makeup. think she said she had bruises from filming Burlesque which coincides with the timing these pictures were shot.

  23. Mardi

    Did you someone threaten to sue you unless you removed any comments that referenced the fact that she’s pregnant in any way? Cause she sure as fuck LOOKS like she’s in the early stages of pregnancy in the robe photos. Why would you “show off” a little pudge if it weren’t for a baby growin in there?

  24. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    She grew up not far from Pittsburgh….apparently quite the skank at her high school and did any guy on the block…atta Girl!!!!

  25. meh

    She looks like she’s gotten so old so very fast. =(

  26. Mark

    This bird is too clever for all of us ,and is seeking public attention . Good job Christina:)

  27. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    I want a wall of shoes.

  28. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    no, thanks :(

  29. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    That is not her. The body is too skinny….she’s MUCH bigger now. Plus all the other pics like that hardly show her face. This one that should show her face is cut off…hmmmm why? It’s because they are fake except for the robe pictures.

  30. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    ***This one should show her face is but it is cut off

  31. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    i think she looks amazing. She shouln’t be inbarrased! She had a wonderfull body! Go Christina!

  32. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Like a G6
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    I’ve never seen anyone look better w/little or no make up on whore out worse than this chick in pancake. Her head is actually the size of a pea, but w/pancake batter on that thick, it looks normal size. Go natch. X-tina, you look waaay smokin hotter and less freaky and like your hiding something (or someone) under all that shellac.

  33. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    How old *are* these pics? Recent pics have her sporting a double chin, puffy cheeks and the torso of a tree tunk.

  34. bitingontinfoil

    A desperate attempt by either herself or her “people” to remind the world of what she *used* to look like – probably hoping to bring attention away from her “new look”. That of a puffer fish sitting on a tree stump.

  35. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Cheesy Poofs
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    See, regardless of all the negative comments, I think she still looks great!

  36. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    jeeez is somebody beating her up? Otherwise without the bruises, not bad

  37. George Vreeland Hill

    She looks sexy in these photos.
    Whoever leaked these is a guess, but it is our gain.

    George Vreeland Hill

  38. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Chuck U Farley
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    Who’s creepier without makeup: Christina Aguilera or Katy Perry?

  39. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    shy is kind of Sexy

  40. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Leopard carpet….CLASSY.

  41. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    i wanna scissor her

  42. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Linda Bol
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    This is not here, only in the nice dress. Look at the hair and floor.

  43. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    The less talent you have, the more clothes you take off!

  44. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Come to daddy!

  45. laughwithme

    Shes not nude…in no pic. Making a fuss over this is laughable.

  46. Turd Ferguson

    Another nobody who has been irrelevant for years trying to leak her own shit via twitter. You are fat, you have no clue how to apply makeup, and you also apparently have too many fucking shoes. Go Away nobody cares.

  47. Michael

    HAHA! FAT KID!!! What a pathetic looser!! The imposter is lame.
    ***for those who might be confused*** 2ed, 4th and 6th remark is the imposter!! This is sad.

  48. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    women are so fickle…..

  49. LONELY

    I would fuck her senseless.

  50. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Dorian Gray
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    If ever a man wanted to know why a big wallet is more important than anything else, this page is it.

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