Some Christina Aguilera Pics We Weren’t Supposed to See

December 8th, 2010 // 277 Comments

Candid, racy, sexy, semi-nude, midgets in rodeo outfits, [Other Google keywords here] photos of Christina Aguilera circa her “Not Myself Tonight” video shoot in April 2010 were leaked online today. Based on that time-line, I’m going to assume these were sent to her then-manstress Matthew Rutler who did exactly what you’re not supposed to do with these things: Knock someone up.

What? Did you think I was going to say, “not leak them online?” Because that’s just crazy talk. In fact, I question his manhood for waiting this long. That’s like being afraid to pump gas in your car. How do you think this thing runs? Groupon? Get outta here.

UPDATE: In a revealing move, Christina’s people have actually confirmed the photos are her, and that she was the target of a hacker. Because if there’s anything hackers love, it’s conveniently distributing photos of a now-pregnant woman to remind people she used to be thin. Damn their villainy!


  1. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Fappity fap fap, fappity fap faptastic.

  2. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    glace neuf
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    i’d fucking hit it, no questions asked!

  3. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    I think she looks cute….makes me wanna put the dumb movie on the NetFlix list if she’s wearing stuff like this in it.

  4. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Wtf, she looks like a crack fucking whore! I would not hit that. Without a condom.

  5. Grand Dragon

    I came

  6. jojo

    She is a big hard stool away from being just fat.

  7. anonymous

    Meh…she looks like an average stripper here. And not even the Friday night headliner.

    She’s more the Tuesday day-shift stripper.

  8. GravyLeg

    Put your money on her leaking these. The nudes are all WAY before she porked…

  9. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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  10. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    OMG did you see the shoes!!!!!

  11. Were these taken in the mole hill or in Mom’s basement?

  12. Andy

    Married celebrity fucks someone else and gets pregnant while they’re still together and it seriously doesn’t warrant comments about how much of a whore she is?

    I’m seriously surprised at how well she’s getting off on the whole homewrecking slut viewpoint.

    • Aja

      I know, right? It seems like she barely waited ten minutes before finding a new man. She was probably unfaithful to her husband. She’s trash.

  13. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    What is the big deal?

  14. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Food baby.

  15. Cardinal Fang

    Aguilera. Isn’t that Latin for, “I look good when I’m young, but as I grow older, and fatter, you better dump me before I become the mean old nasty mustached crank.”?

    • Aja

      I know, right? It seems like she barely waited ten minutes before finding a new man. She was probably unfaithful to her husband.

  16. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Titty Caca
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    Her transformation to Lizard Woman nears completion.

  17. I like those pics where she’s wearing next to nothing… mmm!

  18. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    These are test shots to see how certain outfits photograph w/ flash.

  19. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Thats not christna… its just a crack whore…

  20. Armando

    mmmm, slutty, rug burns, shaved hoochie, I’m nine inches deep

  21. dude

    And I’m laughing at the closet worship. I honestly did not notice she was in a closet. If you’re a dude and noticed the closet, you’re in one. COME OUT!

  22. Marie

    Maybe Jordan Bratman leaked them, it would make sense

  23. Marie

    I doubt she leaked these herself she isn’t a talentless kim kardashian she actually has a career and has sold over 40 million records why would she do this ?? some people are so dumb seriously

    • nonminti

      I think it is becoming shameful to have talent among celebrities :)

    • Why? Because Burlesque is bombing, he last album bombed, and her light is fading into obscurity especially now that she is pregnant and gaining weight. She wants people to remember her when she was semi-fit. No she isn’t a talentless twit, but she’s also losing her relevancy so she will do these sorts of things to keep herself if not in the spotlight then in the periphery

      • R

        Burlesque bombing? It made $30 mil in 2 weeks & hasn’t even been released overseas yet so idk what invalid source you’re getting your news from.

  24. nonminti

    if she “wears” this why she bothers to wear anything? I wonder… ha,still would be embarrassingly curious to try out :)

  25. puhleez

    She is so NOT fat (here anyway) and I bet she has a great pussy. Hopefully we will all get to see it soon.

  26. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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  27. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Cardinal Fang
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    Marilyn looks great!

  28. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    she looks pp , her tummy is big

  29. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    It looks like she got fucked up by a midget, oh wait……..

  30. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    nice bruises..

  31. Jebadiah

    If she was showing in April then she should be due any day now?!

    • bitingontinfoil

      April-December = 8 months. Average human gestation = 9 months.

      • rerere

        well done bitingontinfoil average human gestation is indeed 9 months…. but you dont start showing even at 1 month. its usually 10-12wks at earliest so that would make it very unlikely that photo was taken in april. judging from recent photos (hard to tell cos she usually wears a corset) she’s about 6 months pregnant so i reckon these photos are from september time which makes sense as she was promoting burlesque then and her hair+makeup in this photo looks similar to her promo appearances

        clearly the other photos were not taken at same time for many reasons. and who said they were? they obv were just in the same folder/phone that the “hacker” got hold of

  32. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    why is she all bruised and bloody?

    • sdgfs

      because she was filming burlesque at this time and it had alot of dancing in it so im guessing she bruised her self during that or her husband hit her which i highly doubt that.

  33. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    XTina shaves her vag

  34. cc

    Pic 6 reveals what most people suspected…underneath the make up, she’s not too hot.

  35. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Public Service Announcement: banging this will create an over-fed baby-mama.

  36. JewBag

    First pic is the only one that can get me up

  37. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    nobody said it wasn´t her, Marie.
    i just dont see the point of this photos!

    • xisme

      the point of this photo was for her stylist to get an idea of what to put together on her and what fits well. it clearly was leaked by some hacker.

      • the point was to shut everyone up about how she’s put on a few pounds. And it might have worked if these pics were actually recent

  38. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Mel Gibson's Shrink
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  39. beffy

    Call me when shes topless or spreading her legs

  40. Harriscandoit

    I do not think these “leaked” photos will help get people to see her new movie, actually it might have the opposite effect. She looks like she sniffed 2 pounds of coke before the pics were taken.

  41. Dale

    Its amazing to me how now a day’s with all this talk about BULLYING! More then half of these comments are rude, mean hearted, insulting, ect… i thinks its fair to assume that most of you are full heartedly agains (or so i hope) the hate going on in schools as well as life in general! It bothers me that someone who has raised over 200 million for charity will be subject to such hatred! PLEASE KNOCK IT OFF!

    ****F Y I *** the one of her in the white gown are from when she first got pregnant, and the pictures where she is wearing the pasties are from “not myself tonigh!” they were sent to her stylist because she was getting reddy to shoot the video! SERIOUSLY? its not that hard to figure it out!!

    • Dale


      • Dale

        im sure you do “dale” imposter, very mature by the way… what are you like 5?

      • Dale

        I’m sorry for being such an uptight tool. I can’t seem to get over the fact that the internet is not serious business nor can I seem to tell the difference between a troll and an actual poster.

        I’m also sorry for being so dense that I actually have to point out that the person who wrote “HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS” really wasn’t me. I fail at the internet as you can see.

        I’m also sorry for being a self-righteous douchebag who feels the need to scold people on the internet. I don’t have the mentality to realize that it won’t change anything except for people mocking me, once again…I fail at the internet.

      • Dale

        HAHA! Real original “imposter dale” you really invested time in this! whats up with the insults? seriously???

        give it up, you look stupid.

      • Dale

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        One of these days I’ll be able to take the hint and get the operation to remove the stick that’s jammed up my butt-pucker, hopefully it’ll help me to not take the internet so seriously that I have to tell others what to do on it while ignoring my own dip-shit approach to it.

      • Dale

        Sure.. Whatever you say * *imposter dale** Its WAY obvious I’m not writing comments to myself, but nice try…

        You are wasting your time!

        Keep it up though… your entertaining me and my friends!

      • Tiffany

        This is entertaining! Yeah, don’t worry Dale “the one who started this tread”, it is apparent that after your initial comment, some fat kid is trying to hide behind the real dale! Poor thing probably has no friends! So sad…

      • Michael

        HAHA! FAT KID!!! What a pathetic looser!! The imposter is lame.
        ***for those who might be confused*** 2ed, 4th and 6th remark is the imposter!! This is sad.


        *snicker* … and the hilarity ensues.

      • Averre

        *Yawn* They both fail. Real Dale can’t stop feeding the troll and has to make fake “friend” posts (hint: Space out the times you post next time real Dale) and fake Dale keeps saying the same thing over and over.

        But at least fake Dale has a point….you -really- need to pull the stick out of your ass real Dale. Yoiu’re not going to change how people reply by bitching about it.

    • Dale

      unh huh… whatever you say averry.

      • Dale

        SWEET! thanks Averry.

      • Internet for Idiots

        I know those big-boy problem you’re facing has made you into a humorless dick who demands that people follow your non-existant internet rules of etiquette, but could you get it through your brain case that you can’t win against trolls and all you’re doing is feeding the fire?

        Scroll up and look at Dankin’s comment. Notice something? Notice how Dankin didn’t reply to the troll but you did? Notice how it kept going from there when you replied? Notice how even your troll had to give you bog-standard lessons on how people act on the internet and your failure to ignore it? Notice that you wasted just as much time as they did?

        Internet 101 lesson over. You failed.

  42. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    I’d fuck her ten ways to sundown, bruises and all…..seriously sexy body!!!

  43. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Culchah Vulchah
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    Bruises are about right. Dancers always look war-torn. Up close with no make-up? It ain’t pretty.

  44. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    she was hacked afterall..

  45. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    and it seems like half of u guys are ignorant fools who don’t take that into consideration.. its not like she wanted these pics posted online and i’m sure theres much worse out there than these pics.
    I rkn half u guys need to take step back into reality and realize shes also human too?

  46. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    What’s with the bruises on her legs?

  47. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Nice MILF.

  48. Johnny Cage

    Can’t talk, too busy fapping

  49. wim

    naive americans believe this crap.
    ……………she just needed very cheap attention.

  50. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Looks to me like the two pics in the robe are recent and she’s showing someone her hot mommy to be (again) belly. The other pics are older and probably were sent to her stylist or lover the former to decide on outfits and that latter to get him/her hot and bothered.

    I think another pregnancy is a good possibility because of the bump… I’m pregnant with my 3rd and I was showing by 6 weeks, and my 2nd baby I was showing by 9 weeks.

    But wow the shoes!!!!!

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