Some Christina Aguilera Pics We Weren’t Supposed to See

December 8th, 2010 // 277 Comments

Candid, racy, sexy, semi-nude, midgets in rodeo outfits, [Other Google keywords here] photos of Christina Aguilera circa her “Not Myself Tonight” video shoot in April 2010 were leaked online today. Based on that time-line, I’m going to assume these were sent to her then-manstress Matthew Rutler who did exactly what you’re not supposed to do with these things: Knock someone up.

What? Did you think I was going to say, “not leak them online?” Because that’s just crazy talk. In fact, I question his manhood for waiting this long. That’s like being afraid to pump gas in your car. How do you think this thing runs? Groupon? Get outta here.

UPDATE: In a revealing move, Christina’s people have actually confirmed the photos are her, and that she was the target of a hacker. Because if there’s anything hackers love, it’s conveniently distributing photos of a now-pregnant woman to remind people she used to be thin. Damn their villainy!


  1. DKNY

    Less tranny-looking than usual, but still not attractive.

  2. -

    As a woman, I have to say that closet is as close as it gets to successful hard core pornography for female audiences

    • McFeely Smackup

      and that is why female sexuality is a joke.

      • Richard McBeef

        You get rejected ALOT don’t you Mcfeely? You’re just SO ANGRY. Maybe you don’t need a posting site. Perhaps you’d do better on a shrink’s sofa somewhere, discussing your obvious MANY PERSONAL ISSUES.

      • McFeely Smackup

        I am a shrink. I just get sick of listening to whining little pussies all day long bitch about their pathetic little problems. Oh Doctor, I’m stressed because I bought a bunch of crap I can’t pay for, my kids are rude to me, my wife won’t put out, my husband won’t lose weight, I have cancer, my mistress is pregnant, I dress like a prostitute at work and people keep staring at me.

        I hate them all so damn much.

      • slapkatyperry

        Well can you go analyze stuff someplace else McFeely Smackup? Your boring, unfunny, mundane posts at times take the fun and laughs outta stories and posts on here. Just sayin’.

      • kimmykimkim

        So, McFeely, please feel free to explain your logic behind your “that is why female sexuality is a joke” comment. We all need a laugh today. C’mon! You know you wanna show off!

      • Richard McBeef

        fuck you mcbeef clone.

      • swan

        You obviously know NOTHING about female sexuality, then. And maybe it’s time for a new career.

    • As a woman I have to say, that closet shows cleary that she has no style at all, only a look at the carpet says it all.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      I LOVE her closet. Love the shoes in pic 6. She is cute and awesome. You know you wish you had those $500 shoes and thousand dollars chanel purses!

    • Danklin

      That comment doesnt even make sense. whats so hard vore porn about a closet filled with shoes and slightly risque pictures?

  3. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Ummm. Is she pregnant here or just on the rag?

  4. LittleSocrates

    To redeem for this and the sad Katy Perry news (’cause Katy Brand sounds awful) I vote we get some Mila Kunis today.

  5. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Silver dollar nipples.

  6. slapkatyperry

    Why is this disgusting bitch still releilvent

  7. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Bagina Face
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    Sexy bruise.

  8. Mena

    From the mess in that closet it looks like shes an actual “Dirrrty” hoe.

  9. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Amy King
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    Christina or Courtney Love? I’m confused by the bruising and bad blond hair.

  10. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Woo Hoo and she is single!!

  11. McFeely Smackup

    Let’s see, a vapid, self-centered chick who is so vain she won’t go into her own closet without having hair and makeup done releases pictures of herself at her hottest, at the time she’s pregnant and looking fat and bloated.

    Does that really sound like pictures we “weren’t supposed to see”?

    • Perez Hilton Is An Ass

      I don’t think you’re angry. Females do have sexuality, but some of it we don’t need to see, like a vapid, self-centered chick named Christina Aguilera.

    • Danklin

      McFeely you really are an idiot. Who say’s thats her closet at home? Did it show the outside of it and i somehow missed it? This looks like some backstage thing from a show, not her home.

      You also contradicted yourself. How can she look pregnant and fat and bloated at the same time? You also said she looks her best. Which one is it, moron?

  12. Richard McBeef

    Huge purple leg bruises are dirrty.

  13. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    um no. that’s not her.

    • sdgfs

      that is christina aguilera.. dont you remember she had the exact costume or “chains” on during the Not myself tonight video sitting in the red chair… well it is her..

  14. RoboZombie

    I like the skinny chick better than the old lady.
    And who has that mny shoes? Jesus, the rich just have way too much money…

  15. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Let’s Start The Time Warp, AGAIN!!!!

  16. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    Something rough this way comes
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    *makes shocking whistling sound* Ass munch much X-tina? Poor JB probably doesn’t even know this room exist…

  17. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    These pics give me epilepsy.

  18. Sam

    My goodnes this Marilyn Monroe wannabe is butt ugly underneath those clothes.

  19. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    I think this is supposed to be an early pregnancy picture… it would make sense with this one (bare belly) plus the one with the robe covering and her hand holding it taut against her stomach. Not many women take random pictures of their stomachs in profile for any other reason…

  20. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    oh my god i want that closet full of louboutins and chanel…hyperventilating…

  21. crazypants

    Women, tending to have thinner, more delicate skin and less muscle than men and having a greater tendency to knock into things as they go about their business – bruise.

    If you have pale skin, bruises show more clearly. It’s really not very shocking or hard to figure out. But of course many of you have never actually spoken with a woman, much less seen a naked one, so it may come as a surprise.

    • Drew

      Assuming all women are all clumsy idiots that knock into everything isn’t really a great starting point when you want to boast about much pussy you see compared to the rest of the losers posting on the same gossip blog as you.

      Your post gives off a very strong feeling of animosity towards women, get shut down one too many times, big gunner?

    • McFeely Smackup

      I’m sure this is just his well practiced excuse he tells the police every weekend when they show up at his trailer.

  22. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    suck it
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    Considering that Fish puts a star over anything else that might in the least bit be naughty or when even the slightest bit of areola is showing, I am quite surprised that he didn’t star out this pic and the others!

  23. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    suck it
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    did they retouch it to remove any visible signs of her pubic area??? It looks kind of weird… no slit or mound

  24. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    suck it
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    her and i have the same nipples!! whoo hooooo!

  25. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    yeah why not mention the fact that she very obviously looks like she’s displaying early stage pregnancy? holding her tummy like that in both robe shots??

    • Drew

      These pictures aren’t being shown in an attempt to show how fat she’s got, these pictures are from a batch of images that were leaked a couple years ago, that Fish decided to put up as a random gallery after the article (like he has been doing since the new site). This image just so happened to be leaked with the other images you’re seeing. Calm down.

  26. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    She’s a skanky Marilyn Monroe wannabe.

  27. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    suck it
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    As a female I just HAVE to say this:
    I’m jealous! Look at all those shoes and bags!!!!

  28. Something rough this way comes

    Some A-hole just registered this year. Thank god they’re just selling garbage.

  29. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    GAG… she needs to stay in the closet with those clothes. I hate these pictures. And I agree the bruises are gross!!!

  30. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    suck it
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    Considering that Fish usually puts a star over anything that could be seen as remotely “naughty” or even just a flash of an areola, I am surprised to see that these pics (especially this one) don’t have the usual lame-o stars.

  31. Pic #6 is a little disappointing considering those tits are hyped up a lot more than what’s shown here. She was hot 5+ ago but not she’s turning into a caricaturization of herself. She’d be better off to go conservative and not look stupid like Madonna did with the whole I’m hot and 50 bullshit.

  32. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    On pics 2 and 3 she has a terrible bruise on the inside of her knee.

  33. burton

    she has short legs, boo!

    i like a woman with some long legs and a nice ass :)

  34. I looked straight past her and focused on all those shoes and purses in the background!! Geez it must be like Christmas EVERYDAY in her closet!!

  35. Willy

    Most of those pictures aren’t even her.

  36. Mr Obvious

    I’m not liking this oily Heidi Montag.

  37. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    yea, I said it
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    only pregnant women hold their stomachs like that…even if they are not showing yet…

    • Andriiya

      Uhuh, so she’s been preggers for 8 months? Or are you saying she was pregnant and miscarried/aborted and is now just fat?

      • xisme

        shes not pregnant now.. she was what almost 3 years ago. shes just gained alot of weight due to depression from splitting with her husband.. you know the usual thing depression?

  38. argleblargle

    Geeze. All these comments about her closet and one about the carpet. Nobody seems to realize this is a music video shoot, not her multi-million dollar mansion.

  39. Marco

    I am very disappointed. Didn’t she have some big boobs at some point?

  40. Salad Face

    I would have to agree that these are in fact candid shots. Two pics appear to be in full on drag make up, hence the shiny albino RuPaul Doppleganger we have been subjected to in pics 1 & 5. She clearly did not have her weave, bronzer, push-up bra, false eye-lashes, etc. on in the other pics.

    But I guess I still would if there was nothing good on TV.

  41. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Ratman brought these up from the sewer. Thank you Ratman

  42. Facebook me

    That is one rough stretch of highway without the make-up. Just who “leaked” these photos anyway?

  43. TJL

    Did you all see the bruises all over her body? She is either a MMA fighter or Jordan did a number on her ass.

  44. Interesting she would ‘accidently’ have thin pictures of her sent out while she is ballooning with a baby in her tummy. Even though her body looks alright in these pictures, can’t do anything about that face and that god aweful hair. Wait, and how can a straight man look at those pictures and see SHOES????

  45. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    ooooooooooooh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy godddddddddddddddddddddddd …………………my dream come true

  46. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    The two in the sparkly getup with pasties have to be from a long, long time ago her boobs haven’t been that small since she released “Genie in a bottle”

  47. well whoever put these pictures out better get shot because 4 of the 6 aren’t even of Christina. Chick in picture 1 and 5 are Christina Aguilera. Chick in other pictures is not. Look a tthe bruise on her right leg in pictures 2 and 3. Compare to picture of inside of right knee in pictures 1 and 5. Bruise magically disappears. Also, Aguilera will NEVER be photographed without make up. It’s impossible. Never happening.

  48. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
    xanax in my beer
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    Egads. Them’s a lot of bruises.

  49. Woofus

    I think the ones with pasties are from about 10 years ago maybe more, she’s had breast implants for a long time and those aren’t implant boobies

  50. Christina Aguilera Leaked Photos
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    Candyman makes so much more sense now that I realize that candy is a euphemism for crack

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