So Here’s Solange Knowles Beating The Shit Out of Jay Z In An Elevator

May 12th, 2014 // 68 Comments
Jay Z Solange Fight Elevator
WATCH: Solange Unloads On Jay Z In An Elevator
WTF Happened Here?
Beyonce Jay Z MET Gala
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Here is surveillance footage of Beyonce‘s sister Solange Knowles slapping the ever-living fuck out of Jay Z in an elevator during a MET Gala after party, according to TMZ:

In the video … Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange step into the elevator … and then Solange goes crazy, screaming at Jay before unleashing a violent attack.
A large man — who appears to be a bodyguard — attempts to hold Solange back, but she manages to connect at least 3 times. At one point Solange throws a kick and Jay grabs her foot, but never attempts to strike her. Beyonce stands by without getting physically involved.
It’s unclear what triggered the fight.

Below are shots of all three them leaving the party, and that is cleary the face of a man who just had to deal with a crazy-ass in-law. Or Gwyneth Paltrow who just came into an Algonquin queef towelette after watching this. “Omygod this is so embarrassing for them, and ooooooh… yeessss… that’s the GOOP shit.” *shivers*

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  1. Okay, before we stat casting stones, who here has NOT ever thought of slapping Jay-Z? Anyone?

  2. And people wonder why Don Sterling doesn’t want them at the game.

  3. And if he had hit her back, people would’ve said he was the wrong one. Fuck that. You seriously hit me and I’m gonna seriously hit you back. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman. Don’t complain about the difference in strength because you knew that I was stronger than you before you hit me.

    • JC

      Your first mistake is assuming that anyone cares about what happens to Solange Knowles.

    • What’s funny is that the people who most ardently advocate equality between the sexes would fall all over themselves to disagree with you.

      • Not all of them.

        That being said, I’m biting my tongue until I found out what the trigger was. If little sis found out he’d laid a hand on big sis, there is not a chance in hell I would condemn her for going apeshit on his ass. If it was, well … pretty much anything less than that, I would in no way fault him for decking her back.

      • You make a good point. Context would matter quite a bit here.

    • Then I guess you won’t complain about the likely substantial differences in criminal penalties/sentences and social repercussions, because you knew that before you hit her.

      • Are you talking about how he would get a few years in jail and his career would be ruined if he hit her back, while she would most likely get away scot-free for hitting him?

        Then yes, I would complain about that? I hate all double standards in the law.

  4. He must have let one rip in the elevator.

  5. Too bad no audio. Jay Z must’ve been shouting “Bitch be cool” a lot.

  6. All the credits here must go to Sean Carter, who damn well knew he would have been paint as the new Chris Brown if he laid a hand on that crazy bitch, even though he was definitely justified to do so.

    Smart and cool/collected guy, especially when that ratchet hoe started spitting on him – really don’t think I would be able to prevent myself from bitchslapping her if I was in the same situation!

  7. Donald Sterling

    Black people resorting to VIOLENCE?!?!?

  8. Jay Z handled himself very well and did the correct thing.

    Looks like someone found out that Jay Z was cheating on their sister, maybe dipping his stick in the Rihanna or Rita Ora money pot. The fact that Beyonce stood back and did nothing kind of speaks volumes.

  9. what oh what could have triggered such an outburst from Solange Knowles? we can’t say much specifically from the footage, given there is no audio, but given that she and her sister are so, so close, i am venturing to say Mr. Carter did something pretty unforgivable. my guess? he took that “eat the cake Anna Mae” line too literally & put hands on Bey. the fact that girl put out a whole album AND tour talking up their whole marriage wasn’t a great sign to begin with, tbh.

  10. Meshugga Tits

    Now he has 100 problems…

  11. maoix

    Looks like he has 100 problems now.

  12. Donald Sterling's Estate


  13. JungleRed

    Every once in awhile, you gotta smack up a bitch. Just to get it out of your system.

  14. One of life’s lessons. Don’t piss off a black chick.

  15. Jay Z

    Jay Z: “I already said your name once. No, I will not say it again.”

  16. margaret

    The issues of gazillionaires matter zero.

  17. gary coleman's ghost

    Looks like Jay-Z has 99 problems and that bitch is one of them.

  18. Judge Chamberlain Haller

    Maybe she’s a Miami Heat fan.

  19. Juch

    We may have just found Chris Brown’s soul-mate.

  20. I believe in equality. Solange Knowles committed assault and battery on Jay-Z. He should file charges and have her arrested.

  21. btreese

    Too bad they didn’t both pull out guns and fire at the same time….

  22. It appears that our hero Jay Z purported himself like a perfect gentleman, refraining from any reciprocal physical violence.
    There comes a time when a guy would be justified in knocking her on her ass, then beating the snot out of her!

    • yawn

      most of us normal idiots dont have a bodyguard defending us from crazy ass bitches.. so we’d be stuck getting a face full of slap and our balls full of foot.. we can do what? nothing is what…

      HE can afford to look like a perfect gentleman with a bodyguard holding crazy bitch back… joe six-pack that doesnt hit girls gets to look like a pussy for getting his shit kicked out by a crazy bitch.. even if he just pushes the girl off him she probably hits her head and now you’re woman beater.. this is life.

  23. Dave

    Just looked up a picture of this whore, she is not hot enough to put up with that, actually shes hideous

  24. Do you think he had the balls to suggest the forbidden, unattainable two sister three way?

  25. JD Just

    All those Sterling quotes are stupid. Shut the hell up!!!! Ass holes!

  26. Can we stop pretending that a woman hitting a man is the same as a man hitting a woman?

    • How is it different? Be thorough in your explanation. No platitudes allowed. If men and women are equal in the eyes of the law, how is it any less of a crime for a woman to hit a man than it is for a man to hit a woman?

      • I actually don’t think it should be considered any less of a crime, legally speaking.

        If you’re asking me what the differences between men and women are, upper body strength would be my first answer.

      • And that is why a woman shouldn’t hit a man. It is an obvious fact that most men are physically stronger than most women. I’m 6 ft 4 inches tall, almost 200 pounds and I wouldn’t think to get in a 300 pound man’s face and slap him. If I do that I expect to get my ass kicked, as well I should.

        Yet some women have no problem initiating violence with men. And what are the men supposed to do? Stand there and take it? Why? If she has no self control, why should he? Women have been pampered so long by the legal system that they think the rules don’t apply to them. They can hit anybody and and expect no repercussion. They can destroy your property with no repercussion etc. They’ve been allowed to get away with too much for too long.

        They do these things because they know they can get away with it. They know most men will not hit a woman, so they’ll get in your face because they don’t respect you. If Jay-Z was a man known to knock women out on the regular Solange would’ve thought twice, but he has a lot to lose, she doesn’t.

        In a situation like this, Jay-Z’s only option was to take it. If her hit her back, the public would’ve been all over his ass. She could get him arrested even though she started the fight and he was just defending himself. He’ll go to jail and she’ll get no punishment. How is that fair? This kind of thing is rampant in the black community. It needs to stop. He should press charges.

    • thebutlerdidit

      “can we stop pretending that a woman hitting a man is the same as a man hitting a woman?”

      FUCK NO. You hit someone, be prepared to either get hit back, or go to jail, or both. Male or female.

      Mother’s Day 1999, I was beaten unconscious, in ICU for 3 days, nearly died. I don’t hit people without the expectation that this very thing could happen again. Being a woman doesn’t absolve you from rape of minors, domestic abuse, etc.

  27. He probably told her the truth that she’s a bony-ass crazy family parasite who can’t sing or dance.

  28. tlmck

    Ghetto trash is as ghetto trash does.

  29. “Don’t you TELL me I don’t have what it takes to be the next Rihanna!!”

  30. Bodyguard II: Whitney’s Dead, Kevin Costner is old, and this guy can’t even protect Jay-Z from a 115 pound woman in heels.

  31. javi

    hahahahahahhaah finally somebody stop the one who believe is THE MAFIA IMPERSONATOR….Good one girl!!!!!

  32. B.B

    Don’t worry people! Sterling’s girlfriend /assistant /bunny-bunny has the audio.

  33. JO JO

    I laugh when people say that “the fact that Beyonce stands there and did nothing speaks volumes” it speaks nothing…. shes on an elevator about to open up to THOUSANDS OF PAPPARAZZI… how do you explain getting on an elevator flawless and getting off disheveled… looks to me like she has seen this behavior from her sister before and knows not to escalate it.

  34. ***From the Desk of Don Sterling***
    That’s what Jay Z gets for hanging out with black people.

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