Sofia Vergara will jangle your spurs

December 12th, 2007 // 128 Comments

Colombian model Sofia Vergara went for the cowgirl look as she shopped around Miami Beach last night. I’d love to ride off with her into the sunset. It’s a simple dream, really. A quiet dream. An American dream. And it involves a hot Colombian woman using me like a mechanical bull where your quarter runs out real fast. In fact, you haven’t even gotten on yet and it’s already asleep.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. bastardoontherange

    Probably not FRIST or second but oh well, she’s not jangling spurs. She’s jangling my …..oh hell. yay!!!

  2. tp

    fist me!!!!!

  3. dammit

    second!!! and first to say FRIST!!!

  4. Pknio

    Colombian…hmmm…I wonder where she’s muling the coke? Time for the border patrol/body cavity search fantasy…

  5. where's the "any" key?

    She doesn’t look like a cow
    …says Jimbo

  6. all I wanna do is zooma zoom zoom zoom and a heyyyyyyyyyyy!

  7. carsten5577

    She looks sort of White. Not bad for a spic, I guess.

    • Jordan

      Holy crap what an idiot.
      A spic isnt a RACE. its NOT a racial slur. its just discriminating someone because they speak spanish.
      many hispanics are white.
      guillermo del toro shakira perla beltran
      all hispanics but WHITE skin.

  8. Oprah groupie

    Can we say she’s a “woman with curves” or is that reserved for cottage cheese chicks like Jennifer Love Hewitt?

  9. Ted from LA

    If they’re real, they’re spectacular. I have my doubts. I’ll do a case study and get back to you.

  10. tp

    i wanna eat her poop

  11. Who cares? She is smokin hot!

  12. boioioioioioingggg

    i’d like to see her dressed as a reverse cowgirl

  13. Martina

    she´s not colombian, she´s mexican

    • uhhh

      If u watch and read interviews, she states that she is from Colombia. Therefore she is colombian. Get your facts right. Thank you.

  14. Auntie Kryst

    Sofia is stunning, gorgeous, hot, fucking fuckable, and many other good things. That aside why are we letting a Columbian stroll around the streets of Miami? Are those photos from the paparazzi or Crockett and Tubbs surveillance photos?

  15. mike

    I agree, she looks pretty white here. If she was careful not to park in front, I’d let her come over and suck me.

  16. MLK

    #14 – we can’t be bothered trying to distinguish between two types of dirt.

  17. teddy

    A new hot spic with super wide hips… oh joy.

  18. ph7

    More of her!

  19. Martina- She’s definitely Colombian maybe you should do some research before making a claim like that.

  20. Jumpin_J

    I think it’s only fair to let all of you know that Sofia and I are getting married. I can’t wait to tell her, especially after I let her out of the cage. Meow!

  21. And yes, she is smoin’ f’n hot.

  22. Shallow Val

    Funny, but “verga” is another ugly way of saying “dick.” I wonder if she uses that to her “sexy” advantage. whatever.

    18 – Columbians are hippy with flat asses and big tits, in most cases. Unless you’re Shakira and have that hot Lebanese blood adding a nicer look.

  23. ldb

    Funny, but “verga” is another ugly way of saying “dick.” I wonder if she uses that to her “sexy” advantage. whatever.

    18 – Columbians are hippy with flat asses and big tits, in most cases. Unless you’re Shakira and have that hot Lebanese blood adding a nicer look.

    14 – Ummm yes she is you unitard.

  24. tp

    11- you’re gay.

    9- you’re probably a big fat person, yes?

  25. veggi

    I suppose she’s hot, but jesus – I mean, hayzeus – when she starts up with that high-pitched monkeychatter language, I start to get a migraine. I’ve got to start locking out Univision from my cable.

  26. Rose Glasses

    She’s just ok. I’d be afraid of what she looks like upon waking up in the morning.

  27. Hey Jimbo, you have new perverted mail..

    Hey veggi, is your cold any better yet?

    Hey tp, why do you eat so much poop?

  28. veggi

    @26- actually, I don’t have tv, but it appears you’re an ass..

    ha FRIST!!

  29. tp

    Yay!!! I have my very own troll!!!

  30. sue

    A natural blond who dyes her hair this color to look more like a spic to American audiences.

  31. tp

    I like the poop.

  32. RENEE...

    Wow is she pretty. I have no idea who she is, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her before now, but she is under rated whoever she is. Very, very pretty. And perfect feminine figure too. No stick chick. I’m officially jealous.

  33. For really MOIST and JUICY comments visit

  34. veggi (likes the tp troll)

    gawd, Vanessa. Slut much?..

  35. I laughed so hard I cried at #30..

  36. Guys

    So veggi, you’re a lesbian and you don’t have a TV. Do you also wear garlic around your neck?

  37. veggi

    lesbian? no. Played in the minors, but never went pro..

  38. I meant 32, what happened??? This site is so weird..

    #37, no that would be me, but that’s cause I HATE the vampires!!!!!

  39. ColumbianCocaineConnection

    She was shopping Miami for coke. It is cheaper in Miami than in Columbia and she stands far less chance of being raped after the transaction is completed.

  40. tp


  41. tp

    #30 That might be my troll too.

  42. flathead

    Now that is Batch-tastic!

  43. That top is about to break loose and the flying buttons will become dangerous projectiles killing all men staring at her chest within 20 feet of her.

  44. Tim

    Not bad for an old chick (35).

  45. tp

    I can has poop?

  46. my comment

    She’s fat.

    btw, why is this site now all about looking at rather uninteresting chicks? Since when do men visit gossipy websites? Why dont’ they just go to porn site?

    Isn’t this supposed to be for women and gays?

    Where’s the gossip? Where’s teh juicy bits?

    Getting boring around here.

  47. tp

    #47 just because we suck a little cock, it doesn’t make us gay.

  48. tp

    #47- I thought that said “getting boner around here”. You know. Like a man boner. A man penis.

  49. ZZ

    oh hey, #47…..

    She’s fat? I’d sure hate to see you.
    But I do agree with the rest of your comment.

    Wait, you MUST be gay.

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