Sofia Vergara’s Cleavage is Still There

July 13th, 2010 // 33 Comments

Yesterday there was absolutely no denying the awesomeness of Sofia Vergara’s cleavage, but a lot of you expressed deep concern over her abdominal region. So being the kind and benevolent god writer god that I am, here’s Sofia Vergara‘s cleavage with absolutely no sign of her abdomen. TREMBLE BEFORE ME!

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  1. Sofia Vergara
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  2. FirstGuy


  3. Sofia Vergara
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    How is this woman 38 years old? She looks 18.

    Either way, I just made a mess.

  4. rickardo

    still soooo f’able

  5. Sofia Vergara
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    Cock tease. Hates men. Thinks certain Americans are intellectually retarded. 40 years old.

  6. Sofia Vergara
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    First bitches! And Sofia is HAWT!

  7. Cock Dr

    How nice. A beautiful smiling busty barefoot woman in a nice summer dress.
    This is almost too wholesome for this site.
    It’s a big double D dose of good tasting medicine against maniac Mel Gibson overkill.

  8. AJ

    that abdomen wasnt that bad… ill take that anyday! atleast its not like julie bowens dragon belly!

  9. pimp

    i don’t have anything clever to say…*jacks off uncontrollably*

    • shankyouverymuch

      *Oops jacking off SO uncontrollably that I put my funny in the wrong spot-

      ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha … also jacking off uncontrollably!

  10. Eric

    What’s wrong with her abdomen? This is what women are supposed to look like, not bony men with a vagina.

  11. Livinius Nwambe

    Good Lord, she looks like she’s been poured into that dress. God almighty, that’s a fine woman. That smile and that rack oughta qualify her as hottie of the week :)

  12. kz

    I like her. She has nice tits but still has taste.

  13. Sofia Vergara
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    The way she’s standing in the first picture makes it look like some of her toes are missing, especially the big toe on her left foot.

    • bobbo

      If you’re gonna look at these pictures and only comment on her toes, then you should get the fuck out.

  14. jumpin_j


  15. Sofia Vergara
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    Dad out did himself,who ever believes in her breasts,shall have ever-lasting life.

  16. shankyouverymuch

    by the way, does anyone know if those big beautiful babylons are for real?

  17. Sofia Vergara
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    and her lips are perfect for sucking popsicles

  18. Deacon Jones

    She’s so fucking hot.

    On Sundays I watch “Modern Family” just for a glimpse of her. I have to remember to occassionally laugh.

    My girlfriend recently asked me “Why do you make us watch this show, it’s a comedy and you dont even laugh at it”

  19. Sofia Vergara
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    me want pee pee touch

  20. Sofia Vergara
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    Say what you want but there ain’t a woman out that wouldn’t die to look half as good as she does. I take my hat off to her and I am a woman.

  21. Sofia Vergara
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    what is not to like about this woman and this dress

  22. suzie

    Can we see a pic of the writer’s ass? Heather’s a beautiful woman with a beautiful body. The writer should hold themselves up to the same standards they are using to judge. Seems like most of the respondents are more than happy to admire Heather’s assets in their present state…

  23. bugman

    I don’t see what the complaining was all about. So she’s got a little bit around the stomach. Well guess what? If she didn’t have a bit of body fat, her boobs wouldn’t be so huge!

    Oh, and suzie, I think you’re posting in the wrong thread.

  24. Sofia Vergara
    Commented on this photo:

    that lady is gorgeous, go sofhy.

  25. Phil hanna

    Sophia is the sexest women I have seen in a loooooog time, what a bomb shell.

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