Sofia Vergara Doesn’t Have A Coke Problem

July 19th, 2013 // 19 Comments

There’s a simple equation: The bigger your coke problem, the less clothing you wear for Terry Richardson. So with that in mind, here’s Sofia Vergara showing the least amount of breast I’ve ever seen Sofia Vergara show which I can see being an effective method to combat drugs. “Aye, papi, is that cocaine! Oh, no no no no.” *puts on turtleneck*

Photo: Terry Richardson


  1. Where's Dildo

    How does one woman possess so much awesome? It’s like God carved her out of supple marble with his penis and sent her to us as a reminder of all the great things in the world.

  2. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    She needs to pluck those eye brows. Sometimes what’s fashionable is not what’s pretty. No other complaints.

  3. She and Denise Richards are pretty much interchangeable.

  4. Lets get this woman some coke, STAT!

  5. Damn, I wish I could figure out the B&W mode on my P&S camera so hot women can appear hot in my pictures and I can be a revolutionary photographer. I’ve already got some flannel, but I usually save it for winter.

  6. brian

    I’m still waiting on that motorboat, Sofia.

  7. Bill

    These pictures are only remarkable for being the universe’s largest missed opportunity. What a boring, pointless pile of shit.

  8. Robb7

    Coke?!? I thought she shilled for Pepsi.

  9. Sofia Vergara Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    Same photoshoot every time. Does he have any other trick besides luring girls to his studio, offering drugs, putting glasses on them, and possibly trying to grope them?

    • Drew

      The sad thing is he tries to play the hipster card. “I’m known for this”, “I use instant cameras like an amateur would lolol”, “it’s my trademark” etc.

      Note: these aren’t exact quotes, but the general gist of how he justifies such mundane, boring as shit work. A 15 year old with Instagram takes technically superior, and more interesting photos than he does.

  10. Sofia Vergara Cleavage Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    Does Pedbear always wear a wood cutter’s shirt? Has he have a closet full of the same fucken shirt?

  11. anonym

    Terry made her look good.

    God only forgot to give her a less annoying voice.

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