Sofia Vergara’s Fiance Attacked Her At A Club

Last summer, Sofia Vergara broke up with Nick Loeb only to get back together with him after he proposed to her in a cave which seems even more messed up now because apparently they guy’s a regular Chris Brown. Via Page Six:

One witness told us, “Nick appeared to get really angry after Sofia took a picture with a stranger, and started screaming at her. Nick had to be pulled off Sofia by security. Her dress got torn in the melee. This happened right in front of everyone in the VIP section.
“Four security guards grabbed Nick and threw him out of the back door of the club, with Sofia following behind.” It is believed the couple then returned to their hotel.

According to Socialite Life, Sofia’s breasts were exposed during the fight so maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on this guy? which is completely unacceptable. I hope everyone averted their eyes and didn’t yell, “BOOBIES!” which would never cross my mind to do. I don’t know why you even brought it up.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin