Sofia Vergara is Single

May 9th, 2012 // 33 Comments
Sofia Vergara In Esquire
Sofia Vergara in Esquire
Please, Sir, May
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Okay, so maybe we’ll have two feel good posts today.

Sofia Vergara has reportedly kicked Nick Loeb her boyfriend of two years to the curb over the weekend and confirmed the split to friends at the MET Gala which she attended solo. Page Six reports:

Another source told us that Vergara and Loeb’s relationship stumbled under the pressure of her growing fame and popularity. Her success on “Modern Family,” and as host of “Saturday Night Live” — as well as her obvious sex appeal — has turned her into one of TV’s biggest female stars.
The couple met at a Golden Globes party in 2010. Vergara said in January that Loeb enjoys red-carpet events. “He loves my career,” said Vergara. “He likes coming to these events. For him, it’s like a hobby to be part of this Hollywood scene.”

In case you’re not fully grasping the gravitas of this news, at one point Sofia Vergara “dated” Tom Cruise who’s roughly the size of a Polly Pocket and as gay as Thetans are invisible to the untrained OT-IV eye. It’s literally anyone’s game at this point. That is if you have the stomach to kill a man. *eyes Photo Boy over shoulder while sharpening knife* Welcome to The Boober Games, baby. You’re gonna dieeeeeeeeeeee- I mean, coffee. Coffee. I’m just stirring my coffee. Eyes on your own desk.

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  1. Smapdi

    Please, God, don’t let this be defiled by Ashton Kutcher.

  2. If I was dating Sofia Vergara and she dumped me I’d fucking kill myself.

    • Cock Dr

      Someone was bored after 2 years….I wonder who?

      • That Bastard Tony

        She probably got bored and he probably ran out of ideas on how to keep their relationship from becoming stale. A woman that hot, you’re going to have to work triple overtime to keep her excited to see you. I mean, a guy can only use his tongue so much.

      • I would put a dildo on a jackhammer if I had to

    • Mystic Bastard

      Don’t sell yourself short. To quote: For every beautiful girl out there there is a guy tired of fucking her. Nobody’s perfect.

      • dkdkd209

        Thats actually just a myth. Some ugly guy that didn’t get any made that quote up.

        You don’t get sick of Sofia, she gets sick of you.

      • Mystic Bastard

        Obviously you never dated a beautiful girl. (You might fucked some but that’s different.) Once you date them you too will lose your naivete and see them for what they are. Just another person. Then you’ll understand it is possible to get tired of them.

  3. bassackwards

    Well, just another example of how fame & money ruins lives…. She obviously now believes she is much better than she truly is! Nuttin special there, just 2 tits, and 2 fuck-holes, one of which speaks piss-poor English!
    I’m NOT impressed with people who let fame go to their heads!

  4. Sofia Vergara Single Cleavage
    Commented on this photo:

    she always reminds me of fred from courage the cowardly dog

  5. The Most Interesting

    Always remember, Photo Boy: His weakness is dick… jokes. Jokes, that’s the one…

  6. The Royal Penis

    Can we get a mud wrestling match between Vergara and Hayek so we have a Latin American MILF belt holder?

  7. skunk

    lets see those pics of her without makeup

  8. Taylor Swifts Tampon String

    maybe her next boyfriend will kill her…useless piece of shit.

  9. Dramatic Puddle

    She looks like hell without the make up and has one of the most annoying voices in the universe. As special goes, she’s not.

  10. ::Emerges from could of Axe body spray and dusts off high school Spanish text book::

  11. Mystic Bastard

    She just went down many notches in my book. It’s obvious now she’s a gold digging manipulative whore. As soon as she had money she dumped him. But not before.

  12. Sliver

    I don’t get the appeal of this woman. She comes off looking mentally retarded in a lot of photos. Like a retarded monkey.

  13. terry

    Single or not! I still bust my nutt to her image periodically!

  14. That’s the way it goes. Anytime a hot chick gets popular she dumps her unpopular boyfriend/husband. Olivia Wilde now Sofia Vergara. I know there are more examples but I can’t think of any right now.

  15. thefat&furious

    every interview all she can talk about is her tits & her curves. it is like ok. we get it. talk about something else.

    oh, Me can no wear other dresses like other stars cuz i hava dees big boobs.

    Charro did this better in the 80′s…

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