Sofia Vergara in Esquire. Yes.

August 10th, 2010 // 53 Comments

Because David Granger runs an organization that hasn’t been infiltrated by homosexual Masonic operatives – They’re everywhere! – Sofia Vergara appears in the latest issue of Esquire where, like Mary-Louise Parker before her, she’s posing scantily clad in the kitchen. Huh. I never really considered Esquire to be purveyor of biblical values, but it appears I’ve been pleasantly mistaken. So when does she start firing babies out of her vagina like a Jesus cannon? I’ve got time.

Photos: Esquire


  1. Drew

    To the person that questioned my motives about sticking it Shauna Sand, but not finding Vegera overly attractive:

    I take it back. She’s much more attractive when half her tit isn’t falling out of her bathing suit. Yes, I just said that.

    • Drew


      Oops :)

      • GUY

        First! Bitches!!!

        @ Drew
        I think she looks much better air brushed and photoshopped. Still bang her with all her imperfections too. I like imperfections. They make the person seem so much more real/down to earth/vulnerable (in a good way).

  2. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
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  3. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
    Big Sexy
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    In picture 3 she burnt the shit out of those cookies…

  4. Big Sexy

    In pic 3 she burnt the shit out of those cookies…

    • Big Sexy

      Make that pic 2.

      • You’re looking at the cookies?!?
        Actually that’s understandable given Ms. V. is covered up quite chastely in this photo shoot. Guess they didn’t want to pay for Photoshopping out the liposuction weirdness on her midsection.

    • SKA

      I think that’s the point… there’s burnt muffins in the background and smoke coming out of the oven, but you’d forgive her all of that if she baked for you barely dressed.

  5. Deacon Jones


    I fucking love this woman….they went for the legs shoot here, was hoping for at least one ta-ta shot, but oh well, I’ll take it

  6. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
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  7. Chinto

    Note the non psycho look on her face. Katy Perry, take note.

  8. Douchariffic

    WTF, they airbrushed out all her curves. Boobs are not the only curves. Bummer, now she looks totally generic.

  9. JChief

    Her clothing should be removed and she should be brought to me immediately.

  10. DonnaTheGreat

    Who the fuck is this wetback, and why isn’t she on time for her appointment to clean my house & do my landscaping?

  11. Doc Schweinstrudel

    She looks like lots of fun! HOT! More women like that -less women like LiLo

  12. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
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    Always been a fan of hers, that is a real, hot woman.

  13. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
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    Damn – I like to eat her liver with some farver beans and a nice bottle of Chianti …….. flflfllflflflflflflflffllflflfl

  14. Internet

    She has the same exact body as my girlfriend.

  15. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
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    DAYUM……..I would drink this chick’s bath water…….

    Every fucking inch of her is HOT.


  16. Even this hetero chick would hit it. She’s beautiful and funny as hell. Her accent fucking kills me, and I love that she knows it makes people laugh and she works it to her full advantage! Go on girl! :)

  17. Cock Dr

    These are cute little outfits for cooking when the weather hot, but if a woman wears that plus those towering high heels it sends a clear message.
    To hell with the dinner, throw me on the kitchen countertop & screw my brains out!

  18. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
    Biff Smith
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    Big Sexy,

    Who the fuck is looking at the cookies?!

  19. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
    Christoph Brun
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    Would hit.

  20. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
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    She´s fat.

  21. Yes she is attractive, but I still see that stomach behind the clothes…

  22. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
    Entertainment overload
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    Put any bitch in this outfit doing this – is she hot?

  23. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
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    She is the definition of HOT.

    Most think she has nice breasts, but that is just the frosting on the cake.

    Her hips, ass and legs are beyond magnificent, her feet are pretty too.

    She is as close to a 10 as is physically possible.

  24. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
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    Bitch burnt the muffins too! What kinda woman can’t operate in the kitchen I am sad.

  25. lamer

    Horticulture? More like Whore-tit-coture. Nah… she’s hot.

  26. captain america

    …….go to alaska next time.

  27. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
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    Another no talent bitch wetback!

  28. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
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    she is beutifull! and talented!

  29. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
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    Ay Carumba!

  30. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
    Cardinal Fang
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    Ime heeya tchoo feex jor seenk seenjyor Fang

  31. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
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    Nice shoes.

  32. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
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  33. HowiePheltur

    Goes better with her accent.

  34. Sofia Vergara in Esquire
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    the fat boys are looking at the cookies, lol.

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