Sofia Vergara Brings Mucho Sadness To Los Pantalones

Sofia Vergara is regarded as one of the sexiest women in Hollywood at the moment because everyone regardless of age, gender or creed enjoys large, natural breasts. They’re practically a universal language. However, apparently their powers are limited because I’m still not convinced this isn’t a young Anthony Kiedis. Granted, these shots aren’t as bad as Kelly Ripa, but seeing celebs without make-up on is like finding out Santa’s workshop was just some dude’s basement you now have to describe in a police report while touching a stuffed bear under the assumption it has a penis, too. (What if you think they keep theirs in their ear? You’re eight.) Okay, that might’ve been a tad extreme, but you’re all seeing the same face I’m seeing and being told it’s Sofia Vergara. My options were limited.

Photos: Pacific Coast News