Sofia Vergara Brings Mucho Sadness To Los Pantalones

February 10th, 2011 // 114 Comments

Sofia Vergara is regarded as one of the sexiest women in Hollywood at the moment because everyone regardless of age, gender or creed enjoys large, natural breasts. They’re practically a universal language. However, apparently their powers are limited because I’m still not convinced this isn’t a young Anthony Kiedis. Granted, these shots aren’t as bad as Kelly Ripa, but seeing celebs without make-up on is like finding out Santa’s workshop was just some dude’s basement you now have to describe in a police report while touching a stuffed bear under the assumption it has a penis, too. (What if you think they keep theirs in their ear? You’re eight.) Okay, that might’ve been a tad extreme, but you’re all seeing the same face I’m seeing and being told it’s Sofia Vergara. My options were limited.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Ken

    *jumps into a life raft and paddles out to see to die*

  2. KAP

    I dont think its her without makeup. Unless her makeup come with bangs…

    In the photos without makeup she has no bangs, then in makeup she has them…

    A hair cut during makeup application?

    • Lisa

      silly boy! she has long bangs normally. her hair is straight here so all of her layers are blended together.

  3. dR

    I dunno, I’d still hit it, just for the times when she DOES come home from shooting in all her airbrushed, professional makeup, boobs propped up glory.

  4. I’m just relieved to see she’s human. With those breasticles I thought she was a fembot.

  5. Charles

    …I think she looks kinda good. She looks kinda insane with heaps of make up on, though that may be just because she looks like her character in Modern Family… Either way I think she’s doin’ alright! WHATEVER.

  6. cc

    She looks like that because I kept her up all night and then sent her out for coffee first thing in the morning. She thought

  7. I thought I knew who Sofia Vergara was, but I’m not so sure now.

  8. IntelligentAsFellasGet

    The bottom line is white women and skin of this complexion will always look scary without make up. It amazes me how we can’t see this. Brazilians, Asians, caramel colored hispanics and blacks don’t need so much face paint. When they go without it’s not that big scary difference.

    • Lisa

      Actually that’s very true! I have similar skin colour to Sofia, and in the cold months when my skin is super pale, I actually look gross with no make up on. My skin gets so light with yellowish undertones- it’s not even like white people with ivory skin, cause that can be pretty- it’s more….. sickly looking. But, our skintone LOVES the sun. First thing my skin sees the sun again in the spring I turn really golden and no longer look sick! In fact us yellowish skin people look downright sexy with a bit of sun. But let’s face it, winter is not our friend.

    • The Listener

      Thanks. That explains it.

    • Chiana

      Actually, a lot of black women have hideous looking circles under their eyes if they’re not wearing make-up. Check out photos of Hallie Berry, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell in the natural state. Not so pretty. Wouldn’t be so shocking if they weren’t constantly immortalized in the media as babes.

  9. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    I don’t think this is Sophia Vergara.

  10. Bishop

    Great, just great, Sofia is turning into a damn Rhesus monkey!

  11. Sofia Vergara
    i'd hit it
    Commented on this photo:

    bangs. not her.

  12. Gabby

    She looks pretty to me.

  13. eric

    still hot! :)

  14. alisa

    do you people even know what a woman without makeup looks like?? because this is a pretty one. you’re so naive and completely fooled by all the fakeness around you………..

  15. Paloma

    She looks like that ugly chick Justin Timberlake dates. You know the one he’s always cheating on for obvious reasons.

  16. shoe

    she’s hot as hell like this you are crazy!

  17. Df

    The whole thing is a joke

  18. Sofia Vergara
    Commented on this photo:

    is that seriously russel peters?


    I’m not anti-makeup… All I said was to expect someone to ABSOLUTELY HAVE to go put on make up every time before they leave to go get a coffee is a little silly. If she puts the makeup on you say she’s pretty, if it’s off she’s ugly?? This is a bad shot, we all have them. I’d fuck her with the make off or on. End of story. Pretty aggressive since the majority of these people commenting are girls or massive queers. I’m a straight dude using this site to have dating conversation… Can’t believe how retarded you gay fashion dudes are. If you were straight you’d fuck anything that has a pussy… Thats how straight dudes are.

  20. Kelly

    This woman is 38 years old. She has a 19 year old son. And she is a goddamn bombshell! I don’t know what you people think you deserve from women. Sofia Vergara clearly watches what she eats, works out regularly, spends hours a day in hair and makeup, dresses in skimpy clothes for your viewing pleasure, and you really think she’s not allowed to leave the house for coffee in no makeup and a puffy coat without being subject to your ridicule? Jesus Christ. Just because she’s on TV doesn’t mean she owes you a boner every time she leaves the house. Way to treat a woman like a prostitute. Also – seriously, she’s 38. What the fuck do you want from her?

    • Chiana

      When she spends all of her public time flaunting her T & A, then I think the people on here are entitled to bash her. It’s very misogynistic true, but Sofia is so busy stressing her sex bomb credentials that she undermines professional actresses everywhere. If you’re going to act like Pamela Anderson, then you should expect to get the same kind of classless comments.

  21. Sofia Vergara
    Commented on this photo:

    Either way, her tits still look the same :)

  22. saywhut

    Where is the story about Katy Perry’s Pic with no makeup that Russel Brand tweeted? That woman looks like she took a shovel full of ugly to the face.

    • Chiana

      No, she looks like she’s still half-asleep. Perfectly understandable. Russell presumably tweeted that photo because he thinks she’s beautiful just the way she is, but she didn’t have any control over it. Unlike Sofia. She courts all that attention, and has based her career on being a sex symbol, not a serious actress. She should be able to handle this kind of attention.

  23. kryzunky

    she looks like jessica beil

  24. Sofia Vergara
    Commented on this photo:

    just because she has no bangs in that picture it’s not her, are you kidding me, you can wear wigs, they even have clip on bangs nowadays. It’s totally her. Amazing what expensive makeup can do huh??

  25. Anonymous

    lol she looks steven tyler without makeup!!!

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