Sofia Vergara Brings Mucho Sadness To Los Pantalones

February 10th, 2011 // 114 Comments

Sofia Vergara is regarded as one of the sexiest women in Hollywood at the moment because everyone regardless of age, gender or creed enjoys large, natural breasts. They’re practically a universal language. However, apparently their powers are limited because I’m still not convinced this isn’t a young Anthony Kiedis. Granted, these shots aren’t as bad as Kelly Ripa, but seeing celebs without make-up on is like finding out Santa’s workshop was just some dude’s basement you now have to describe in a police report while touching a stuffed bear under the assumption it has a penis, too. (What if you think they keep theirs in their ear? You’re eight.) Okay, that might’ve been a tad extreme, but you’re all seeing the same face I’m seeing and being told it’s Sofia Vergara. My options were limited.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Sofia Vergara
    I'm on my Period.
    Commented on this photo:

    The whole concept of makeup is weird and incredibly sad. Some women cant even leave their house without putting it on… so many of us are ashamed of how are faces naturally look and it’s got to stop. if more women stopped wearing makeup then everyone would see whats natural and normal, and humiliating articles like this wouldnt be written.

  2. Axl Rose returns from the dead.

  3. WTF

    Dreams: Crushed

  4. Manny

    The world is a little less hotter today..


    Welcome to reality. Learn to accept the fact that women are not perfect… Neither sex is. It’ll make you a better person to understand that a woman shouldn’t have to ALWAYS go put on make-up. You’ll find you get more successful with women if you remember this.

    • Deacon Jones

      Get out, Richard. You aren’t wanted here.

    • GUY

      Ricjard is right. Dream on guys, get nowhere. Find a bitch that has natural beauty and dont need that clown shit on there face.

      • GUY



      • Drew

        Clown shit lol.

        Spoken like a true social reject. It’s not Fish’s fault you’ve been getting denied by average (or above) women your whole life, that you need to pretend like women wearing makeup is somehow unattractive, or wrong.

    • WTF

      I must’ve missed when this website changed its domain to

      Clearly, Richard lives in a world of ugly people.

      • WTF

        So, apparently that’s an actual website. My bad, that was purely coincidental.
        Please return to your regularly scheduled ugly programming.

      • babooda

        Clearly Richard thinks someone here gives a damn about his fantasy life with women.
        Oh yea, “Fool of Fools”, Richard, we care not that you have a rich fantasy life with ugly women wearing no makeup. Don’t take our rejection of your fantasy too hard, Madam Palm and her 5 daughters will comfort you~

    • nonminti

      RICHARD,I like you very much :)

    • pretty woman

      Actually Richard is right. Sometimes less is more. Mny woman are very beautiful without/with little make-up. A lot of make-up won’t turn you beautiful, if you are a Shrek :) Make-up doesn’t help you :)

    • That rap makes fat girls putty in your hands, Richard.

  6. mike

    dude she is pretty in this-funny article but kinda missed on this one. If anyone saw that face walking down they street, they’d for sure see beauty-and this objective because i’m not even familiar with this chick. Cameron Dias however, rip away my friend! haha

  7. jojo

    Crypt keeping is not as easy as it looks. Especially the night shift.

  8. RandaI

    She is a perfect target for the MilfHunter. BEWARE

  9. Damn she looks like shit. Imagine having sex with her with her makeup on and waking up to her in the morning without makeup. That would scare the shit out of me.

  10. Deacon Jones

    Thank god we didn’t grow up in the late 60s in the midst of the Feminist movement, we’d all be fucking blind

  11. dennisdamenace

    Sophia Vergara WITHOUT make up looks like Jessica Biel WITH makeup.

  12. Cock Dr

    This will break some hearts.
    Sorry guys……beauty & youth are all fleeting illusions ruthlessly used to sell us stuff.
    Dim the lights & drink an extra beer & things will be fine.

  13. Ally

    She’s still beautiful – whatever!

  14. Sofia Vergara
    not her
    Commented on this photo:

    Thats not her

  15. Jimbo

    Don’t tell us how hot she is and how big her tits are when all you is some ugly chick in a snow parka

  16. Eric

    I don’t think she looks bad at all. Too bad you jag offs who think otherwise will have to beat off to something else today.

    • Joe Blow

      She looks younger without the make up. I think her body is hot but her madeup face is too over the top. Kinda like Kim K. She looks better without the tranny paint

  17. taco flavored kisses

    looks like Mark Walberg grew his hair out

  18. Burt

    This is exactly why I roll my eyes whenever I keep reading that a certain celebrity is hot.

  19. looks like jessica biel here–in the face obviously, not the ass

  20. Sofia Vergara
    Commented on this photo:

    I actually prefer her without any make-up!

  21. Sofia Vergara
    Commented on this photo:

    I actually prefer her without any make-up.

  22. Mortimer Duke

    She looks like Jim Carrey with a wig on.

  23. Someone should slap that cup out of her hand. Whatever is in it is melting her.

  24. The Garbage Man

    For all we know she’s always looked like this. Honestly, who’s ever looked at her face before?

  25. Ash Bones

    I still want to hump her.

  26. I have seen her countless times without make up and she has always looked beautiful. Maybe she was just having a bad day!

  27. Sofia Vergara
    not her
    Commented on this photo:

    Looking at the noses, i would say the woman in the black coat is certainly not Sofia Vergara

  28. brit

    Obviously, it did not put the lotion on its skin.

  29. crazypants

    No one should have to walk around with full-on theatrical makeup and corsets and push up bras all the friggin time!

    Unless you’re some narco kingpin or russian oligarch with a stable of hookers or trophy wives who are just paid to look stunning 24hrs a day, most people, including hotties – are going to want to walk out of the damn house to get a cup of coffee or go to the beach or run errands without spending 2hrs in a stylists’s chair.

    It would be, if you were into firefighters, to expect a fireman to walk around in full protective gear – helmet, coat, axe, oxygen tanks etc – 24 hrs a day, even on his day off or when at the beach.

    Red carpet appearances and tv/movie set wardrobe and make-up are like wearing a Halloween costume – that shit ain’t normal.

    • Marley

      First of all…she didn’t need to spend two hours in a stylist’s chair. But when your whole career is based on the fact that you look good, you should at least make a five minute effort and put some concealer and shit on, maybe some mascara. Really not that hard.

      • crazypants

        If your whole career was based on being a circus clown you should at least make a five minute effort and put on some floppy shoes and throw a pie…

        If your whole career was based on being an astronaut you should at least make a five minute effort and put on a space helmet and moon boots…

        The “public” Sofia Vergara we see and a lot of people lust after is a role, a character – super hot Latina firecracker with her fantastic boobs falling out of a top. The picture above is most likely the “real” Sofia. She doesn’t have to be in character and in costume all the time because that’s how the public sees her.

        Johnny Depp is arguably most famous now for being Capt. Jack Sparrow – we don’t demand that he wear guyliner and a pirate’s hat when’s he’s off set. Eastwood doesn’t wear a poncho and six gun; Downey Jr. isn’t wearing a suit of armor; Hopkins isn’t strapped to a gurney and wearing a hockey mask, etc.

  30. m.

    I think she looks pretty and a lot better than i expected.

  31. lola

    she is so beautiful =) even without the smoke and mirrors !

  32. burton

    i think women who wear makeup are less attractive, its fake and i hate when that shit gets on my sheets,my old ex used to wear so much of this crap on her face when she slept over it would rub on my pillow case or shirts….it was gross and woudlnt come out when i washed it…she was 41 but still, my new 30 year old gf is lucky she dnt have to wear this junk!!!!!

  33. No-fault Rough

    Well, well, well, look who happens to be in my league… :-)

  34. she looks like a pale 50 year old vanessa hudgins with too many thread lifts, who hasn’t gotten her eyebrows shaped or died in a while.

  35. never trust a gelfling in skeksis clothing.

  36. Dr. Steve

    I don’t see what the confusion is. Her face has never been her strong suit. You can see her lips are as big as they are in her glamour shots though. But really, the only reason she looks bad here is you don’t have her giant breasts to distract you. Wearing all black just draws all attention to her face, and the overhead angle doesn’t do her cheeks any favours as she now looks like she has tiny eyes because of how puffy they are, and the fact her eyelashes aren’t visible/not in.

    This has nothing to do with makeup being the be all end all of human beauty. It has to do with a woman who’s face on its own can’t pull it off, but no one has noticed because she walks around with her boobs hanging out all day. If she’s wearing a V neck in these shots, she becomes much more attractive, and the article is probably lauding how good some women can look without makeup.

  37. Truth


    no but seriously, id still hit, and you know all of you would too. Her body is still banging

  38. Joe Blow

    She looks hotter without makeup than Olivia Wilde looks with it. Just sayin

  39. BarneyFrank

    I guess homo pedophiles that obsess about underage celebrities and she-male looking women don’t understand what a woman is supposed to look like. mozel tov bitches.

  40. The Listener

    I’m sorry, but I have to completely disagree with most of you posting today. Sofia does NOT look pretty in these photos without makeup.

    I’ve seen photos of female celebrities without makeup and the actresses still look good. This is not one of them.

  41. Dear god call an anthropologist! “come on just focus on those beautiful tits and that shaved pussy”…”come on just focus on those beautiful tits and that shaved pussy” aah there we go…that feels better…

  42. I’d still hit it. Most of these broads don’t look like they do all done up after rolling out of bed in the morning..neither do the vast majority of us.

  43. Sofia Vergara
    not her
    Commented on this photo:

    Again, that is not her.

  44. DebbieLG

    Oh please – yes, she’s not as beautiful but she’s not exactly homely either! Make-up aside, it’s an unflattering shot

  45. stevebeagle

    a young Ozzy Osbourne

  46. equinox

    Newsflash. Actresses age. Repeat. Actresses are made from flesh. They are not– repeat not –cartoons. Wonder Woman still looks as good as she did in the 1970s (well, until that new lame version) but Lynda Carter, who looked murder hot in the 1970s, now looks old. Because she is old. Sofia, here, well that face looks pretty damned good for a forty plus mom walking in the cold with no makeup on. Really damned good, when you think about it.

    • Burt

      Dude, I’m older than she is and I’m not 40.

      What’s shocking is how different she looks with and without makeup.

      On a more serious not, she makes herself up to look like the American stereotype of what an attractive Latina should look like. There’s an anthropological paper to be written in there somewhere, I tell you.

  47. Coffee is like a magic potion for women. Give us coffee in the morning and we burst to beautiful life.

  48. beany

    Sophia Vergara has a face?

  49. Mitchell R

    Wow what a bunch of douchebags in this site. That woman is gorgeous no matter what. As if any of you would ever get a chance to even walk behind a beauty like her. Loser creeps.

    • Oh come on…we are just fucking around I personally love the beautiful nuisances of a woman’s facial features without makeup, in fact I prefer my girlfriends to not were all that shit which conceals the unique characteristics of her eyes, nose and mouth…i prefer it to be as real as possible with some slight enhancements… beside that shit gets all over the fucking place.

    • Chris

      I second that!

  50. Marifer

    I was Sofia’s assistant when she first moved to LA and I have to say that she doesn’t look bad without makeup. On a day to day basis, she wears very little makeup: eye liner, mascara and lipstick. I am amazed those photos above are so bad but then again it was very early and she was probably half asleep and to CrazyPants I have to say that Sofia is not a character: in private she is the biggest clown you will ever met! always making fun of herself. She is also very caring and the best friend and best boss you can ever have. I was going to a gala with her and she ended up giving me her Christian Dior dress because she thought it would look better on me. Now how many Hollywood celebrities would do that?

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