So this is what Armageddon looks like…

October 29th, 2009 // 129 Comments

If Heidi & Spencer dressed up as Jon & Kate Gosselin didn’t just open the doorway to Satan’s fiery butthole, then frankly, folks, I don’t think anything will. Except for maybe me thinking “Damn, Kate Gosselin kinda looks hot in these.” AH, IT BURNS!!!


  1. Halloweenie

    Right, so I know that with the end of the world so very f*ing nigh this is a minor concern… but do you ever see more than seven “kids” in these pictures? Just a thought.

    Also, Heidi’s mouth is always open because she is clearly the harbinger of the zombie apocalypse and is looking for more brains to devour. Which explains Spencer.

  2. Big Mofo

    Wow, douche bags dressing up like douche bags, who would have thought…?

  3. Nameless

    In response, Jon and Kate should just walk around with porn mags and douchebags for Halloween and say they are Heidi and Spencer.

  4. Hello There


  5. Is Heidi trying to fuck the babies in that first pic???

  6. jeez

    People are actually finding this funny? You are all stupid.

  7. Someone please off them all

    Gee, what a stretch. Asshole attention whoring douchebags dressing up for Halloween as… asshole attention whoring douchebags.

    Can someone please do society a favor & off all 4 of them? Please?

  8. I don’t know about this picture but Armageddon stole my heart. It was a very well written movie and the actors did a great job. To me this movie is by far better than Deep Impact. The graphics were incredible and so life like. Hats off to Bruce Willis for an outstanding acting job. By far this was the best work in my mind Willis has done.

  9. Nicole

    TEAM KATE!!! <3

    this made me love the spiedi

  10. Nicole

    TEAM KATE!!! <3

    this made me love the spiedi

  11. SpeiDIE

    Heidi and Spencer are actually making fun of Jon and Kate? Really? You gotta admit, these two have balls the size of Alaska…

    Actually, they’re probably just jealous because the Gosselins displaced them as supermarket rag fodder.

    Lord, how I hate them.

  12. justmistaken

    You know, they’re better at being douchebags than pretending to be douchebags.

  13. tessa

    LOL @ #104 “First!”

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  15. Darth

    Since Kate plus 8 quits,i could have expected this from these two.I call this filling up voids.

  16. Galtacticus

    I know ‘The Hills’ producers are trying to get better rates.But don’t they agree these babies look really fake?!

  17. PsyKo

    I hate them, but damn she’s hot…

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  22. I hate these two beasts but the costumes made me LOL. Actually I hate all four of those beasts–the real and the fake Gosslins.

  23. the real and the fake Gosslins

  24. I wonder how spencer decided which of his ed hardy t’s to wear for the douche “costume”

  25. I don’t even remember how many kids they have at the moment but if they want to adopt more it’s only good for the kids.

  26. the real and the fake Gosslins

  27. They may have put ideas in baby doll without. Those kids is hard enough already as parents both horrible people with these two devices is not without epic fun of them?

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