So this is what Armageddon looks like…

October 29th, 2009 // 129 Comments

If Heidi & Spencer dressed up as Jon & Kate Gosselin didn’t just open the doorway to Satan’s fiery butthole, then frankly, folks, I don’t think anything will. Except for maybe me thinking “Damn, Kate Gosselin kinda looks hot in these.” AH, IT BURNS!!!


  1. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    They must be so jealous of Jon/Kate, Balloon Boy, they are all taking their press.

  2. Sport

    These 2 steal too much oxygen and leave little attention for the Kardashian family. Those poor, poor media whores. Kim K should just have a baby – that will get her some more attention!

  3. Joe Random

    HATE these 2, but shiets pretty hilarious

  4. sam

    #36 what a rotten thing to say, you must be miserable.

    You must be new here. Welcome to the bottom of the barrel!

  5. lbananas

    wow they’re so attractive

  6. spidey

    Didn’t you once make a promise to stop covering these two fucktards?

    Just stop fucking paying attention to them. Heidi isn’t even hot enough to warrant their bullshit. The fucking stupidity in her eyes makes me want to cave her teeth in with a tire iron.

  7. IronE

    This would actually be quite funny if one of your buddies and his girlfriend did it, but Heidi and Spencer as the Gosselins is more like Lindsay Lohan dressing up as Courtney Love.

  8. ha

    #57 I agree. All the people here saying that this is “actually funny lol lol lol” need to line up and get kicked in the nuts one by one. Why are we giving these fucks more attention? Heidi can’t even close her gaping hee-haw mouth when she’s pretending to be someone else, and really, how funny is this? Not very. Wooo, Heidi and Spencer put on some Kate Gosselin wig and shit so they could get more fucking retarded pictures of themselves taken as always. Fucking hilarious, oh L my fucking A O. Tyra Banks just did the same fucking thing on her damn show. Sooo funny I’m going to wet myself.

  9. Capt. Fancypants

    A d-bag posing as another d-bag.

    How meta.

  10. whitney

    First off, I lo’d. I FUCKING LOL’D. The world is ending.

    Secondly. Nice ;) Best thing I’ve seen these two do.. ever. The only way to top it, guys, is to die a horrible death and POAST PIX.

  11. fred

    can’t believe I’m saying this, but that’s pretty funny shit.

  12. She actually does look improved, but wait till u see the stretch marks.

  13. Really the best costumes .. I wonder that she is looking so nice in that costumes. She has improved a lot. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. I think Heidi is just going with a costume that fits her. Its so sad that they couldn’t come up with something better. I have to admin they do look hilarious.

  15. KANYE


  16. Blah

    They could have gotten the idea across without the baby dolls. Don’t those kids have it hard enough already with those two horrible people as parents without having these two epic tools mocking them?

  17. Jon and Kate less annoying

  18. Why are they wearing costumes in broad daylight? It’s not even Halloween weekend yet. Oh that’s right… Attention whores.

  19. Drill Baby Drill

    Heidi would be the ultimate hate fuck. She has the perfect combination of a *smoking* hot body, and a repulsive personality.

  20. Lisa

    I never even heard of Spencer & Heidi before seeing them on that tv show “I’m a celebrity…..” and I thought the 2 of them we’re just about the biggest assholes out there but this is priceless! Thanks!

  21. Rough intentions

    I find pic 1 and his Ed Hardy T-shirt pretty funny for a sec…

  22. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Said it once and saying it again. Shit society.

  23. ugh

    I cannot believe the number of people on here who are finding this amusing. Americans are truly the stupidest creatures on the planet.

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  25. obz

    owned by Heidi & Spencer thats gotta burn

  26. BJ_BIGGlesworth

    KAte looks HOT ~ Ahhhahh it burnsss!

  27. I love her hair. She’s got the coolest hair on Reality tv.

  28. pete

    ” 56. spidey – October 29, 2009 8:26 PM

    Didn’t you once make a promise to stop covering these two fucktards?”

    Yeah, after tons of complaining. But in addition to the ads on the page, some pseudo-celebs like Heidi and Spencer have agents who pay for pics and mentions on sites like this one. It’s supposed to be a site making fun of all that bs, but this place is just as much of a whore and suckup as People or ET.

  29. valarie

    Honestly…. that was pretty freaking funny!

  30. Hate mail

    I know for a FACT that Speidi read ALL their press, so I just wanted to tell you two how much I detest you. Seriously. Go the hell away. You are not funny nor cute. I HATE YOU!

  31. fsycho looser

    Why is her mouth always open?
    Why is she always bent over?

  32. #66: After the poor kids’ parents media-whored them to the utmost extent, how could anything else mess them up any more? I pity them when they get to high school. Every time they had a major poop or threw up, it’s available on DVD. Their lives will be hell.

  33. Maybe Speidi is okay after all. They seem to have their priorities straight. Is Spencers gut real? Think he was heading in that direction, since no one wants to see him anyway..

  34. Blah Blah Blah

    They should do shit like that more often. I found it hilarious.

    && I also found Spencer’s “OMG! Don’t touch me!” look in picture seven hilarious too.

  35. Fors

    I gotta say that for as much as I hate those two this actually made me chuckle.

    When you’re getting made fun of by Heidi and Spencer you know there’s something that has gone terribly wrong in your life.

  36. bb

    @#65: Kanye (fuckhead) is not awesome: he is a worthless piece of shit who should not even be allowed to breath the same air as good-hearted people!

  37. Christina

    Wow. Spencer portraying a douchebag, what a stretch!

  38. Christina

    Wow. Spencer portraying a douchebag, what a stretch!

  39. Mimi

    Famewhores pretending to be famewhores. Interesting.

  40. jax

    Okay I hate Heidi and Spencer, but this is actually funny!! haha

  41. gigi

    wow… I’m almost speechless at the brilliance of these ‘costumes’…. two people who seem to be famous for no reason at all dressed up as two other people who seem to be famous at all……….. the universe may collapse

  42. gigi

    damn! take two!! can you guys delete # 91?? I meant: wow… I’m almost speechless at the brilliance of these ‘costumes’…. two people who seem to be famous for no reason at all dressed up as two other people who seem to be famous FOR NO REASON at all……….. the universe may collapse

  43. Spencer looks like Bono’s daughter who just became a “man”.

    Interesting that she/he is probably more of a man than this douchebag.


  44. Good Goobly Goo

    Kate is far prettier than Heidi. Heidi’s chin is too long. She and Spencer are idiots. I wish Spencer and Heidi and all of the Kardashians would get flushed down a great big sewer. Their whiny voices are disgusting, and they are so self-entitled to what? Being dumbasses?

  45. Dee

    This is actually funny. Spencer looks hilarious.

  46. hot mess

    HAHA, Actually, this is pretty damn funny. Heidi and Spence should dress up like other people all of the time. Then we would never know where they were or who they were…

  47. Daniella

    Hahaha… I think this is really funny. This is EXACTLY what they should have dressed up as, seeing as how these are Heidi’s intentions exactly.

  48. Sally

    As much as I hate Heidi and Spencer, this is actually pretty funny…

  49. mary

    I swear at first glance I thought this was Rumer Willis. That says a lot about Heidi’s chin.

  50. This makes me want to jab a pencil in my eye

    Douchey, unfunny, trying to hard, attention whoring, worthless human beings.

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