So this is what Armageddon looks like…

October 29th, 2009 // 129 Comments

If Heidi & Spencer dressed up as Jon & Kate Gosselin didn’t just open the doorway to Satan’s fiery butthole, then frankly, folks, I don’t think anything will. Except for maybe me thinking “Damn, Kate Gosselin kinda looks hot in these.” AH, IT BURNS!!!


  1. maria travis


  2. Mac

    Har har

  3. Gil

    First bitches!

  4. Punky

    Please quite giving these fuc*tards attention. If you do maybe they’ll slip slowly into the abyss where they belong.

  5. somuchbetter

    um, isn’t halloween 2 days from now….???? jus’ sayin.

  6. Kim Ling

    Why do people write first?

  7. krazykat314

    I hate these two beasts but the costumes made me LOL. Actually I hate all four of those beasts–the real and the fake Gosslins.

  8. Randal(l)

    Thats right, tempt a vengeful god. DO IT! DO IT NOW YAHWEH!


  9. Lulú


  10. maria travis

    @6 Kim Ling

    I just did it because there was an empty space to fill. Nature abhors a vacuum.
    I now join the ranks of all the other dum fcuks who write “first”.

  11. Prettybaby

    Wow… really?

    Now Spencer who is a fucking tool is playing a tool and is making himself look like an even bigger tool. I didn’t think this was possible.

  12. Enough already

    You know what’s more annoying than Spencer and Heidi? People saying, “just sayin’” God, if I see or hear one more fucking person say those two fucking words together one more fucking time I might clench teeth into dust.

  13. L

    Atleast Spencer is doing his fellow douchebag proud.

  14. big teeth

    I don’t get it.. Where were they? It looks like they were just walking down the street. Were they walking up and down like this all day hoping someone would notice? Or was this a planned photo session? Or are there just paps who stake out these two 24/7, so when they want to do this kind if thing, all they have to do is walk out their front door??

    And then did they have to announce, ‘ok, now we’re going to begin mugging and posing, so start snapping’? And then when they were done, did they have to check the proofs to make sure what came out met their standards?

    This shit makes no sense, because who cares what they do? This whole thing is manufactured, but why does anyone agree to take photos of it? Nobody’s going to see it except idiots like us who come to this site..

  15. anon

    You know you’ve reached an all time low when THESE two are making fun of you

  16. TUBBO

    It cracks me up that I actually find Jon and Kate less annoying than these two butt cheeks………..

  17. UGH

    UGH! I was hoping these two had finally killed themselves!!!! DAMMIT!!!!
    You promised no more photos of them, and lookie what we have here, these effing douchetards again.

  18. PabloHoney


    Two reality show nobodies emulating two reality show nobodies.

    What’s next? Gary Coleman dressed up as Emmanuel Lewis?

  19. anon

    You know you’ve reached an all time low when THESE two are making fun of you

  20. mojo jojo

    I hate to admit it, but this is actually kind of awesome…

    …I…dear god, I don’t think I can live with myself anymore…

  21. erica

    wow that’s funny, gary coleman …… shew…

  22. Sigfa

    This two things will do anything for money, right? You think if I pay them they would beat each other up so I can just sit, watch and laugh?

    But, hey! At least they made the most male thing of the two shave that weird looking thing that was growing on its face, right?

  23. grrrrrrumble


  24. james

    I wonder how spencer decided which of his ed hardy t’s to wear for the douche “costume”

  25. JustSaying

    I must say that I think Spencer looks like a man’s man in finely groomed head of black hair. It kind of reminds me of Tom Cruise as a blond in That Interview With A Vampire movie. In fact Tom Cruise and Spencer have more things in common that they don’t:

    1. Both like dick more than jane
    2. Both keep women around to make people think their butts only use is for craps.
    3. Both have women in their lives who think normal sex involves guys wanking to the picture in a playgirl magazine

    Perhaps Spencer and Tom should do dinner some time.

  26. Abby

    Close Your Mouth!

  27. havoc

    By far…..the dumbest fucking thing I’ve seen all day.


  28. seriously

    Hahaha that is the best costume I’ve seen so far. You gotta love that kate wig, that’s a stylish hair style. lol

  29. Dank

    The really sad part about this, they had that camera and hat specially made for these photos.

  30. lala.

    Dhahahhaah omg, this is fuckin hilarious xD

  31. lala.

    Dhahahhaah omg, this is fuckin hilarious xD

  32. BlackSamTX

    I hate all 4 of them, but the cameraman in pic 5 is a nice touch…

  33. best policy

    Not bad. Cant hate

  34. Anna

    This is cracking me up. Normally I had their photo ops, but this one is funny. I love how Jon and Kate are so lame that even Heidi and Spencer can slag them

  35. fort

    Even their costumes are lame.

  36. boxerdude


  37. Next up…a pit bull dressed as a soccer mom.

  38. Stella

    So… this is what? Meta-famewhoring? I feel dirty all over for looking at these.


  39. jus sayin...

    hey # 12

    look UP

  40. Schnib

    There should be a pay per view organized for Spencer vs. Brock Lesnar. I would pay to see that.

  41. Gervis

    HAHA!! Wow they’re actually being intentionally funny for a change…

  42. seriously

    @36 what a rotten thing to say, you must be miserable.

  43. titsonsnack

    Haha-what? Like these two douchebag loser asshole clowns are in any position whatsoEVER to be making fun of those other two douchebag loser asshole clowns. This isn’t even funny. And you know somewhere, Jon and Kate are sighing about how they’re so “famous” that nobody will leave them alone, not even other celebrities….

  44. JackSpratling

    Armageddon outta here! … Thank you very much. I’ll be here all week, don’t forget to tip your waiter.

  45. Tanzarian

    I wouldn’t bang Kate, but I would bang Heidi as Kate.

  46. D

    LOLed at the kate wig and the douche bag ed hardy shirt

  47. neptune

    I agree with others – this is the first time these two have actually made me laugh *with* them!

    And @29 – so it’s “really sad” to take five seconds to stick stickers on a hat and camera?

  48. The Dude

    Actually pretty funny… still think they are losers tho

  49. This is almost insulting to Kate.

  50. Flora

    That’s actually pretty funny, which is nothing short of a miracle considering it’s Heidi and Spencer.

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