GRAMMYS: So Pink was pretty much naked…

February 1st, 2010 // 79 Comments

Because no one goes to her concerts, Pink shocked the Grammys audience by performing in a basically non-existent outfit while dangling dripping wet from the ceiling.

Except I’m kidding and these are just pics from the men’s high dive. Enjoy, ladies.

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  1. Lee

    Either you just pulled pictures from the MTV VMA awards last year, or she really needs a new act.

    I love Pink (I actually saw her in a restaurant a couple of weeks ago and freaked out), but if she DID use the same act, not a good move.
    I wouldn’t know. I didn’t watch the Grammy’s.

  2. my comment

    It’s amazing what one has to do to compensate for a lack of true talent.

  3. robin

    Beautiful performance! Does anyone LISTEN to music anymore? She’s breathtaking!

  4. ginger

    @52 you are retarded.
    you think this chick lacks talent you must have your head up your snatch…. and if you are a dude, again, you must have your head up your snatch.

    Pink can belt it out like crazy. She is a TRUE talent for sure. She works hard on her body and her performance. She fucking rocks.

  5. DirtyBlonde

    Her performance was fantastic and her body is SICK. Love her.

  6. Sorry to say that I was unable to catch her performance at the show. She looked pretty good, don’t ya think? I’m liking this classy look.

  7. Blech

    I think picture #8 is amazing– absolutely fabulous. If I had a voice like Pink’s and her talent… Really, if I were Pink, I could happily and peacefully die tomorrow (in my sleep) having had a photo of me like that captured for the world to see…

  8. Thandrale

    She’s not wearing a flesh colored leotard. She’s wearing a shear body stocking. Shear meaning you can see through it.

  9. @ 33 – “Uselessness is all we reward now”
    It’s a disturbing trend. I think Good Charlotte sent it into high gear. I figure shitty music makes people feel hopeful because something completely unremarkable is getting attention.

    @ 42 – “If I were in the audience wearing a $2000 tux or dress, I’d have been fucking pissed at Pink slinging water/crotchgoo/whatever all over the crowd. It’s the fucking grammys, not a Galagher show.”

    @ 58 – My point @19.

    I suspect these Grammy posts are infected with promotional agents.

  10. jill

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  11. Theslut

    A woman not a woman, a man not a man, performing the same stunt, same kind of outfit, and that’s talent? Giving out awards was previously an honour, now it’s an award paid by the artist to make themselves a slave for the audience?

  12. Jammy

    Nay. T’were it only thus; clad in a flesh colored jerkin ans spangled merkin was she….

  13. What the ...

    I’d tongue-fuck her ass. Hell yeah!

  14. herbiefrog

    hey alecia…

    …there’s always one that gets away : ))

    luv to you and carey ))

  15. pink is pretty so you are jealous you don’t have a body like that. so you are talking about your self a.

  16. Yes she’s so pretty!The shots are all good! All for art’s sake… It depends on how you present yourself on stage that makes it worthy…

  17. nic

    No one goes to her concerts eh? Is that why she sold 2 million tickets last year ??And why her Funhouse tour gross $103 million, more than any other female artists except Madonna?? Pliz Superficial, don’t embarass youurself.

  18. jamie

    Wow, that is all woman right there! That is fantastic. Corey Hart is a lucky S.O.B.

  19. dishydish

    tru brit did wear a nude bodysuit years ago, BUT brit’s was a skin colored bodysuit, not really a see throu one. it looks like pink has glitter pubs

  20. OK .. I am not getting that at all.

  21. Marc

    I almost got a heart attack, she was really gorgeous. For those who are to puritan to look at her without sayings insanity, you should travel en bit. Bye the way, I’m gay, and I can appreciate a gorgeous woman when I see one, Pink is absolutely gorgeous !!!

  22. Brandy

    I hope one day I can run around with nothing but pantyhoes and some ribbon over my nipples and throw water on people and everyone tell me I’m amazing lol

  23. pee'd off

    you guys really need to get a life…she can sing and sing LIVE and i personally think thre is nothing wrong with this outfit..shes not naked for gods sake its darker than her skin colour!! and as for no 1 goes to her shows… this woman packs out arenas… australia, europe, the only reason america doesnt appreciate her is because alot of americans r soooo far up beyonces big fat ass they cant find their way out!!

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  25. i think pink is amazing she has a unique voice and as for her performances she is one of a kind with her gymnastics and acrobatic skills. and as for her costumes she is very brave but some of them can be quite outrageous. :)

  26. Tom A

    Looks like some ugly chick I seen at a swinger party in Wisconsin. She said she was from Detroit Lakes Minnesota

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