So Jesse James might be a Nazi

March 22nd, 2010 // 42 Comments

While Sandra Bullock changes her Facebook status to “Single” – No, really. – a photo of Jesse James decked out in Nazi attire is currently being shopped around, according to TMZ:

We’ve seen the photo — which reportedly was taken two years ago — and there is no mistaking it’s Jesse. The hat Jesse is wearing is nearly identical to the one Michelle has on in the infamous photos, except for the rope across the front.
In the photo, Jesse is holding up his right hand in a “Heil Hitler” pose … and with his left hand he is sort of covering his mouth with two fingers (almost like mimicking Hitler’s mustache).

For the hell of it, I decided to scope out Sandra Bullock’s Wikipedia page to see if she really is German and ascertain if her vagina is secretly Hitler’s love grotto. What I found instead is that she’s literally the unluckiest woman alive once you discount the whole successful acting career. Check out the shit she’s been through:

Survived a plane crash.
Had a crazed fan try to run over her husband.
Hit head-on by a drunk driver.
Starred in Speed 2.

After looking at that list, finding out her husband was sticking his penis in white power strippers right after winning an Oscar makes perfect sense. On that note, I’m now 90% positive Sandra Bullock will catch a rare disease next week only to learn Michelle Bombshell’s blood is the antidote.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. Que

    Que hilteresque.

  2. Sou

    This song has never been more appropriate:

  3. Ricky

    On her facebook it says she is interested in women and men. Is she really bi?

  4. The Gorgeous One

    I knew it , I knew it, I knew it! I live right around the corner from West Coast Choppers and the building has iron crosses everywhere! Also, let it be known, at any given moment there is a skank standing there getting ready to get admitted through the gates. What’s funny is that you usually see them eating at Cisco Burger ( Jesse’s Burger Stand) next door.

    This dude is classy. He’ll feed you AND fuck you.

  5. “Single”…because there isn’t an option for, “Scrubbing my snatch with an SoS Pad and bleach because my soon-to-be-ex-husband put his unwrapped pecker in a walkin-talkin white supremacist herpes sore.” But would it not be epic if that was an option on the relationship status field?

  6. abby

    Wow, I wonder what his kids are thinking.

  7. Matt-ZIlla

    i’ve had the hots for sandra since demolition man and speed, not to mention she wears glasses in her appearances on the george lopez show hot hot hot !this guy is a fucking loser who has his own place, its not hollywood

  8. Gweb

    Bitch won’t friend me. Fucking stuck-up cunt. As if I’m not good enough for her.

  9. Mal gusto

    Bullock may be a Nazi. Grandfather a rocket scientist in Nuremberg? That is polite code for he was building V-2 rockets for Hitler.

  10. yuki

    those overalls hes wearing pretty much say everything you need to know-
    hes an inbred.

  11. electricTapeworm

    While dressing up like a Nazi for a photo might be in poor taste it does not automatically make that person a Nazi!

  12. PLease sign my petition! Lets free Josh!

  13. Either these people didn’t even live together or Sandy is a Nazi too. HA! So stupid.

  14. Fartmeister

    Listen to me. I know what I’m talking about:

    Sandra can’t be a Nazi because she made all those movies with n1ggers in them.

  15. Holla

    That’s not her Facebook, dude. It’s someone pretending to be her. That “verified account” stuff is bullshit, not how Facebook does it.

  16. Wild Stallionz

    In the spirit of being superficial: how the fuck does any of this surprise you?

    Jesse James isn’t a choir boy? WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?

    The tatooed slut is a tatooed slut. You really think Jesse wasn’t going to bang her? When’s the last time politics came between your dick and a willing pussy, either way?

    The slut is slutty, and that’s hot. I’d say “I’d fuck her silly,” but she’s obviously batshit crazy, so it’s likely the other way around.

    The slut is also better looking than Sandra. Say what you want, but “pretty” ain’t Bullock’s strong suit. She was cute, 15 years ago. Now she’s matronly, and I’m being nice.

    OTOH, she married Jesse James, so she’s probably a fuck machine since I don’t see him settling for less. He’s no choir boy, and she married him by choice – so who’s saying that she’s a choir girl in real life? For all you know, SHE’S the white supremacist. You DO know that she’s an ACTRESS, right?

    None of us have a fucking clue what went on in that house, other than Jesse is a fuck machine, married Sandra Bullock and stayed with her for awhile (meaning: “I don’t think she’s strictly missionary, twice a week…”), and banged the psycho-slut about 100 times when he got the chance.

    Read what you want into that, but no matter how I slice it I don’t see Sandra Bullock coming out as Aunt Bea here…

  17. Sandra Bullock's new boyfriend

    Michelle Bombshell is so fucking ugly that I haven’t even come close to getting a boner from looking at that filthy stupid slut. She has old lady tits! Jesse James is a disgusting fucking moron for wanting to fuck her instead of Sandra Bullock. Jesse James’ fist wife was ugly as shit as well. In summation, Jesse James is a little fucking faggot. Sandra Bullock is fucking retarded if she ever goes back to him.

  18. Girl

    He “interested in” section on Facebook includes men AND women. I guess Jesse drove her to the arms of the other sex.

  19. lame

    I take it there are lots of people who have German blood maybe? Not everyone is offended by Nazi paraphanalia. I wouldn’t wear any of that stuff around my Jewish friends though.
    The Romans murdered their way through Europe but I guess that’s ok.
    Don’t forget, Germany was in terrible financial trouble as they were being forced to pay ruinous reparations to the victors of WW1. Hitler was a product of that desperation and should have never been unleashed on this world. He sure came up with some money…somehow!

    Jesse is a piece of shit and so is that inked up freak.

  20. Girl

    Also, “Wild Stallionz” – are you kidding me?! Jesse James presumably was the one to propose marriage to Sandra. AKA lifetime monogamy. For most couples, that is a promise of fidelity (I’m excluding mutually agreed upon open relationships here, because obviously that was not the case in this instance). And if Sandra is a “fuck machine” as you so delicately put it, then Jesse had absolutely no excuse to wander from the marital bed. He had a woman who was successful, willing to meet his desires in the bedroom, adopted his children from a previous marriage, and loved him fiercely. How on EARTH could you possibly argue that her husband’s cheating is in any way her fault? You’re fucking delusional.

  21. Dread not

    Jesse James had blacks and hispanics posing with his choppers for photo shoots in magazines for a long time. He used to take shit in letters from white power ass rags who were jailed because of it. Jesse IS NOT a nazi. While what he did by cheating on Sandra sucks, let’s not pile on the guy with false b.s. just to punish him more. Save that stuff for Tiger Woods.

  22. I’d love to see the dog in pic 3 bite James’ shriveled balls off.

  23. Moron Slayer

    @ #5 and any other moron-

    The “iron cross” as you call it is a Maltese Cross. It is on every firefighter’s badge and helmet in, oh, roughly, the world.

    It has been a biker symbol since the beginning. Yes, a similar design was also used by the Germans in WWI. Nazis also used letters and numbers. Anyone using them is probably a nazi, too.

    But, then again, the letter “X” turned slightly looks like it too, so let’s stop using that letter. Goodbye pornography.

    You douchebag.

  24. Eastsideodee

    @ 22 you’re completely right in your history lesson.

    While NOT a fan of anything Nazi/racism related, a lot of craftsmen in the mechanical trades (i.e. machinists, metalcrafters, draftsmen, etc.) celebrate Germans and hold them in high regard for their contributions -think whatches, automobile/motorcycles, firearms, tool and die machines!

    ‘Offensive imagery’ has always been part of the ‘outlaw’ image that has always been so popular in the biker crowd!

    To look at his record, where he was raised, the community who’s imagery he promotes through his publications and operates his busines in, and the people he associates with, is not that of a racist!

    I’m completely let down by his appearant lack of integrity and stupidity in screwing around on one of Americas most popular actresses -after she’s dedicated herself to him and his kids! To accuse him of being a racist is patently wrong.

  25. Paula

    Newsflash: Men cheat on their wives, and wives cheat on their husbands all the time, and have throughout history. Why is everyone surprised by that. Sexual fidelity does not have to be the end all be all of a relationship. People can control themselves, but you can be damn sure that they’ll be tempted at the very least. The most important thing is the enduring partnership between two people that no one else can claim.

    … and hopefully that he used a condom.

  26. Wild Stallionz



    Jesse James
    Marilyn Manson
    Charlie Sheen
    Gene Simmons
    Tiger Woods

    Tell you that they love you.
    And that you are the only one.
    And you are the most amazing lover they have ever known.
    And that they have finally found someone to understand them.
    And they want to marry you.
    And have children with you.
    And be with you – and only you – always and forever.

    Believe them.

    Seriously, you’ll be glad you did…

  27. Shep

    Isn’t all ignorant white trash racists? I thought that was a given.

  28. Mike

    Well she’s not that unlucky the acting career means a lot. It’s just proof that if you have a big career like this it takes up your entire life and you can’t have it all it’s one or the other… Luckily she clarified her beliefs in her Oscar speech, cause it is weird that he has a Nazi photo, he was already famous and married to her at the time he took it. It could have come out anytime.

  29. bunny

    Jesse is soooooo smoking hot. Nazi or no.

    I’d fuck him with Sandra’s penis.

    Or something along those lines………….. ; )

  30. Peckerwood

    Jesse was down with the Nazi Lowriders in prison, that’s why he got angry letters from prison about working with n1ggers and sp1cs on his show. He can try to be PC to help with his image, but people who know better know his true color.

  31. Get ready for an orgy of self-righteous drivel as all the lefties project their antisemitism onto Jesse.

  32. It’s just proof that if you have a big career like this it takes up your entire life and you can’t have it all it’s one or the other

  33. captain america

    adolf hitler had an “HARLEY”, folks?

  34. cc

    Please don’t tell me overalls are coming back.

  35. I’m glad cheaters get public humiliation. You don’t have to mope around the house anymore- do something about it! If your ex-lover strayed and betrayed your trust, create a profile for him on Even if you haven’t been cheated on, I’d check the site to make sure some of your love-interests aren’t ‘registered cheaters.’

  36. We’ll probably end up electing Hitler president after this Obama Care bill debacle.

    @ 26 – “Sexual fidelity does not have to be the end all be all of a relationship.”
    What if your indiscretions involve a tattooed chimpanzee?

  37. jk potter

    OK. I love Sandra Bullock, no doubt. But the unpleasant question, however painful, is Sandra a Nazi? As a loyal fan I want her, even in her pain, to answer. That does not make me a nice guy, I know. I know she is suffering greatly. Stardom is a bitch few understand. But please let us know the answer to this truly preposterous question when you can Sandra. As dumb as it sounds it must be addressed.

  38. thanks all good article

  39. But I don’t know who he is?

  40. mandy

    Whatever happened 2marriages being “holy” “sanctified”!KIM, A MARRIAGE IS A SACRED UNION N NT SuM FALSE PRETENCE SCHEME 2GET MONEY! HAVE SUM DIGNITY!U TUK VOWS IN FRONT OF GOD N URSLf! Ur mama ddn teach u no manners

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