So I got one of those Facebook dealies.

October 14th, 2009 // 38 Comments


Because we never talk anymore and I’m pretty sure you’re just using me for the bikini pictures, I’ve finally gotten around to starting a Facebook page for the site:

The Superficial Facebook Fan Page

Once you join, prepare yourself for exciting updates liken the world has never seen. For example, did you know I’m eating a bagel right now? You would if you were on Facebook. I rest my case.

NOTE: This is in no way a competition between The Geekologie Writer’s Fan Page and my own. Though if I happen to attract more minions, I’ll most likely run over to his desk and wave my genitals in his face for at least four to six hours which is actually no different than any other day. So forget I said anything.


  1. Richard Hurtz

    Ghey. I can’t wait to see your Twitter page…

  2. ô

    kone?ne prvá, hahaa

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  6. gurmin

    does this mean we will finally get to see what you look like?

  7. Superevil

    I read minions as minors.

  8. Randal

    Will the Facebook updates have updates on real celebrities or the continued garbage we’ve been saying on here lately?


  9. herbiefrog

    wots fasebook ?

    [[[[[[[[w h a t ?

  10. AmberDextrose

    Meh! Facebleuch has been taken over by corporate whores. Sheesh, I suppose it wouldn’t kill me to add you. Just so’s you have some friends.

  11. Kalanen

    In it for the bikini pictures? I’m in it for the writer, i mean, the man is clearly a comedy genius.

  12. JaniceGunit

    ewww….you said genitals.

  13. Elainy

    Although you claim you are indeed different entities, I’ve always assumed you were just one guy.

  14. phil

    Ugh. What a fatso.

  15. wildelk27

    sweet! I am fan #3567- my sad little life is now complete

  16. csy211

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  17. Dread not

    Well, la-dee-dah. Look at Mr. Fancy Pants. You went and got yourself one of them fang dangled, Facebook thingamajigs. I’ll stick to the Superficial, ’cause eating bagels is just a euphemism for heating it up in a microwave and pretending it’s a hep-c free Pambo. You can’t fool a fool, Fish.

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  20. Rhialto

    Since when do we have fans and why am i always the last one to be notified?!

  21. Darth

    Do we have fans!? *Looks in the mirror and combs hair*

  22. His Huge Greatness Himself

    498,499,500! To my fans: i just finished my daily push up folks!

  23. Galtacticus

    He’s doing 500 push ups at once! Amazing!

  24. I’m officially a Fan!

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