So Who Wants To See The Nipples On The Married Woman Simon Cowell Knocked Up?

August 2nd, 2013 // 31 Comments
Can't Stop The Moobs
Simon Cowell Knocked Up Best Friends Wife Lauren Silverman
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If part of Lauren Silverman‘s plan was to get knocked up by Simon Cowell and then have everyone see her nipples through her shirt, that part’s going awesome. If the other part was to still get a ton of money out of Simon’s best friend who she’s still married to on top of the money her vagina’s digging out of Simon, that part is going not so awesome. The New York Post reports:

Andrew is so livid, he’s seeking revenge on both Cowell and his straying wife — who is 10 weeks pregnant with Cowell’s baby. He’s taking the highly unusual step of embarrassing Cowell personally by naming him as a co-respondent in divorce papers, which were filed under the radar in Manhattan Supreme Court two weeks ago.
New York is a no-fault divorce state, but Andrew has filed for a fault divorce based on adultery.
That means Cowell, 53, risks being hauled to the witness stand to reveal his finances — he is said to be worth about $350 million — in addition to the sordid details of his affair with Silverman.
“It’s really a signal to the spouse who cheated that the wronged spouse is very angry and that it’s going to be a very nasty, scorched-earth, high-profile litigation,” said noted divorce attorney Martha Cohen Stine.
Another top matrimonial attorney agreed that the rare move was a pressure tactic.
“It’s very nasty,” said William Zabel, billionaire George Soros’ attorney. “I assume it’s to embarrass them and get them to settle.”

Ironically, Lauren is already trying to get Simon to marry her because apparently she forgets those times he was banging her while engaged to Mezghan Hussainy, and oh I dunno, the fact that she has a baby that isn’t her husbands in her goddamn stomach:

“He promised to marry her after learning she was pregnant, and she is trying to make sure she keeps his promise to take care of them both,” a source told The Post yesterday.
Leggy beauty Mezhgan Hussainy was still blissfully planning her wedding to Cowell when the married Lauren began bedding the TV star, friends said.
“Lauren has been telling friends she has been sleeping with Simon since the end of 2011, or the start of 2012,” a source said.

“How did you know she was the one?”
“The first time she looked into my eyes and said she could hear her husband pulling into the driveway. Right then I knew this kind of woman you can really make a commitment to.”
“… Do you have a drinking problem?”

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  1. Lauren Silverman Nipples Simon Cowell Baby Mama
    Commented on this photo:

    Those be some fake-looking titties.

    • My best friend just has announced her wedding with a millionaire. They met via ~~Rìchfìshes.ōrg__’s the place where for meeting successful rich men & classy mature women(CEOs,athletes doctors, lawyers, beauty queens, fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities….), who are searching for their special someone. it’s worth a try!

  2. Best scenario: Cowell gets hauled in to testify, the husband gets a huge settlement and owes this skank nothing and then Cowell refuses to marry her.

    • Dennis

      Having Cowell’s baby alone is a win for her. It’s a lottery ticket that pays out for at least 18 years.

  3. Is this an on set photo from the “Jack and Jill” reboot with Nic Cage in the lead role?

  4. Enidaj

    “and oh I dunno, the fact that she has a baby that isn’t her husbands in her goddamn stomach:”

    Babies don’t grow in the stomach, it’s called a uterus.

  5. Come on lady, save something for the second date.

  6. John 6:66

    Meh. Had to have been a drunken thing where he forgot to wear a condom.

  7. Is it possible her boobs are bigger than Simon’s?

  8. Diggers gon’ dig.

  9. Lauren Silverman Nipples Simon Cowell Baby Mama
    Plastic Police
    Commented on this photo:

    Yup, this picture looks about right. Ugly hooker sidles up to john in car…

  10. Andy Silverman

    “I will give you one more chance. As long as you crawl back on your knees, beg forgiveness, and suck my cock. In that order.”

    -Mel Gibson

  11. Lauren Silverman Nipples Simon Cowell Baby Mama
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like she’s about $1.5 million along.

  12. One of my friend’s brothers was named in a divorce. That shit is not pretty and he did not even get the woman pregnant and was not the husband’s friend. I kind of want to feel sorry for Simon but then I remember he is a dick and banged his best friend’s wife and got her pregnant.

  13. Kinda sloppy. If she hasn’t quite hit the wall yet, she is definitely hurtling towards it. No doubt the baby will push her right over the edge and those big titties will be introduced to her bellybutton.

  14. Lauren Silverman Nipples Simon Cowell Baby Mama
    Villian circa 1200 AD
    Commented on this photo:

    She better be one cool chick if the millionaires are fighting over her.

  15. heey

    She looks identical to the opportunist skank Jeremy Renner knocked up. So this IS the look of a woman out for a huge paycheck from a ”oops I got prenant” lie, as if it was not planned ahead of time. Money money money…

  16. Lauren Silverman Nipples Simon Cowell Baby Mama
    Commented on this photo:

    Was this really worth the bullshit you now find yourself in, Simon?

  17. anonymous

    Man some of you are tough. This chick is a better looking than Chrissy Teigen and Winnie Cooper who seem to be popular here. And they are supposed to be models and actresses.

    This chick is just some random gold digger.

  18. kery

    shame on you married woman ;P

  19. derp

    How the fuck has simon cowell not had a vasectomy? or at least bought gold digger child support insurance.

  20. She’s a gold digger but I put the blame squarely on Simon. His sorry ass always has these thirsty bitches on his dick. It’ll never last and the hell she is about to put him through will fuck his head up.

  21. Kelly

    She’s kinda thick for the ‘in the scene’ crowd. I thought they were all supposed to be stick thin. She has a nice body though.

  22. jay

    How can she be a gold digger? Her husband is worth almost as much as Cowell.

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