So This Katy Perry Dating John Mayer Thing Might Be Happening

Posted by Photo Boy

Despite reports that Katy Perry had opted to sparkledust her uterus instead of tending to the IVs and various machines keeping John Mayer clinging to life, it seems she actually chose the latter. Maybe Reese Witherspoon carved ‘whore’ into Katy’s car door with her chin, or maybe Mila Kunis’s decision to let the public know that Ashton Kutcher is anywhere near her vagina made Katy nostalgic for her own short-lived marriage to the Douchebag King. Who knows? What I do know is it can’t be for the money, Katy and Mila both have plenty, and personality goes out the window as soon as Ashton or John speaks, tweets, facebooks, acts, sings or asks if this scarf comes in paisley, which leaves one awful conclusion. *looks down boxers* Goddamnit.

Photo: Pacific Coast News, Splash News