Remember When Rihanna Said Chris Brown Doesn’t Have ‘The Luxury Of F*cking Up?’

February 15th, 2013 // 38 Comments

I’m going to assume kissing a whole bunch of chicks in a club counts as that. On the bright side, at least he didn’t repeatedly punch her in the face until her mouth filled with blood causing her to lock her fingers over her head in self defense which he then bit before leaving her for dead. It practically makes this better than flowers.



  1. Chris Brown Kissing Random Women At A Club
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    …Ugly women at that.

    • karlito

      Brown’s no prize package himself. i’ve seen better looking steaming piles of shit when i take my elephant for a walk.

  2. Chris Brown Kissing Random Women At A Club
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    “Call your friend off, bitch. It was just a love punch. That’s how I do.”

  3. JC

    To be fair, RiRi said he was allowed to “hit on” other women as long as he only “hits” her.

  4. Sometimes, Fish, you annoy me when you get all political or opinion-y but then I fall in love with you all over again when you post about this douche tool because you simply won’t. let. up. I’m happy you’re constantly reminding everyone what an ass hat he is (as if he doesn’t do a bang up job all by himself). So, thanks. WAY too many people have let this slide.

  5. rrr

    really! i think it s time to let it drop= what he did was YEARS ago now and he has never done anything similar since- he was young people make mistakes…

    • pavement_smear


    • USDA Prime McBeef

      Maybe he hasn’t beat down a women since, but he’s had several episodes of acting a fool, flipping the fuck out, and generalized angry toddler type behavior since that happened.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        Also, once you’ve beat the shit out of a woman, I’ll write your bitch ass off forevermore. Sorta like once you buttfucked a nine year old, I’m pretty much done with your piece of shit ass.

    • He never came out and apologized, or showed any kind of remorse. He probably didn’t even do the community service he was assigned. so no, he is not forgiven. Fuck him.

      All of this made worse by the fact that the stupid woman went right back to him as we all knew she would. Great example these 2 are setting for their many young fans. Fuck her too. I’m hoping for a Sid & Nancy type ending.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        I’m hoping for a Bonnie and Clyde type ending, only with more bullet holes. A lot more bullet holes.

    • IAmAGuest

      I was young once, too, and I made mistakes. My friends did, too. Yet somehow none of us managed to beat up a woman so badly that she required hospitalization, then went jet-skiing and spent the next few years acting like an entitled jackass and crying about being such a victim.

      In fact, I don’t know anyone who did anything like that when they were “young”. Do you?

    • 1: = and – are not periods. Please learn some punctuation and use it. 2: He has never done anything similar since? Threw a chair through a tv studio window, started a brawl with Drake in a NY nightclub, went on a verbal assault rampage on a woman who dared to remind him of what he was convicted of doing using many misogynistic and homophobic attacks and slurs, started a brawl with Frank Ocean over a parking space. Are these not all demonstrations of the exact same type of rage filled, impulsive, VIOLENT behavior? 3: Yes young people make mistakes, but that beat down was no mistake. It was the result of a pattern of behavior he continues to show. He has barely acknowledged what he did much less take any responsibility for it, which doesn’t show much hope for him learning anything from said mistake. 4: Please get sterilized immediately.

      • One more thing…how in the fuck do we KNOW he hasn’t beaten the crap out of any other women? I wonder how many times he smacked RiRi around before the authorities and the media got involved. Ever heard of OJ Simpson? Oh, wait. He didn’t do it after all.

  6. When did Chris Brown start fucking Kris Jenner?

  7. Chris Brown Kissing Random Women At A Club
    Frank Burns
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    The real story here is how did Kira Nerys get here from DS9?

  8. Jebus

    OMG, Fucking man whore kissed a fan on the cheeks. I hope he burns in hell

  9. Jack Ketch

    OK, Fish, we get it; we’re aware he beat he shit out of her and then left her for dead; you say that every goddamned time – he left her for dead. He’s a piece of shit and she’s stupid. NEeeeexttt …

    • Real Guy

      That’s not the kind of thing you just drop and ignore, you enabling piece of shit.

      • Not condoning what he did; he’s a piece of shit and everyone knows it, but we also know that he left her for dead, no use saying it every time, is all I’m getting at. No enabling here; geez, get a grip. I’m bitching about it but I’m hardly a piece of shit.

      • I didn’t know he left her for dead…Fish, you just keep up the good work!

  10. Chris Brown Kissing Random Women At A Club
    Deacon Jones
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    “Ah only fucked dis many dudes, doesn’t mean I’m gay!”

  11. Deacon Jones

    The “King Kong ” club.


  12. If you can beat the living shit out of a woman and the moron will take you back then you pretty much have free reign to do anything you want. Just wait, this asshole will pull an Oscar Pistorious sometime in the near future.

  13. Chris Brown Kissing Random Women At A Club
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    He is such a gorilla

  14. Swearin

    I was at that club to see one of the warm-up bands that night. The mohawk girl is on Chris Brown’s record label…or so I was told. But not in his defense, he immediately toked up once he got in there and brayed like a jackass while hitting on the groupies that flocked to him

  15. Veronika Larsson

    What day is this of the Rihanna Death Watch?

  16. Chris Brown Kissing Random Women At A Club
    William Glandensburg
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  17. What the heck is he seen doing in these pictures that’s a problem?! Hugging fans and kissing them on the cheek? Holding a woman’s hand? How’s that bad? Worst thing I see in these pictures is him smoking cigarets, and that’s his choice – he’s over 18 years of age.

  18. Chris Brown Kissing Random Women At A Club
    Don't Believe EVERYTHING You Read on a Gossip Site
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    He’s not WITH this girl, he’s recently signed her to his label- her name is Sabrina. She just performed a set at KingKing a few days ago and he was there obviously supporting her.

  19. Chris Brown Kissing Random Women At A Club
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    “HAHAHA… I’ll eat yooooo skinnnnn”.

  20. Chris Brown Kissing Random Women At A Club
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  21. PeeDeeEss

    Chris Brown, sociopath.

  22. Chris Brown Kissing Random Women At A Club
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    King King or King Hit?

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