So Remember When Kim Kardashian Said She Was Done Posing Nude?

February 1st, 2011 // 91 Comments


While Kim Kardashian spent most of yesterday pretending to be appalled by her “full-on nipple” that somehow magically appeared in W Magazine – Side Note: They’ve since inexplicably defended the shoot by calling it “art?” Oh, like Piss Christ. – she conveniently left out the part where she posed for the March issue of FHM UK. Granted, she’s not as much nude as in a bikini, apparently this is what Kim Kardashian considers a more tasteful representation of her deeper self: Photoshopped images that make her ass not look like a shelf it really is, so clearly, this is more complex creature than we even imagined.

*dives into Kim’s vastness only to bellyflop into the ground because she’s a shallow whore*


Photos: FHM UK


  1. IttyBittyTittyCommittee

    liuetenant o’whora

  2. If you can’t see anything worth seeing, she’s not “nude.”

  3. Frobz

    TO HER.

    Want this idiot to disappear? In the musical words of Lisa Simpson and Paul Anka, “Just don’t look! Just don’t look!”

  4. Ruffus

    Kimmie K., America’s favourite brand of urinal cake. Look for it wherever you buy Ripple and MadDog 20/20.

    • Well Put

      “Urinal Cake” Wow! I never thought of that one. IT’S PERFECT! I tell my wife she is the “whore of the apocalypse” all the time.

      Way to go!

  5. Kim Kardashian Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    What’s wrong with her face? She kinda reminds me of Woll Smoth here, at least in the eyes.

  6. vv

    She is sooo hot!!

  7. um

    she didnt like the w cover because of the message they put over her parts ‘it’s all about me, i mean you, i mean me’.

    and cuz she’s deeply insecure about her body (see plastic surgery). she prob thought they’d shop her more.

    with kim, i’ve said it before, you never have to look deep. the answer is always very vain, very insecure, and very superficial.

    a part of me actually thinks w magazine played her and maybe she figured it out, by writinghat tet over her body and telling her beforehand it would be artful. they made her look exactly like she is, a self-absorbed cunt. that’s art.

    • Jillia

      Also, didn’t she cry this same story over the Playboy photos? Christ Almighty I’m so fucking sick of it. Stop pretending like you’re so much more than just a pretty face Kim. Have a little dignity and just own up to what you really are. A camera whore.

  8. Edwin

    Frobz is obviously a rainbow chaser. Who would not like to see Kim’s lucious nipple??
    I would drag my salt covered penis through miles of shattered glass just to hear her fart through a walkie talkie

  9. um

    ps the video of her crying about it is hilarious because you see her botox face barely able to move when it scrunches. looks painful.

  10. Your Kidding Me

    More plastic there than a car made by Saturn

  11. I would tap that big ass from the back all day. Damn she is fine. Tits look good to. I know she paid for it, but who cares.

  12. There are alot of guys on here who talk shit on kim. I wonder how many would actually turn down sex from her if they actually got the chance. I’m sure they got pussy beating down there door and all. Yes she and her family get on my nerves and she bought her body, but I’m a still tear that pussy up. *kanye shrug*

    • I would say about 90%. But you have to remember something. If a guy said they would love to fuck her ass like it was rose Mcgowan’s. or just said they would like to have sex with her. chances are they would be lucky if she just had a security guard escort them away from her or have a rep. contact Fish or something blog owner to have contact with said person and order them to stop talking with a cease and Desist notice.

      By saying you are grossed out. you will not get such action.

  13. LJ

    If she didn’t want her nipple showing in W Magazine, she should have done what every other woman who doesn’t want their nipple to show in the print of a photo shoot.

    You wear a pastie or tape over your nipple.

    Is she so stupid that she never heard of that?

    Or is that a redundant question?

  14. DogBoy

    cat-faced fame-whore.

  15. Kim Kardashian Bikini
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    The blogger both serves & mocks his own site’s affiliates. You’re all in bed together. How cozy.

  16. Alex

    It IS art cause of all the plastic surgery and photoshop. The nudity in magazines is nothing like real bodies.

  17. mean tina

    So remember when Kim said {insert anything}?


  18. Kim Kardashian Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    stop drooling on her tits and look where her boob meets armpit. she’s clearly wearing a black strapless something- not nude.

  19. Ron J.

    When is she going to “leak” another sex and pee video?

  20. The unchopped pics at the SAG Awards in the purple gown w/the saggy armpits is what she really looks like.

  21. abe vigoda's eyebrows

    I am so sick of this stupid skank and her retarded family.

  22. Kim Kardashian Bikini
    Commented on this photo:


  23. Donna

    Why does she always wear those false eyelashes. They are so ugly and look like she leaches on her face.

  24. Know how I know your dad was a laywer?

  25. Kim Kardashian Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    “Photoshopped images that make her ass not look like a shelf it really us…”

    Is this article reproduced somewhere in English?

  26. I see they are dressing up goats these days.

  27. Kim Kardashian’s mouth: Piss goes in, bullshit comes out.

  28. I thought I was formulating a tirade about how this vapid, mis-proportioned idiot needs to be ignored, but when I looked down I was just touching my wiener. Dammit.

  29. Kim Kardashian Bikini
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    what the hell is that on her right can?

  30. Juano

    I am shocked, shocked I say, to find that Kim has been misled by ANOTHER magazine! Poor girl, she is so mentally challenged that when Hef told her that she’d be appearing nude, she thought he meant rude and said “only Ray J can be rude on me.”

  31. surs

    heeheehee piss christ…i’d forgotten about that fine piece of artwork!

  32. Kim Kardashian Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    wtfs wrong with her face

  33. s'up bitches

    Advantage Kim! Wouldn’t you be famous too if your successful lawyer/murder accomplice father, who now sat at the right side of Lucifer in the fourth circle of hell was calling the shots. All it took was her dead daddy to whisper in his master’s ear (along with the occasional blow job) to sign Kimmy up with that lifelong blood contract that guaranteed her fame!

  34. babooda

    WTF..This is still the Superficial isn’t it? So, when do we get to the really nasty, demeaning, salacious comments about the kind of skank daughter of a whore and Lucifer’s lieutenant, pompous, fake bodied cunt Kimmie really is? You guys are slippin’!

  35. Piss Christ even. Nothing like an unsavory blast from the past just before fried bologna sandwiches :þ

  36. abe vigoda's eyebrows

    Sigh, I do have to admit in that pic of her in the water, she is unbelievably beautiful.

  37. Kim Kardashian Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Remember when Kim Kardashian was relevant
    …. I don’t

  38. This tupperware titted fame whore has said ALOT of things. Words fall from her mouth like shit falls from an ass.

  39. The Listener

    I went to W magazine’s website where they have the photos of Kim posted. She looks great in the silver paint. She looks GREAT naked, nice butt, nice breasts.

    She was upset in Sunday’s episode of her reality show because she’s trying to distance herself from the public image that she’s only good for posing naked and nothing else. Those photos made her feel like she’s never going to be able to change the public’s opinion of her.

    • Hey, one is as one does. My dad baked bread for a living, hence he was a baker. This scrog gets naked for money without having any other discernible talent, hence she is a whore.

  40. lovekardashians

    Pretty sure she is wear a black bandeau bikini top… look by her arm!!

  41. Kim Kardashian Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh wait…I’ve seen this before…this is the only picture this woman takes and photoshops the color of her swimwear.

  42. Anya

    Dumb insecure pee stained whore, here’s an idea instead of crying fake tears over some photo-shoot, how about your nasty hairy ass stops posing naked?? Even with all that plastic surgery you still look like a gremlin.

  43. GingleJanglez

    This broad is so good at biting the hand that feeds her pretty soon she’ll be as small as the Olsen triplets.

  44. Kim

    Hey are there any wealthy black boys out there with full bladders? The rest of you can fuck off.

  45. Kim Kardashian Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d rather see Madonna nude

    just kidding

  46. ppl get and remain famous cuz they have fans.,ppl like them,watch them,follow them,idolize them..if a little worthless human being like snooki got fans then its not so unreal for ms bubblebutt to flaunt her so called assets..even though never having watched kk’s shows,so rending me unfamiliar with her famously low iq reputation,i must say that visually she is a beautiful woman(ass aside cuz thats just rude)..

  47. Kim Kardashian Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks so good without all that full on black glittery makeup on her eyes, she should stick to this natural makeup look it definitely is more beautiful

  48. Tina

    OH my – famous for doing nothing. You are naked again – whoop whoop. Do something amazing for once. I only wish I made the money you make for doing nothing. You are a beautiful woman, now start acting like one. Put your clothes on, get off reality television and do something amazing for someone without the medias involvement. Since I am commenting, could you tell your sister Chloe to stop talking like a baby.

    • ‘bottom’ line, this tramp is not going to cure cancer, end world hunger, or invent a fuckin time machine. but her ass looks good on a calender. she’s a pin-up who luckily is in control of her brand name. all the complaining is an attempt at free advertising. and til the clicks n comments die down, she’ll keep getting it.

      • Mortimer Duke

        And may I add, she has to dance with the date she came with. She has no other means of staying relevant. So taking off her clothes. Leeching onto famous anythings. Appearing at the opening of a public toilet. Whatever it takes, shes going to do it, fame is her drug and she needs that constant high.

        She is a vapid, insecure whore – always available for the highest bidder.

  49. Kim Kardashian Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s one scary clown smile. Why is she famous again?

  50. Daphne

    She is clearly wearing a bathing suit… aka NOT nude. See how her boobs magically turn black? IT IS CALLED A BIKINI U GUIZE.

    • lol @ Daphne fuck

      No one said she was naked you flaming fuck. It’s the concept of showing skin. It’s the only thing she’s good for. Get it now, dumb fuck?

      • Dan

        uh… the title of the article clearly says Nude. Nude = naked = not wearing a bikini.

        Dumb fuck says what?

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