So Remember When Kim Kardashian Said She Was Done Posing Nude?


While Kim Kardashian spent most of yesterday pretending to be appalled by her “full-on nipple” that somehow magically appeared in W Magazine – Side Note: They’ve since inexplicably defended the shoot by calling it “art?” Oh, like Piss Christ. – she conveniently left out the part where she posed for the March issue of FHM UK. Granted, she’s not as much nude as in a bikini, apparently this is what Kim Kardashian considers a more tasteful representation of her deeper self: Photoshopped images that make her ass not look like a shelf it really is, so clearly, this is more complex creature than we even imagined.

*dives into Kim’s vastness only to bellyflop into the ground because she’s a shallow whore*


Photos: FHM UK