So, Megan Fox’s Face…

August 9th, 2010 // 105 Comments

Here’s Megan Fox, or a strikingly similar wax caricature of her, at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards Sunday night where she picked up an award for Female Hottie which became instantly less prestigious the second Keeping Up with the Kardashians was named the teen reality show of choice. So, clearly, you can’t count on these kids to recognize the difference between true beauty and thousands of dollars worth of facial reconstruction shot to shit by making duck lips. Personally, I blame these Internet sites who do nothing but chauvinisticly focus on the outward appearances of women instead of their intrinsic values. Like doing laundry. Or being really good at nagging.

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  1. Megan Fox
    I still can't believe its not butter
    Commented on this photo:

    yupe thats definitly a case of premature botox

  2. captain america

    mark these words: THE OLDER THE MORE MAKE UP.
    (again a fake american)

  3. k

    eww whats wrong with her face?!

  4. kj

    I find it mind boggling that all these attractive celebrities in their twenties get a bunch of plastic surgery and wind up looking older and less attractive than they did in the first place. What the hell? I feel like I’m living in the fucking twilight zone.

  5. Megan Fox
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    She’s so plastic now, it’s unbelievable.

  6. Megan Fox
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    “Uhhhhhhhh, I’m so sexy it huuuuuuuuuurts”

  7. Megan Fox
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    “I’m so insecure, I feel like a tranny, I’m so fucking insecure it’s not even funny, I over-analyze myself and hate being in front of the cameras, I am so shy it’s not even funny” BLA BLA BLA STFU

  8. Megan Fox
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    My GOD she looks Awful.

  9. anonym

    how much more plastic surgery before her face goes to shit?

  10. Megan Fox
    Commented on this photo:

    She is looking more and more plastic…there’s something fishy about those eyebrows, the lips are obviously fake, had a nose job…what is so beautiful about this? What’s worse is that she did not need any plastic surgery to begin with, she was already strikingly beautiful… so lame.

  11. me

    She’s had 2 nose jobs, lip plumping, a boob job, botox, chemical peels, dental work, a chin implant and now cheek fillers, ALL since 2007. And she was only 20 when she started. She looks almost NOTHING like she used to look. She’s gone too far now, she will never be as beautiful as she used to be. such a waste of the natural beauty she used to have. I would have killed to look like she did back then

  12. Megan Fox
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    that’s the most she can move her face. NAST.

  13. Megan Fox
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  14. Just Got Fingered

    If I had a nickle for every time I told you people that she wasn’t attractive…

  15. Alli Watermelon

    I’m no Megan Fox fan, but what exactly is so wrong with her face? She looks the same as she has for a while now (not compared to her pre-celebrity days of course).

  16. Megan Fox
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    Whatever, she is prettier than 99% of the girls out there and not one guy on this blog would turn her down, so let’s just stop pretending.

  17. Megan Fox
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    Great. Now we don’t even have to wait for vapid hot chicks to grow a single wrinkle before they go alien on our asses anymore. Darwin would be proud.

  18. Olivia

    Is it just me or do the thumbnails look like Courtney Cox? HA

  19. modelburnbook

    we hate this NOW–but just think, in 20 years she will still look JUST LIKE THIS PICTURE–and that ain’t bad for 40….

  20. Megan Fox
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    her outfit looks like shit. must have styled it herself for once.

  21. Megan Fox
    Commented on this photo:

    Run!!!! It’s ZOMBIE BARBIE!!!!!!

    I wish she would stop messing up her face now. three years of constantly having plastic surgery at her age (or any age) is just not good!

  22. Megan Fox
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    This is one ugly looking She-Man. Even with all the make-up she has caked on she still looks incredibly manly. Yuk!!!!!!!!

  23. Megan Fox
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    Oh my, she’s too sexy, Megan Fox I love you!

  24. Megan Fox
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    She used to have the most beautifully stunning big eyes, now they look chinese.

    And in her head she thinks she looks good. she should have stopped after her first nose job. She looked perfect back then:

    Look at her eyes:

  25. Megan Fox
    baby gets punch to the face
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    paint her blue and i would think i’m watching Avatar in 3D

  26. Megan Fox
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    shes got the face of the creature in splice

  27. Megan Fox
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    idiot person with tons of plastic surgery!poor megan

  28. بوكر


  29. Megan Fox
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    Can you say “tranny”?

  30. Megan Fox
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    My world is over oO What da fuck was she thinking!

  31. Megan Fox
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    I love reading people’s comments on these blogs. They sound so stupid. Like that weird annoying girl in High School that says stupid things but think they are funny or witty. I’m baked.

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