So Ke$ha is an Actual Retarded Person? I Get It Now.

June 21st, 2010 // 49 Comments

Here’s Ke$ha rehearsing before the Much Music Video Awards last night and you’d think after Britney Spears the music industry would’ve learned a hard, yet valuable lesson, about giving recording contracts to the mentally handicapped. I mean, what the hell is Ke$ha even doing in these photos? Because that’s definitely not dancing and I don’t care how many focus groups show there’s literally no distinction been autistic spasms and modern choreography. WHERE’S THE HUMANITY, DAMMIT!?

On that note, 1/10th of areola here and here. What? I’m treating her like everyone else. That’s like giving them ice cream.

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  1. Taz

    nice nip slip

  2. Monch
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    I think there’s some retarded aureola in that first pic

  3. Monch
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    I meant third retarded pic. Maybe I’m retarded today

  4. fowler
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    you’ve failed to notice a little areola action taking place

  5. jessica
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    tat is nippppppppppple!! pic 3

  6. Tara
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    Wow… nip and vag… super bonus points. ;)

  7. I would have preferred to see the Stars instead…..thanks.

  8. Slappy Magoo
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    Eh, her routine on Saturday Night Live was pretty funny…by Saturday Night Live standards.

  9. DogBoy

    Boy, she completes the singer VAG TRI-FECTA: Katy, Miley and Ke$ha.
    Too bad Demi Lovato hasn’t mastered the art of PR better.

  10. Brit
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    looks like a move from Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

  11. Philipp
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    part of nipple image 3

  12. MariC38

    She’s always rubbed me the wrong way.

  13. Cardinal Fang
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    So is that the majora or minora peaking out? I’m guessing majora.

  14. lisa
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    yeah, nip in pic 3

  15. Boy.. this completes the singer VAG TRI-FECTA: Katy, Miley and Ke$ha.
    Too bad Demi Lovato hasn’t mastered the art of PR like these gals at this point.

  16. techman
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    Another talentless Britney clone. A couple years ago, these chicks would have gone straight to porn or working slinging burgers but now they get recording contracts. And they wonder why no one wants to pay for ‘music’ anymore.

  17. my dick in your mouth

    I’m surprise the stars aren’t on here!!! you guys writing this shit like overusing those stars, pendejos

  18. i dont get why all of her songs are about how hot she is, always getting hit on, and getting all the guys she wants, im fat and im still hotter than she is.

    • FattyFatty2x4

      you’re not fat Shine, just big boned.
      speaking of big bones, this woman could not, would not, gimme one.

  19. yup

    when you say auditioning, do you mean practicing? or do you have to audition for a show you’ve already been invited to now?

    ps: you can see as much vag in this pic as the one you starred out in the miley cyrus pics.. if you’re going to stretch for clicks you should at least be consistent

  20. Enna

    She looks like she’s about 40 years old. Bleached blonde suburban housewife. Boring.

  21. bar room hero

    with a name like Ke$ha, is it any wonder?

    “spelling” names with numbers or symbols is ghetto and stupid.


      bar room hero is a hero for that statement!

      I hate this talentlerss fucking hack! With a dad that is a musical legend and a mom that was a hot model you wouold think this bitch would have some kind a talent but insted the music industry hacks that they are (these agents & record companies wouldn’t know a real musician if they pissed on their fake pony tailed head and did a line a coke off their plastic face) give us this annoying bitch and all the stupid kids buy this shit. At least Britney was hot as hell for a time before turning into a white trash pig! But this skank is ugly as all hell and her songs are just talking with half ass music in the background. Please fade away into the trenches of bands no one remembers and end up on celebrity rehab or working at a Taco Bell….Wait I like Taco Bell…How about she ends up being the fluf girl for porn movie$, that would be more in her talent range.

      • bar room hero

        Thank$….oh shit.

        I mean thanks!

      • Gen

        Her mom wrote country music and she hasn’t met her dad. So actually nobody has ever had high expectations for her.

        I don’t know why, but she doesn’t annoy me. She doesn’t think she’s funny when she isn’t (Katy Perry), she doesn’t think she’s an artiste when she isn’t (Lady Gaga), she doesn’t think she’s the first girl to go full-prostitute at 17 when she isn’t (Miley Cyrus). She’s just a trashy party girl. It’s all good.

      • bar room hero

        Who gives a shit it all sucks (Kesha, GAga, KP, all of it). It is all SHIT. Rap garbage being the shittiest of the shit…

        It is all shit, and a disgrace to real musicians everywhere…

  22. eddie

    This talentless c*nt must have pics and movies of someone very high up in the industry. There’s no other reason she was signed to a recording contract.

  23. I’d hit it simply because she screams “give me enough whiskey and cigarettes and i’ll do anything..and I mean anything”.

    Do I like to keep company like this? No.

    Do I care when i’m wasted? Absolutely not.

    problem solved.

    I do enjoy that she sings about 1 of my most favorite and cherished past times….being drunk, so with that, I don’t hate on her too much.

  24. ROUGH? "That guy got an edge. Unbewevable, I never seen anything like it"

    Here’s a philosophical question, if “Keisha” falls on her ass (anywhere) and there’s no one to hear it does it make a sound?

  25. Ty Pennington

    This bitch is an ugly, talentless, whore who in 3 years will be turning tricks in Jersey for 5 bucks a pop.

  26. captain america


  27. Mike Iksard
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  28. Bella
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    Nip slippp

  29. Tara
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    Her 15 minutes are lasting a lot longer than I would like. Terribly when the cool thing to do is be a drunken whore.

  30. Tara
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    Her extensions look like shit. I know she is trying to act like she doesn’t care about what she looks like, but extensions are expension, you might as well do them right.

  31. Tara
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  32. kiliywank
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    this skank needs to be shot , but id still tap it

  33. mike

    calling someone retarded because you think they look stupid is really wrong. ever stop to consider who you hurt when you talk trash like this? pathetic use of the word retarded. you’re a total tool.

  34. Fish you dumb ass, what an “autistic spasm”? I have a kid with Autism, and I’ve never heard of nor seen an “autistic spasm”. Normally I get a charge outta your articles, but today I just think you need a get a fucking clue.

  35. Marcus

    Not a fan but still hit it….

  36. Dick
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    Um yeah shes retarded

  37. Covert Koala

    It’s Always Sunny, “Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person”

    Kesha’s music makes sense now, it’s fun and light-hearted, just don’t touch the ears. She’s really a special person that the music industry threw up there, like so many greats, b/c they can’t tell the difference between talent and retardedness.

  38. Stefania
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    to the comment above me.
    yu make no sense. VOMIT

  39. Holly
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    nail biter?

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