So Katy Perry Was The Sex Addict?

“Who’s cheating now, Dr. Jones?!”

When Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s marriage fell apart, you’d just assume he’d be the first one to fly off to Southeast Asia and drown his sorrows in their world-famous sex industry. *tips hat at Anthony Bourdain* Turns out all those stories about Katy being the out-of-control one were true because here she is in Indonesia today where her stage show apparently consisted of bringing half-naked young boys up and tweaking their nipples like it’s All You Can Tweak Nipple Night at Nipplerosa. Which makes me wonder if it was really Russell who had the fucked-up fetishes or if he found himself bested by the Hershey Kiss-wearing daughter of a preacher man.

RUSSELL: *walks in holding DVDs* Right. Who’s ready for amputee porn?
KATY: I want a Vietnamese village to stuff me full of Clark bars.
RUSSELL: …. Mummy.

Photos: Splash News

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