So.. Banksy’s More of a ‘Family Guy’ Fan?

UK guerrilla artist Banksy apparently uses YouTube now and uploaded his own, horribly depressing The Simpsons “couch gag” that aired last night which somberly shits all over the show’s decades-long merchandising efforts. I capped a couple screens, but definitely give it a watch in case 20th Century Fox has it removed. I mean, wow, what a scathing look at the exploitation perpetuated in the name of Western capitalism. And on National Rape an Indigenous Person Columbus Day no less.

*makes cup of coffee using disposable Keurig K-Cup, checks iPhone, tosses half-eaten granola bar into Cuisinart stainless steel trash can*

Just powerful stuff.

UPDATE: The New York Times just posted an interview with Simpsons producer Al Jean regarding how little they edited Banksy’s original storyboard. Still can’t believe they aired this. (Thanks to wilko in the comments.)

UPDATE: And Fox pulled the YouTube version. Just added the Hulu clip going around.

Photos: YouTube