‘So A Lot of You Have Seen My Vagina Recently. Pretty Cool, Right?’

June 22nd, 2010 // 81 Comments

“Thank you, LA House of Blues. You’re too beautiful tonight. As y’all might know my new album comes out tomorrow which is why you’ve seen a lot of my ‘Downtown Miley Brown‘ area latey. Don’t worry, it’s all coordinated marketing and we even got a major news outlet to declare that shit perfectly legal. (Love ya, dad!) But I’m still the same Miley with an audience comprised exclusively of middle-school girls.

*simulates fellating a drummer*

I mean, I just want young girls to know it’s okay to be themselves and not conform to like whatever’s all the ‘norm’ for whatever situation they’re in.

*Frenches a chick dancer*

Life’s all about freedom, y’all.

*vagina diddle*

And being true to thine own self, 1st Jesusolonians 5:19.

*downward dogs a roadie*

So buy my new album ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ because America’s like your friend at the mall that you sometimes like until she keeps staring at your boyfriend so now you have to let him have sex without a condom tonight. (Bitch.) Alright, boys, hit it.

*squeezes boobs together*

My loneliness is killing me,
I must confess I still believe…”

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  1. strangeways

    another worhless, talentless artist.

  2. Hayden

    Oh get over it everybody at least she’s interesting now. When she first became famous she had the appeal of a piece of white bread.

  3. uhm, ok? everyone on here acts as if yall havent seen a vagina before or seen a celebrity mess up! shes an 18 year old girl who is livin her life & not givin a damn about what people think. if i were yall.. id just leave the whole damn thing alone bc well…she DOESNT do disney anymore (INCASE YALL HAVENT NOTICED)- she does her OWN music that she does write. shes her own person & yall cant handle someone like her…just admit it!..yall seriously cant! which is sad…lol. honestly, yall have no life if all yall are worryin about is dirty pictures of her & what comes out of her mouth. there ARE more important things in life that yall need to worry about than all that bullshit. parents should know by NOW NOT to take their child to go see her in concert bc shes not doin that “hannah montana” crap anymore, shes doin her own thing & people are gonna have to deal with that & quit being all shocked about it & shit-everyone knew it was coming sooner or later. shes gonna grow up, learn to deal with it! shes only human & shes allowed to make mistakes. let her wear what she wants to wear, let her say what she wants to say & let her do what she wants to do- bc whether yall like it or not she does have alottt of fans out there that really do like her music. watching a celebrity mess up on sayin somethin they shouldnt of said, makes them seem a little less fake! so give the damn girl a break! & britney spears….well, i cant really defend her bc she messed her own life up for herself…hooking up with some worthless piece of shit that is the father of her two babies & shaved her head bc she was high. ha, wow. now, miley hasnt goin THAT far. cmon now guy. hahaha!

    -btw, please excuse my bad language for those who dont like seeing that kind of stuff.


    • j

      “btw, please excuse my bad language for those who dont like seeing that kind of stuff.”

      I completely agree with your sentiments, but I hope when you refer to your bad language, you mean your excessive use of the non-word “yall”. Or, were you just trying to write like Miley speaks?

  4. Shannon

    Do you guys really think she wants little girls to be themselves,
    or does she really want them to be just like her. Because I
    remember when I was little, I wanted to be just like my role model,
    (dont remember my role model) but you should really think before
    you let your little girls “be themselves”.

  5. Greenbean

    Dude, she’s fuckin’ 16 right?

  6. king koopa
    Commented on this photo:

    disgusting slut. without makeup she’s actually very ugly and looks 10 years old. no class at all

  7. LOL
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    i have literally no repect for miley whatsoever, i lso dislike her because she is getting close to justin bieber and his like, my obsession.
    i think she is possibly the ugly person i have ever seen, and why is she such a tart? literally she should grow the fuck up i hate her so much

  8. Commented on this photo:

    I like how she tries to be all badass with her leather pants and multiple belts when she still has a show on the disney channel

  9. april

    shes so in a hurry to grow in a wrong way.she can do it differently.not showing your private parts.shes imatating britney spears.

  10. Justin
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    I wanna lick her ass crack after a diarrhea shit.

  11. Raj
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    I see a bright fuurte for tabloid journalism . Where are the responsible parents for these twits? Are they guilty of child neglect or just greed?Addition:Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant by an 18 year-old BF. A boy in Florida was sentenced to ten years in prison for having consensual sex with his GF (a minor). Why hasn’t spears BF been charged?Of course, he is white and she is a celeb. How silly of me not to think of that.

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