‘So A Lot of You Have Seen My Vagina Recently. Pretty Cool, Right?’

June 22nd, 2010 // 81 Comments

“Thank you, LA House of Blues. You’re too beautiful tonight. As y’all might know my new album comes out tomorrow which is why you’ve seen a lot of my ‘Downtown Miley Brown‘ area latey. Don’t worry, it’s all coordinated marketing and we even got a major news outlet to declare that shit perfectly legal. (Love ya, dad!) But I’m still the same Miley with an audience comprised exclusively of middle-school girls.

*simulates fellating a drummer*

I mean, I just want young girls to know it’s okay to be themselves and not conform to like whatever’s all the ‘norm’ for whatever situation they’re in.

*Frenches a chick dancer*

Life’s all about freedom, y’all.

*vagina diddle*

And being true to thine own self, 1st Jesusolonians 5:19.

*downward dogs a roadie*

So buy my new album ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ because America’s like your friend at the mall that you sometimes like until she keeps staring at your boyfriend so now you have to let him have sex without a condom tonight. (Bitch.) Alright, boys, hit it.

*squeezes boobs together*

My loneliness is killing me,
I must confess I still believe…”

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  1. Fish, damn, these comments were so razor sharp it almost cut my morning kahlua and coffee buzz.

    Nice work. It’s why I read the site.

    Damn friend, you must be as drunk as I am.

    *squeezes boobs together*

    My loneliness is killing me,
    I must confess I still believe…” that there is some social satirization worthy of Swift/Bono.

    Damn, that’s good.

  2. Chelsea

    LOL i love your humor.. FIRST

  3. Chelsea

    DDAMMIT, well i was first on MY page :P



  5. Cryusly

    Thank you for that. I just spit coffee all over my monitor. dude was right, razor sharp.

  6. shemp
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    wow, is there a superfish boycott going on? where beez all the posts today?


  7. Commented on this photo:


    did the world end? are zombies attacking? HAAALP!!!

  8. Jack Mykokov


  9. Billy Ray Cyrus

    Hey! My daughter is comfortable with her body & sexuality. Why shouldn’t we all celebrate her liberation from the Mouse & buy her new album?
    Make it #1 & I’ll leak the canyon cunt photos ASAP right after the 18th b-day.

  10. Ooolala
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    All i can say is I am SO burned out on Miley Cyrus posts. Enough already! Seriously….there is NOTHING better to post than her every half hour. Please stop. I miss the old superficial.

  11. Jose

    disgusting…she looks like a man.

  12. Ooolala
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    All i can say is I am SO burned out on Miley Cyrus posts. Enough already! Seriously….there is NOTHING better to post than her every half hour. Please stop. I miss the old superficial. This is why the number of comments is plummeting i expect.

  13. nahhhh

    I’m hopeful that one day you’ll learn the difference between the vagina, labia, and plain old skin.

    • Drew

      Or you could not take obvious jokes so seriously? I really need to stop reading the filth that are these comments.

  14. Miley is an American hero and I salute her.

  15. Randal (3)

    Miley is a true talent and blessing to all of us. Thru her courage, hard work, dedication, and smoking hot azz, she has inspired, titallated, and made my pimp hand even stronger. Bless Ms. Miley

  16. ROUGH? "That guy got an edge. Unbewevable, I never seen anything like it"

    I haven’t seen anything. I don’t understand, why this site doesn’t have the cuntclusives as Perez Hilton….

    • It's Fatty

      I missed out on Ms. Miley’s clam bake too. Extremely upset, maybe they will post it again come her 18th B-Day. We can only hope. Keep your head up, Rough.

  17. The minute this girl turns 18 evry blogger is going to rip her a apart. I wonder how many almost naked photos are going to be posted that day?? Miley wanted to be treated like an adult , so she will be. No more “shes just a child so we cant post naughty pictures of her or say horrible things about her. This generations Britney is here.

    • It's Fatty Again

      Finger’s are crossed SkettiCat

    • uhm, no SpaghettiCat, she is NOTHING like britney spears. britney messed her life up completely. all miley has done is take dirty pics of herself & dressed with a little less clothing on. brit on the other hand married some fuck-up, had babies at a young age, & shaved her head bc she was high. lol miley has NOT goin THAT far. & i doubt she will………….but hey, thats only my opinion. (:


  18. Ashley

    I love leather pants

  19. Gen
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    Nice fat bulge… If you want to dress like a skank, then at least be skinny…

  20. Rogerdoger
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    Stop with the Miley posts already!!!

  21. Taz

    *downward dogs a roadie*

    HA HA HA

  22. Deacon Jones

    THAT’S the best ass shot whoever you buy these pics off of can come up with?

    The “Screaming into Mic” vs. “Gratutious Ass Shot” ratio on her this week is something like 60:2.

    Let’s get on this. On 2, BREAK

  23. Franksinatrastein
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    Her father should be jailed for allowing this.

    Fish shuld be jailed for criminally bad posts about it. Yawn…

  24. Billy Ray Cyrus
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    Ya’ll like my daughter’s muffin top?
    Feels good to squeeze too!

  25. Sue

    didn’t britney already do this? child pure singer turned whore? at least be original Miley. Oh, that’s right. you have even more in common with Brit – NO TALENT.

  26. FattyFatty2x4

    Vagina Diddle, that may be my new monaker.
    Went to urban dictionary to make sure what the hell it was, anywho, long story short. I found The Rusty Trombone there, I will have my hands full tonight, please don’t interrupt me Fish with your incesent calls and texting.

  27. missywissy

    Right on Fish!!!!! That was THE BEST damn thing I’ve ever read on this site!!!! Slap yourself on the back for me. : D

  28. Vagina! more like a up skirt panty shoot.

  29. Denise

    Why does this girl think she’s an actress AND singer? Or both for that matter. All the users at I Made A Movie.com that upload music and auditions are WAY better than Miley will ever be. Sheesh man

  30. amorfismos

    She’ll regret turning 18.

  31. Budhaven

    She didn’t let us look straight up into it like Kendra did, so what’s the deal? She has to save something for next year.

  32. bar room hero

    M u l l e t s p a w N

  33. Brooke
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    I especially like how the fat around her hips bunches up like that… Miley, you are such a trend setter.

  34. yayo
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    this layout design sucks very hard. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  35. captain america

    ……………her dad adviced her what to wear?

  36. Kooky S
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    ALso, I live in Canada where she is legal. Can I fap to that?

  37. tc

    I read somewhere that she was worth $400m. Anyone care to comment / corroborate ?

  38. hiya
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    this bitch is 17 ?? wow… i m very impressed, she really looks like a 28 or 34 years old woman ! maybe is because she wants to grow up soooo fast that she does things, women do … in private… coz if you act like a slut in public, one day or another, you re gonna pay for it ! …
    Miley, reminds me a lot of early britney spears… not because she dance, sing or look like britney only because she dress like a whore, act like a whore and pretend to “not be a whore” her whole “persona” is all about selling sex… and you can t sell sex for the rest of your life sweetheart, don t you have self respect ? aren t you supposed to be a human being, with values, morals, and all ?? well, i guess those qualities doesn t count in “HOLLYWOOD” money, fame, alcohol, medication and illegal drugs, are all the support and friends “stars” needs

  39. Snortley
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    The chick has been legal across 90% of the planet for a couple years now, so what is the big deal?

  40. Rhialto

    Other brainboxes like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan have gone before.But,as good-hearted as i am, i’d give her all the credit.

  41. Darth

    Does her tummy feel better now!?

  42. bimbamboing

    In two or three years from now we’d just consider this as the first signs of the downfall of another child star.

    • starmaker

      Child star? I consider her as half(way)-a-child star.Since she started out late with being famous (for a child star).Not as early as miss Hayden P. for example.

  43. sasha
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    I’m bored.

  44. LPB

    With the DRUMMER?

    Dayum, that’s some sick shit right there!

  45. Anon Ymous

    Remember before Britney turned 18 she was trying to keep up the act she was a virgin and wholesome etc etc….

    Well the second she turned 18, she was sold down the river by her old friends, who said she was sleeping around at 14….was de-virginized long before hooking up with Timberlake…..she was the one who cheated on him with other dudes…etc etc….

    I am sure once Miley is 18, someone is going to get paid a hefty sum to reveal similar secrets of Miley’s past.

  46. absinthe
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    Picture 11 is clearly her sex face

  47. YummyPussy
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    I love that she’s a whore. Maybe some completely nude pics will be out soon.

  48. BiJenni
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    This new site blows more than me… and that’s saying something.

  49. aNonnyMoose
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    How can a girl with hips like a prepubescent boy have such a nasty muffin-top???

  50. Mz. M3l

    Okay give this gurl a break ok sure i dont like her who does? but she is 18 her dad doesnt have as much control! maybe she went a lil to far but shes an adult shes not the same lil Hannah Montana gurl that everyone else sees!

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