Snoop Dogg’s wife busted for DUI

June 15th, 2008 // 75 Comments

Snoop Dogg’s wife Shante was picked up in Orange County for DUI early Saturday morning, according to the AP:

Fullerton police Lt. Craig Brower says officers stopped 32-year-old Shante (Shahn-taye) Broadus of Sherman Oaks about 12:15 a.m. Saturday and took her to jail. She was cited and then released pending a court appearance.
Brower says nobody else was in the car but he didn’t have any other details.

I bet Snoop strolled into the station to pick up his wife and, suddenly, music starts playing while strippers drop from the ceiling. A hobo announces “IT’S SNOOP DIZZLE DOGGY D!” and all the cops realize they hate paperwork but love malt liquor. But, with a scratch of the record, Detective Partypooper (according to his name tag) says “Just a darn minute. This man’s wife was arrested for DWI. That’s no partying matter!” Then everyone just laughs while Black Riddler starts a conga line. For such is my understanding of the bail bond process.


  1. maaaaaaannnnn..she’s uglyyyyyyyy..look what make up does..i thought she was pretty

  2. anonymouse

    Wow, she’s 32? Riiiiiiiiiiight …. and what the hell is wrong with her face? Besides the obvious.

  3. fdfb vf


  4. jzz

    i would also be high 24/7 if i was married to that.

  5. lala


  6. jen

    she’s pretty

  7. nobama

    oh snap, i bet she was sneaking out to take mike oxhbig a 40 and some papers

  8. nobama

    is she wearing push-up lip pads?

  9. Jada Pinkett Smith has had better days… see what Scientology does to you?


  10. fukcfd

    I’ll dO her goooooooooooooooooooooood.

    do you like it doggy style my little whore?

  11. NoNAME

    ewwwwwwwww what the hell?
    Use PROACTIV OR MURAD you dirty skankey hoe!
    Snoop Dogg is ugly, but with his money he could at least did “a little” better.
    ewwwww what the hell is with the hyperpigmentation marks on her face!!!?

  12. Hash


    Also, I lol’d at the police station hip hop video thing. :3

  13. Ted Mosby


  14. Sport

    that’s Parliament, Ted.
    Fo shizzle, nizzle.

  15. Auntie Kryst

    She obviously had her mind on her money and her money on her mind, not the road..

  16. deacon jones

    Bitch take a bath in da deep fryer????????

  17. Tommy Sneakers

    Dat’s one nappy headed ho

  18. Sheva

    Dog obviously likes to get him straight out of the kennel. You would think with the coin this guy has, she should never ever be behind the wheel let alone after drinking.

  19. deacon jones

    Get him some white girls with da sloppy bee-hind, ye-ahhh

  20. Somewhere, Kim Kardashian is snickering maniacally, opportunistically rubbing her hands together…

  21. britney's weave

    yeah, i’m not quite understanding the discrepancy between the women he has in his videos and…. that.

  22. b

    Sounds like a great time to unload that ugly bitch.

  23. Arf arf . . . arf arf arf . . . ruff . . . arf arf arf . . .

    Ooh ooh ooh ah ah ah eee eee eeee! Aaah aaah aaah aaah eee eee eee ooh oooh oooh!

  24. Rosie's meat curtains

    Damn … that is one ugly biatch ! It looks like somebody threw dog shit at her through a screen door !

  25. What a difference a group of make up artists make!!!!

  26. OMG at frist I thought that was a pic of Snoop..

    He can do so much better. She must have a great personality..

  27. sunshine

    judging by her looks, she must have a “great personality” – isn’t that always what they say when they want to hook you up with their ugly cousin?

  28. jrz

    Her expression says….It’s mah cuzin’s fault.

  29. TakeOn


    “I ain’t playin
    I’m a n-igga from the muthafuckin street”

    ——comes from too much Chronic, although that is the best rap CD ever.

  30. SlowMonkey

    Bets are on: who will do longer jail time?

    Her or Nicole Ritchie?

    Her or Paris Hilton?

    Her or Mel Gibson?

  31. Me

    I like her hair. Her face, not so much.

  32. noneyobeezwax

    i find it amusing that when a publication gives the name of a black person, they also give its phonetical (sp) spelling.

  33. Hey Nobama…nope, she wasnt bringing them to me, she had just left my place. I gave her the boot when I saw the drizzle from her pizzle and because she couldnt make up 20 more stupid kid ghetto names in the allotted time frame I gave her.

  34. Gabby Johnson

    D-O Double G, now I know what he was referring to

  35. NotBlonde

    I love how they put a pronounciation next to her name as though Shante is like a crazy foreign name no one has heard of.

  36. NotBlonde (nät bländ) – its how we do things in america now to cater to all the idiots…we have to explain everything to everyone instead of making them figure things out themselves. Theres no better example than the current democratic frontrunner…those that like him know nothing about him…except what they learn from tv. Otherwise he wouldnt even be talked about.

  37. Frank

    Yikes! That’s one ugly sheboon.

  38. kanye

    wow, look at her ape head!

  39. Jess

    Eww…. that is the UGLIEST black woman I have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. What was he thinking?! Oh yeah, I forgot, he’s a hardcore stoner…

    I, on the other hand, am the hottest black woman on the planet:) Christina Milian can kiss my fine black ass :D

    John Edwards for VP!

  40. bootlips

    Negro women look like apes. Even the ones that are only half negro. They can lighten their skin, put on a wig, dress nice, get plastic surgery, and watch their weight, and they still look like they should be in the jungle.

  41. lambman

    I like that he stayed married to the mother of his children after getting rich and famous. Besides, Snoop is cool but he’s not a good looking man by any means

  42. dats one nappy head ho

    That is one stupid ugly groid! Goddamn! Where do these rank ugly stupid mindless stinking shitskins come form anyway?! Jeez! Dig a ditch and bury the bitch!

  43. doooooooooggggggggggg


  44. Jess

    bootlips, that’s not what you were telling me last night baby!

  45. Jess

    Besides, this woman looks like a lot of things

    “human boner” being one of them. But ape? I don’t think so.

    Ugly and hot come in all colours, sweetie!

  46. ISpring

    Her skin is just FLAWLESS…… Britney’s!


    She needs to drink more.

    “drivin down the street smokin indo sippin on gin and juice”…


    ok maybe she was rollin too from the looks of things

  49. paula

    wow… you’d think he’d be married to a woman who wasn’t so fugly.

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