Snoop Dogg fights, arrested, released

April 27th, 2006 // 73 Comments

sdogg-arrested.jpgSnoop Dogg was released on bail today after being arrested last night when he got into a fight at London’s Heathrow airport with police and airport staff. The fight started when Snoop and his entourage were refused entry into the first class lounge because some of them were flying economy. When they became abusive the airline refused them travel and wouldn’t let them board the plane, and that’s when the fight broke out. Additionally, British Airways has sent letters to Snoop and his entourage saying they’ve been banned for life from ever flying with them again.

It’s ironic that Snoop Dogg gets arrested for fighting and not possession of marijuana. You don’t see Mike Tyson getting thrown in jail for participating in a protest. You see him put there for doing what he does: punching people in the face, biting off people’s body parts, and rape. That’s who Tyson is, baby.



  1. Carolina


  2. LilJenny

    The airline staff just wanted to confiscate Snoop’s weed

  3. Carolina

    He should bring one of his “special” brownies, maybe they’ll let him fly with them again.

  4. EntertainmentWhore

    I bet the CCTV footage is priceless.

  5. So let me get this straight, I can get arrested for bringing nail clippers on a flight, but 10 body guards can tear up and airport throwing bittles from a duty freww shop at staffers and fighting with police for 1/2 an hour and they are released the next day? Damn, England is the place to commit crime it seems.

  6. andrewthezeppo

    5th!!!!!!!!!! suck it

  7. HollyJ

    Now I have yet another reason to love British Airways (other than the fact that they’re a zillion times better than ANY of the shitty-ass cheapo American carriers).

    Snoop banned for life. That ROCKS

    If British Airways was a man, I’d go down on him.

  8. andrewthezeppo

    I like it more that my random number was wrong…..also, no comment Snoop getting arrested is like Britney eating cheetos, or dropping a baby…does anybody care anymore?

  9. EntertainmentWhore

    Spindoc: Location doesn’t matter; good legal representation does. Remember – this is the same guy who went on trial for murder.

  10. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Finally, some gossip for black folks! I thought I was going to have to start killing cops and raping white bitches.
    On a totally related note, did you guys hear that Ciara and Bow Wow broke up???

  11. EntertainmentWhore

    HollyJ: Try Virgin Atlantic – far superior to BA.

  12. Tay

    It’s ironic that his name is Snoop Dawg, because he really does resemble a doberman.

  13. EntertainmentWhore

    And I’m sure Richard Branson would greatly appreciate if you filled out a survery about trying out his airline AND going down on him. Just can’t do that with BA

  14. HollyJ

    Whatever happened to evil Edna anywho? Did SF ban her ass?
    Well, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out:

    @1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 – REPORTED!!!!! And don’t tawk bad bout Bush while I’m tossing his chocolate salad and typing !

    @10 – I wonder if she yelled out “BOW-WOW! DO IT TO ME BOW-WOW! JUST LIKE THAT BOW-WOW!” when he mounted her like a deerhead. :::pondering::::

  15. mamacita


    How come these fools never have any news about Pharrell? Now, HE is where it’s at!!!

  16. HollyJ

    Entertainmentwhore– I’ve never blown Virgin. =0

    You guys have given me so many beautiful visuals and good ideas today. Thanks! I might have to sexually abuse myself with this big silver Mac sound wand if the magic continues.

  17. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    14 – It was probably more like, “MY GOODIES, MY GOODIES, MY GOODIES, NOT MY GOODIES!!!” Young love…

  18. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Snoop was banned for life, like Edna, and like I was this morning.

  19. EntertainmentWhore

    Being banned is like a badge of honor these days. Which is exactly why Courtney Love only flies Virgin Atlantic. Oh wait – that’s also her latest record company but she’s just as violent as Snoop’s posse.

  20. LilJenny

    Edna’s in the Heather Locklear thread

  21. mamacita

    LilJenny’s in the Snoop Dogg thread.

  22. You’d think that MaryJ would keep him mellow enough to stay out of fights.
    No really though, rappers have to routinely get in fights and get arrested, or else they lose credibility in the face of their fans.

    10 – I guess it was just puppy love. Seriously, why was she dating a teenager?

  23. HollyJ

    @ 17 Osh- LOL !
    Her goodies are used and tired.
    I bet eating her goodies is like finding a few pieces of old Halloween candy on the floorboard of your car in June and eating it anyway.

  24. TaftHartley

    Imagine being in that First Class lounge after having paid $13K for a full fare ticket and those fucked up, smelly, yelling MF’ers walk in. Way to go BA! Give’em another reason to hate whitey.

  25. dirtypiratehooker

    What the airlines did was RACIST! They can’t just kick a bunch of harassing black people out of the airport like that! Oh boy, there are going to be MAJOR lawsuits now! KILL WHITEY!!!

  26. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    23 – You know that dance she does on the car in the video for “Oh”? I tried doing that on my dad’s car while my friend videotaped it and I broke both my knees and the windshield. It was hella kewl.

  27. Italian Stallion

    For Shizzle my Nizzle, I won’t go to no Jizzle!!! I’ve got the Lizzle in my back Pizzle!!! And they’ll never catch me wit no Wizzle cause I smoked it with my Gizzles!!!!!

    Translation: For sure my nigga, I won’t go to no jail!!!!! I’ve got the law in my back pocket!!!!! And they’ll never catch me wit no weed cause I smoked it with my gangstas!!!!!

    What you know about dat?

  28. Evangelia

    dear #12
    snoop looks like a doberman? omigod, you are so clever! you must be the only person in the world who has seen the video for “what’s my name”!
    i’m picking on you because you misused the term irony. as an english teacher, i take offense.

  29. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Hey Stallion, you can’t say nigga anymore unless you’re blacker than the dirt inside Edna Bambricks vagina when she’s encased in tar and floating in deep space. Please refer to Angelina Jolie Still Pregnant thread. You, know. That one where they stole my line.

  30. I got $10 on Snoop.

    He may not be strong, but he’ll fight dirty.

  31. krisdylee

    Snoop, c’mon over and spark one up with me, man. BC Bud, that’s where it’s at. We’ll giggle like 12 year old girls at a slumber party, then eat some cheetos, and then we can wrestle, and if your mouth accidently starts sucking on my clit, well, we’ll go with it.

  32. TrannyGranny

    31 RULES!!!

    And I loved snoop dogg “carwash” you know, he played the pimp with the fishbowls in his shoes, right? Oh, that reminds me, gotta go score a bag and some hookers. Thanks Super Fish! I almost spaced it!

  33. chanel_bear


    have you considered representation?

  34. Italian Stallion

    Osh, I am black……..from the waist down, does that count?

  35. mrs.t

    I’d hit it.

  36. krisdylee

    I’d hit Italian Stallion, as long as he hit me with whatever is handy… whip, spatula, pancake.. doesn’t matter….

  37. Italian Stallion

    Krisdylee, is sausage ok?

  38. radio4play

    damn almost made it this time!

    kitty no! this is my weed!
    bad kitty no!
    mommy kitty’s being a little dildo!

    oh and tcltc

  39. CruisingForCock

    36 Pancake? Come on now. It doesn’t count if it doesn’t hurt.

  40. krisdylee

    As long as the sausage is hot n’ spicy, cuz I like it like that! Oh, and thick… really thick…

  41. krisdylee

    BTW Italian Stallion, didja read my post on the Heather Locklear Not Pleased with Denise Richards Thread? # 98.. and I wasn’t lying..

  42. Wild Rose

    Snoop’s bail probably would’ve paid for his economy-class entourages’ upgrade to first class. What a cheap bastard. Hah! Luv it!

  43. I still listen to Doggystyle. THat album is great. Snoop is Alright with me, and smokin’ is definatley alright with me.

  44. Land-Man

    I take responsibility.

    The entire first-class lounge was occupied by my Land-Cock.

  45. mrs.t

    MeganHarris, I know I’m way late, but DAMN. How much do you live for abuse? Should I start with the obvious and easy ‘Doggystyle’ angle?

    You HAVE to be working overtime trying to reclaim the title of #1 douchebag from Edna.

  46. Land-Man

    I believe we were talking about my Land-Cock.

  47. junebug

    He got into a fight with officers on a plane? What a fucking retard.

  48. Vas Deferens

    Just another example of when “Keeping it Real” goes wrong….

  49. Jacq

    Are there any black people in here? Why do you say things like “axe” instead of ask and “wif” instead of with? Just curious.
    Is it true that bats are black angels? Just curious about that, too.

    Hey – for anyone who didn’t know. MeganHarris smokes weed! It “definatley” makes me think she’s cool. Cool as a raging case of herpes. Don’t share a pipe with that bitch!

    #34 – Do the curtains match the drapes?

  50. Jacq

    Are there any black people in here? Why do you say things like “axe” instead of ask and “wif” instead of with? Just curious.
    Is it true that bats are black angels? Just curious about that, too.

    Hey – for anyone who didn’t know. MeganHarris smokes weed! It “definatley” makes me think she’s cool. Cool as a raging case of herpes. Don’t share a pipe with that bitch!

    #34 – Do the curtains match the drapes?

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