Snoop Dogg fights, arrested, released

sdogg-arrested.jpgSnoop Dogg was released on bail today after being arrested last night when he got into a fight at London’s Heathrow airport with police and airport staff. The fight started when Snoop and his entourage were refused entry into the first class lounge because some of them were flying economy. When they became abusive the airline refused them travel and wouldn’t let them board the plane, and that’s when the fight broke out. Additionally, British Airways has sent letters to Snoop and his entourage saying they’ve been banned for life from ever flying with them again.

It’s ironic that Snoop Dogg gets arrested for fighting and not possession of marijuana. You don’t see Mike Tyson getting thrown in jail for participating in a protest. You see him put there for doing what he does: punching people in the face, biting off people’s body parts, and rape. That’s who Tyson is, baby.


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