Snoop Dogg arrested for drug use, shocking!

March 12th, 2007 // 66 Comments

Snoop Dogg and a woman were arrested today in Sweden for suspected drug use. They were detained for four hours being released. A Swedish police officer says:

“He was arrested for use of narcotics. It’s illegal in Sweden to use them, even to have it in your system,” he said. “You can see that a person indicates that he has used narcotics in looking at his eyes or his movements. (Police) suspected that he had taken drugs.”

You know how else you can tell if a person has been using drugs? If they look like Snoop Dogg. And you know how you can tell if a person is capable of dropping jaws and melting hearts? If they look like me. I’m dreamy.


  1. Haha, black people…

  2. Why they gotta play my man Snoop like that?

  3. ImaCracka

    Thats Amazazing!!!!!!!!

  4. Xanthia

    Freaking keys!!!

    as I was saying, In other news we figure you are too stupid to remember for ten minutes:

    #1: Paris is a skank;
    #2: Brittany is a loon; and
    #3: TCLTC.

  5. rtnmac

    I wonder if they ever got that crazy dope fiend the Swedish Chef from the Muppet show. that dude was so fucked up, he couldn’t even speak.
    I bet his eyes were red as a firetruck, too.

    Hell, he had chickens running around his kitchen. What’s up with that?

  6. Shocking? What would have been shocking is if we would NOT have been stoned! And the REAL reason the swedes suspected that he was blazed is because he reeked like weed, and had just left a candy shop with two grocery bags in tow!

  7. mrs.t

    The one Swedish officer happened to be female, and Snoop couldn’t stop laughing, calling her “Shizzugar Tittayz”.

  8. crestlin

    i’ve just gotta ask? why sweden? i’ve got relatives there and THEY don’t even want to live there. besides, amsterdam is like a 45min plane ride away. idiot.

  9. badattitood

    Note to self: Stay the hell out of Sweden.

  10. S.P.F.R.S.

    10th! or something close. the only way Poop Dogg could be an interesting piece of news is if he managed to AVOID the law for a year or more.

  11. jrzmommy

    That quote was almost accurate:

    “He was arrested for use of narcotics. It’s illegal in Sweden to use them, even to have it in your system,” he said. “You can see that a person indicates that he has used narcotics in looking at his eyes or his movements, or if his skin has turned a darker color. (Police) suspected that he had taken drugs.”

  12. k naz

    TITO-haha black people? this shit should make you laugh at how square sweden is. you know snoop has the dankest shit ever, so go him. more like HAHA paris hilton or any of these other white bitches that get caught on a daily basis because they can’t even conduct themselves in public while high.

  13. They had suspected he had taken drugs? Do you think maybe they recognized him and figured he would be a ‘sure bet’? Filling up some officers quota for the month?

  14. HoraceMcTittiesworth

    Lol @ Tito, so true!

  15. blondi

    That quote was almost accurate:

    “He was arrested for use of narcotics. It’s illegal in Sweden to use them, even to have it in your system,” he said. “You can see that a person indicates that he has used narcotics in looking at his eyes or his movements, or if his skin has turned a darker color. (Police) suspected that he had taken drugs.”

    Don’t insinuate racism in Sweden if you don’t know anything about the country. We have thousands of black people here. Most have come straight from the wars in Africa. It’s getting close to that there are more immigrants here than actual Swedes.

  16. mrs.t

    …and let the race riot begin.

    Let’s have 50-60 more posts about race superiority, with 3-5 interjections by Herbiefrog and his cryptic riddle haikus.

    That always makes for a scintillating thread.

  17. danielle

    A “riot” wouldn’t need to begin if pastey hypocrits would just keep their own insecurities to themselves.

    Go count the number of pricks on extacy or heroin, and then maybe we’ll have a more accurate discussion.

  18. PrettyBaby

    Yikes. mr.t missed the g-spot this weekend, I guess…

  19. jrzmommy

    I agree, there are far more whites than blacks hooked on drugs…and intelligent enough to avoid getting arrested for it.

  20. mrs.t

    No, the little t’s are all fucking sick with bronchitis-have been up all night hacking. They are all finally asleep and i’m wired on the buckets of coffee I had this morning in anticipation of another long day of mommy-can-you-get-me……..

  21. danielle

    Yes…IQ does seem to factor into the matter.

    I guess that’s why more people of the “lighter persuasion” hide in crack houses when dealing with illegal substances.

    Either that or their garage.

  22. In other news, the sky is blue.

    I mean “bluedizzle”.

  23. lookma_nohans

    Hmm, what was snoop doing in Sweden? Um, let’s see… [puts on Sherlock Holmes cap and checks copy of Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style]… well the Snoop likes the ladies, that’s fo sho. And Sweden *is* known for its blonde girls… Huh, plus it’s a well known fact that blondes drop their panties for the blow….

    Elementary! I deduce that Snoop is just lucky they think he was high, and nobody found the half-kilo in his suitcase.

  24. whitegold

    Is it legal to arrest Snoop for drug use? I always thought he had some sort of universal diplomatic immunity or something that allowed him to be high all the time and could never be arrested. Clearly Sweden wasn’t aware of Snoops special status.

    #5 – So true, that guy was seriously stoned!!!

    #13 – That’s what I was thinking, some officer meeting quotas. I mean, Snoops a pretty sure bet if you need to get your narcotics arrest quotas up for the month!

  25. whitegold

    Or maybe when Sweden official learned that Snoop was in the country, they were so excited they were like “we’ve gotta make sure the whole world knows that Snoop is in Sweden” (cuz really, I think the most shocking news here is ‘what the heck was snoop doing in sweden’), so they figured the best way to make this public knowledge was to arrest him, and charging him with drug use was a pretty easy charge to make stick.

  26. biaatch

    Snoop performed in Finland with Diddy last friday and they blazed a joint on stage. Cops were not involved.

  27. PrettyBaby

    #18 Troll

  28. jrzmommy

    You’re arguing with JrzTroll….DUH! Have a good time.

  29. love seeing celebs make fools of themselves

    I doubt it was weed. Only in the US is weed considered a “narcotic”.

  30. LL

    #24, fo sho… I thought everyone understood that Snoop gets a pass. As for being in Sweden, why not? I’ve never been there, but seems like a cool enough place to me, drug bust aside. Snoop will pay a fee or whatever and it’ll all be over.

    Speaking of Tom Cruise, I tried to watch a bit of “Vanilla Sky” this weekend, and failed. Jebus, that movie sucks ass. Mostly, it’s just boring. Likewise Mission Impossible 2.

  31. Whammer Jammer

    I don’t think this idiot can do anything without getting arrested.

    See kiddies, rap rots your brains.

  32. jrzmommy

    He looks like Rudy Huxtable with severe hormone issues.

  33. Lowlands

    Once i was arrested in Sweden for drinking to much coffee.The police-officer looked into my eyes and noticed the pupils were slightly bigger as usually.Anyways,maybe it’s too late already for Snoop Dogg but for all the other foreigners which are gonna visit the Swedish jail in the near future,don’t pick up the soap when they ask you to.

  34. At-Law

    Well I can’t speak for Snoop but Sweden was good to this blk man. Those tall, blue eyed, busty blondes sure loved me while I was there. Everywhere I went I had the pick of the litter when it came to getting laid. On a one-week vacation I did it all, from threesomes to anal. I made up for three hundred years in one week.

    So assholes, What the hell does his race have to do with his obvious drug addiction? I am an attorney and I have lost the ability to be shocked when I see my “white” attorney colleauges on their steady coke diets. Drug addiction comes in all colours idiots.

  35. lickmybutt

    aye aye aye, snoop, just stay home, here in Killa Cali, where the po-pos dont mess with us for blazing the sticky-icky.

    p.s. all of you idiots posting debates on which race has more people hooked on drugs… GET THE FUCK OVER IT. racism is dead, or at least it should be. you should all be shot.

  36. Whammer Jammer

    #34: You’re lying about your exploits in Sweden. How do I know? You’re an attorney. Everyone knows attorneys are incapable of telling the truth. About anything.

  37. HughJorganthethird

    I hear in Sweeden they chick your penis to see if you’ve been smoking crack. Crack dick = jail.

  38. Chouli

    If he shaved and slapped on a little lip gloss, he’d make a great pre-op tranny.

  39. At-Law

    #36. There is no reason for me to lie, however I wish more readers could be like you. You said something negative about me without attributing it to my race. I am impressed. Bravo bravo!

  40. HollyJ

    He must really stand out in Sweden–A 6’4 black dude stumbling around an ocean of albinos.

    If Snoop wants to be less obvious, he should get high in Jamaica.

  41. Whammer Jammer

    #39: Not me. Race should never enter in to it. Although, there is one “person” who posts in here who accuses me of being a racist because I hate rap.

  42. RAMistheMAN

    WOW… I… AM… SHOCKED! (rolls eyes)

  43. herbiefrog

    hay dog… : )

    never let it be said…
    that romance is dead… etc : )

    they will try to take us down
    every chance they get
    but they cant win

    can they ?


    us vs them

    but… no fighting

    what ya gonna DO? …

    life huh ?

  44. Stink

    Getting high don’t count when you’re wearing safety glasses.

  45. licklick

    If a Swedish drug test consists solely of “Look into my eyes”, then they have got to be the stupidest country on the planet.

    Either that or they are all clairvoyant.

  46. licklick


    Should improve the gene pool dramatically. You might evenutally figure out how to do real drug testing after a few generations.

  47. kamihi

    Sweden is great I have been there its wonderful (no I am not Swedish) anyway so what? Is this news? News he got caught perhaps but thats all, this is such an ugly guy, not cos hes black some black people are beautiful but just cos hes UGLY FUGLY DOGG.

  48. kamihi

    Sweden has more immigrants/asylum seekers/refugees per capita than anywhere else, certainly more than the USA. Europe is inundated with Africans now cos we are closer and have stupid over generous welfare laws.

  49. I happen to know a few swedish people and they do get high quite often, but they’ve never got busted, so I guess he just seems to look high all the time or maybe he is, who knows

  50. ponk

    When in Rome do as the Romans,
    When in Sweden do drugs while looking like pipi longstocking.

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