Snoop Dogg arrested

October 27th, 2006 // 70 Comments

Snoop Dogg was released on $35,000 bail after being arrested on suspicion of illegal drug and gun possession yesterday at Bob Hope Airport. Officers stopped him at a loading zone for a vehicle code violation and when they searched his vehicle found a gun and marijuana. His attorney says:

“There was no basis for this arrest. We believe that once this is cleared up, all charges will be dismissed.”

Is Snoop Dogg ever not suspected of carrying illegal drugs on him? I mean, this is Snoop Dogg. You could search him in the shower and you’d still end up finding like seven baggies filled with weed.


  1. Missallanpoe

    lololol first bitches!

  2. m3cruzer


  3. Missallanpoe

    ..anyways…good for him. He said he’d stop with the drugs..and shame on him for getting caught…again. KEEP IT IN YOUR HOUSE IN YOUR TEDDY BEAR, LIKE PARIS HILTON!

  4. TOPAZ21

    drop it like’s hot drop it like it’s hoooot

    fuck this day needs to END

  5. jazzdrummer420

    Puff puff, give. Puff puff, give. You’re fuckin’ up the rotation.

  6. radio4play

    the Killers RULE!!!!

  7. jazzdrummer420

    I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this; but I’m gonna get you high today, ’cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got shit to do.

  8. Tracy

    Snoop was FRAMED! OK, probably not.

  9. Missallanpoe

    ..Oh and last thing…Bob Hope airport? ROFL -dies- -dies again- jesus tap dancing christ…Bob Hope would be ashamed of you!

  10. clarkehead

    We got homeboys in the next cell gettin’ it on
    and they ain’t leavin ’til six-in-the-mo’nin.

  11. cole007

    this is great: he fucking LIED to me when he told me he gave up weed and also had no connections… bastard. puff puff give indeed!

    Paris keeps it in her purse.

    yes, this f-ing week sucked – i’m so glad I only have 3 more hours of work before Halloween weekend…. sheesh.

  12. I heard about this, man, Snoop is innocent!

    Do you honestly think that after being detained for having a “baton” as a weapon that he would then get found with a gun and some weed?? Yeah, right!

    Is Mark Fuhrman around? It sounds like his work…And really a baton?? You might as well call a bundle of straws a weapon!

  13. BigJim

    Charles Schultz is rolling over in his grave.

    Actually, Charles is probably rolling a big, fat doobie in his grave. The weed you get in heaven is WAY better than the shit down here on Earth.

  14. Yet another “on the downward spiral” rapper trying to jumpstart his career!

  15. RichPort

    In other ‘no shit?’ news… air continues to be primary human inhalant.

  16. Don Boogie

    Snoop is such a positive role model for the children.

  17. aury

    file this under “what the fuck else is new?!”

  18. slantingthroughdarkness

    Tell the pigs to lay off of Snoop. He’s a damn role model.

  19. Missallanpoe

    Well said number 16. I believe he will bring peace to the world and give the other little cun-…children the hope they need to become a drug-free rapper with a multi million dollar hit album. With this in mind..he must be trying to get some fame off of hohans and paris hiltons drug off battle. The rappers need love too you know!………(dream cloud forms over my head)…and for just a dollar a day you can give snoop dogg all his other little homies the bit of weed they need to survive in the hard core streets of beverly hills.

  20. Absynthe

    Ah! Snoop is being arrested by the little people!

  21. ApacheRose

    Gaahhhh, I hate that “Bob Hope Airport” crap. It’s BURBANK Airport, dammit. Stop fucking with the names!

    (Sorry, it just annoys me.)

  22. okiedoke


  23. pinky_nip

    Slowest fucking hour in the world: 4pm on a Friday afternoon at work. I hear a chardonny calling my name…

  24. ImaCracka

    Hey maybe if they kill him in a drive by he can release 20 albums like Pac and Bigee after his death,….

  25. Foxbase Alpha

    It looks like they “diss-armed” him!

  26. mikeski

    The weed you get in heaven is WAY better than the shit down here on Earth.

    Ooooh yeah, Heaven brand Weed. Kicks the s–t out of Da Kine. 4 out of 5 stoners agree.

  27. Missallanpoe

    25, obviously you never been in cuffs >.> Not even in the sexy way…

  28. Hm and this is some news he is arested once a week

  29. You know when stuff like that happens it is because he just pissed off the wrong person who happens to have legal connections. We all know that man walks around with guns and drugs, he sings about it for crying out loud.

  30. The funniest part of this whole story?

    Imagining Snoop Dogg at Bob Hope airport. Those two cats each represent the exact polar opposites of American Music.

    PS – Why you gotta do my man Dee Oh Double Gizzle like that? Leave the brother alone.

  31. Didn’t this sell-out call Lee Iacocca “nephew” in a car commercial??

  32. checkyourshorts

    I’m waiting for the “justme” character to post on this thread, as it features a Black man being arrested and “justme” seems unable to post on anything else.

    In anticipation “justme”, we all know what you’re going to say. Consider yourself obsolete.

    And, in fact, it’s just you.

  33. shell

    Awww man, Snoop got busted with the MILF Weed.

  34. Atleast he got laid before he went to jail……

  35. @33 LOL at Weeds…..

    Chris died for our sins

  36. commissioner


    The arresting officers don’t give a flying fuck who he is. They had “probable cause” to search the vehicle and most likely thought he was some unknown thug when they did. Those officers are probably wishing they’d called in sick versus dealing with the stupid shit that will most likely follow.

  37. shmoody

    You know what is really funny . . . Snoop was arrested by two midget police.

    I mean they are tiny. Everyone else in the picture is like a foot taller than them.

    Snoop got arrested by midgets that shit if funny even when your not smoking the MILF weed.

  38. libtard

    Well, I’ll be. Consider my nizzle thoroughly shizzled.

  39. #32 checkyourshorts – So should I go ahead and post this now, or wait?

    “justme” – A white supremist piece of shit posted “once” a while back on a “black” thread and left his calling card.

    I feel you should go there and comment on his site… and stay there!

  40. justme

    You can take the monkey out of the jungle…but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey.

  41. justme

    Yes, I’m a rascist! It’s all because my father was black and my mother was a trampy white whore.

  42. shmoody

    shhh be very very quiet I am hunting rabbits

  43. Snoop is conspiring with Al Qaeda

  44. The Hoff

    Snoop! — My Man!

  45. clarknova

    Wait a minute, wait a minute, are they arresting him because he didn’t have ENOOUGH drugs and guns on him? Cause otherwise this doesn’t make no sense.

  46. januaryanne

    there’s a BOB HOPE airport??? i mean that’s good but something seems odd about that. don’t you have to be dead 10 years to have an airport named after you? or is that a stamp with your picture.

  47. BoognishRising


    And if convicted, he’ll get plenty more action in the big house.

    “Ok lovemuffin, it’s body cavity search time.”

  48. Binky

    His movies don’t have much plot…ummm…so I’ve been told…
    Much like his life I guess.

  49. James

    When was the last time a black person was framed for a crime. NEVER. Calvin Broadus is as guilty as ever. Just another stupid black celebrity looking to increase his piece of shit badboy image.

  50. HollyJ

    he’s an ignorant ugly mo-fo ..

    have you ever seen this idiot try to talk to a reporter ?

    I’ve talked to in-heat bloody dog vulva that had more to offer, intellectually, than this devoid-of-brain pustule

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