Snoop From ‘The Wire’ Arrested

WARNING: If you’ve never seen The Wire absolutely nothing I say will make a lick of sense.

As a white person, it’s my duty to speak of The Wire with such awe and reverence you’d think I was slowly opening the Ark of the Covenant. Which is why it saddens me to find out Snoop from The Wire was picked up in a drug raid this morning, not to mention used to actually kill people at the age of 14 which I did not know so now I’m even more convinced her and Chris are going to turn me into a zombie. The Baltimore Sun reports:

Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, known for her drug-assassin character on “The Wire,” was taken into custody at a downtown apartment on a state warrant, officials said.
The actress has a troubled past, having been convicted at age 14 of second-degree murder. More recently, she refused to testify as a witness at a murder trial and was arrested at her then-Northeast Baltimore home.

I think I speak for all of us when I say this blows my entire investigation. And for what? Dope on the table? Fuck Daniels. What does he know about actual pohleece work? *takes swig of Jameson*

(This one was for me.)