Snoop From ‘The Wire’ Arrested

March 10th, 2011 // 64 Comments
Snoop The Wire

WARNING: If you’ve never seen The Wire absolutely nothing I say will make a lick of sense.

As a white person, it’s my duty to speak of The Wire with such awe and reverence you’d think I was slowly opening the Ark of the Covenant. Which is why it saddens me to find out Snoop from The Wire was picked up in a drug raid this morning, not to mention used to actually kill people at the age of 14 which I did not know so now I’m even more convinced her and Chris are going to turn me into a zombie. The Baltimore Sun reports:

Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, known for her drug-assassin character on “The Wire,” was taken into custody at a downtown apartment on a state warrant, officials said.
The actress has a troubled past, having been convicted at age 14 of second-degree murder. More recently, she refused to testify as a witness at a murder trial and was arrested at her then-Northeast Baltimore home.

I think I speak for all of us when I say this blows my entire investigation. And for what? Dope on the table? Fuck Daniels. What does he know about actual pohleece work? *takes swig of Jameson*

(This one was for me.)


  1. SaraDevil

    You didn’t even wait to get the mothafucka in the house.

  2. kire

    hopefully her hair looked good in her mugshot.

  3. yeah it’ll probly be a good show when it’s on streaming. who waits days for dvds to watch 3 epis at a time :(

  4. horn dog

    Damn it, Fish…now I want a Jameson on the rocks!

  5. swalt

    You happy now bitch?

  6. da kine


  7. Rough of carnage

    She sound like a great co-star for Ne-yo.

  8. When keeping it real goes wrong *Dave Chappelle voice*

  9. Zed

    see, here you go giving a fuck when it ain’t your turn

  10. Cock Dr

    This doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.

  11. Eric

    The Fish is good police.

  12. Greenman

    I’ve been watching the wire. Almost done with the second season. It’s good, but not as epic as everyone is making it out to be. Everyone that has seen the show seems to have an orgasm when they talk about it. I just don’t get it. Not a bad show, but I’ve seen better.

  13. Amy

    I love anyone who has ever watched The Wire. Congrats, you made my list.

  14. most wanted

    i guess i’ll watch my back coz niggas jivin, times heard this brotha pulled a 187

    who i thought was my homie dropped tha dime.. so i gots ta peel his cap with tha nine, FOOL

    so if its on then its on, fuck ya G, because how the odds are lookin, its either him or me

    So I loads up the strap and I step – coz my brain cells are dead and all I think is death

  15. friends, etc.

    you’d still be riding the boat if it wasn’t for daniels.

  16. shanonigans

    All these comments would to the Wire proud.

  17. shanonigans

    would do the Wire proud I meant.

    Best television of all time.

  18. this is one of the problems with our society today. We have raised to “star” or “Hero” status loosers and criminals. I am not talking somone who simply had a couple to many beers or got a little rowdy when they were young. I am talking killers, murderers and drug dealers. I have watched this show and it is discusting and revolting to me on a human level!

    • flo's flo


    • Maybe they don’t teach a lot of critical thinking in the Vermont farmlands but I’ve watched the Wire seasons 1-5 a few times and I don’t remember the show presenting anyone – criminals, cops, politicians or anyone else – as heroes.

      Could be because life is a little more complicated than that. Were there criminals with admirable traits? Yeah, and sorry to break this to you but there are in real life, too. Were there cops who were less than admirable? Yeah, and the same thing’s true. Now there were a few characters (Cheese springs to mind) who were pretty much without any redeeming characteristics (actually I guess even Cheese loved his dog, but it didn’t stop him from shotting it to death) but in general every character in The Wire lived in the great gray continuum of life. You know, where we all live.

      By the way, if you don’t think that’s true you’re either too young to have carried responsbilities in this world or you’re one of the real bad guys, the ones who think what they do is somehow exempt from moral approbation because they’re the one who’s doing it.

    • MrGrunge

      Money says VtFarmboy has not actually seen The Wire, and is just talking through his ass.

      • kkholiday

        such a great comment equinox! Did anyone else notice vtfarm boy didn’t even spell disgusting correctly? geeez.

        I just started watching season 4 of The Wire. I love this show. It always makes me think.

  19. Oh, so it was fine for her to play a drug dealing hitman on TV, but act like that in real life and suddenly we’re not cool with it? First The Charlie Sheen gets raked over the coals for being too much like his TV character, now Snoop too? You hypocrites make me sick.

    Seriously though, up until this moment, I was never 100% sure that she was female.

    • billybragg

      You’re an idiot.

      IT’S ON TV you moron. She wasn’t actually going around killing people and dealing drugs, sorry to break it to you. Presumably your joking, but still, you remind me of someone I knew who thought the Hills was real.

    • “seriously though” should have been an indication that the preceding was not “serious”.

      The Hills was totally real though.

  20. guy rossi

    “Nice Dolphin nigga”.

    Fish is white and couldnt type that like he wanted

  21. blitz79

    That’s a woman?

  22. Dolores

    Long live The Wire.

  23. VJ

    Best. Show. Ever.

    You come at the king, you best not miss. – Omar Little

  24. Deacon Jones

    That’s a “woman”. Scary. Future federal prison dyke if I ever saw one.


    • billy

      I actually read her autobiography when I was stuck in a bookstore one day. Amazing shit — her mom once stripped young Snoop naked, locked her in a closet, and went off to sell the clothes to buy crack.

      She also talks about feeling more like a boy than a girl, and screwing girls with strap-ons.

    • billy

      BTW, Deacon Jones, there ain’t no heaven, and there ain’t no burnin’ hell.

  25. Shithead

    Y’all ain’t got no honey nut?

  26. anishamoshi

    took me till the end of season 4 to work out snoop was a 30 year old woman and not a 13 year old boy…damnnnn

  27. ain't no thang

    well if she was your drug dealer you’d probably tell everybody you know
    so it was only a matter of time before the cops found out.

  28. krutboo

    The Wire was good for one reason and one reason only – Omar. “here come omar”. What a fantastic character and when I see that actor in other things it is just Omar. Love how at the end a new Omar was being created in the kid Michael (was that his name?).

  29. Dagens24

    What the fuck did SHE do?

  30. Barmy

    All these questions about Snoop, but nothing about Wallace.

    Where the fuck is Wallace?

  31. MrGrunge

    It’s all part of The Game.

  32. AweNReverence

    The show gave us characters and actors that we don’t get to see. The actors were incredible.

    Damn our American entertainment machine. Wasn’t Tom Hanks in every single damned movie for 2 or 3 decades? Tom Cruise in every other movie. So much cheez whiz.

  33. Shibo

    You earned that bump like a mo’fucker. Keep that shit.

  34. AWOL


  35. I got a good feeling about this dude.

  36. grebb

    Bushmills?…That’s Protestant whiskey.

  37. Mary

    Shiiiiiieeeeeeet! You are about to get got!

  38. Erin

    (| March 11, 2011 at 5:14 am You’re an idiot.
    IT’S ON TV you moron. She wasn’t actually going around killing people and dealing drugs, sorry to break it to you. Presumably your joking, but still, you remind me of someone I knew who thought the Hills was real.)

    Reply :
    @ Billybragg..Hi. I wouldnt braggg to anyone about your knowledge of this show or of any characters related to it. You are wrong. Ummm, yes actually if you look it up, Felicia (Snoop) Pearson which is her real name, and real nickname: At the age of 14, she was convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting death of a girl named Okia Toomer and sentenced to two eight year terms, to be served consecutively, at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, Maryland.[2] She was released after 6.5 years. Instead of attending school, Pearson worked as a drug dealer. Pearson met Michael K. Williams, who played Omar Little on The Wire, in a Baltimore club. He invited her to come to the set one day. He introduced her to the writers and the producers, and she was offered a role in the series, which became her big break. She now is an African-American actress, author, and rapper. She is best known for playing the character Snoop on The Wire. She has written a memoir, Grace After Midnight. So her former life is not fiction, the Wire was, but now I would ask: Is this a case of life imitating art? Or art imitating life? Or both, because she was and (presumably is) a criminal in real life and on t.v. I must say I am a huge Wire fan, (best show ever) you dont have to be from Baltimore to appreciate it. A direct quote from creator David Simon “a meditation on the death of work and the betrayal of the American working class … it is a deliberate argument that unencumbered capitalism is not a substitute for social policy; that on its own, without a social compact, raw capitalism is destined to serve the few at the expense of the many” To me, it is a raw, cold, but realistic and painfully accurate portrayal of any poor, underpriveleged American city . It shows that people are subject to the confines of their own personal institution whether your a drug dealer, a cop, a city official and ultimately the sacrifices one will make to adhere to that institution. Im off topic here, the post is about Snoop, but as for her, I love her character, and I am saddened to hear the news that after achieving success legitimately, Pearson was still drawn to the streets. Much like the demise of her co-character and boss Marlo Stanfield, he could not adjust to life outside of “the corner” it is all he knew. I wish her well, and hope that ultimately she is not deeply entangled in this as I think she is very talented and still has much to offer in her proffessional career.

  39. Pirate Hunter

    Erin needs a life…

    Regardless, I’m heading to the bar to get my McNulty on…hopefully I won’t run into a little 16 year black boy named Snoop…

  40. WHY?? I don’t understand how you are writing a blog that is professional/semi-professional and you still don’t know BASIC GRAMMAR. It’s really infuriating. Do you not know proper grammar or do you just not proof read? I like your blog but please try to edit it.
    (RE: I’m even more convinced her and Chris are going to turn me into a zombie.- it should be she and Chris.)

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