Snoop Dogg Is ‘Snoop Lion’ Now. No, Really.

Yesterday, when I first caught wind of this Snoop Lion business, I wrote it off as Snoop Dogg saying a bunch of crazy shit because his body’s 80% hemp now. So allow me to change that to, Holy fuck he’s actually serious, plus all that stuff I said about hemp. Anyway, here’s Snoop announcing he’s a lion now AND Bob Marley incarnate – who died when Snoop was 11, just FYI – which is why he’s quitting rap to make family-friendly reggae. (Side Note: How good is the weed in Jamaica? Good enough to make everything you’re about to read happen.) Via NY Daily News:

Rastafarian priests bestowed the new moniker Snoop Lion upon the music icon when he visited Jamaica in search of “a new path.”
“I didn’t know that until I went to the temple, where the High Priest asked me what my name was, and I said, ‘Snoop Dogg.’ And he looked me in my eyes and said, ‘No more. You are the light; you are the lion.’ From that moment on, it’s like I had started to understand why I was there,” he explained at a press conference.
Born Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr., Lion has always felt a special connection with Jamaica’s most celebrated music legend, according to “I have always said I was Bob Marley reincarnated,” Lion said. “I feel I have always been a Rastafari. I just didn’t have my third eye open, but it’s wide open right now.”

And if there’s one thing lions know how to do, it’s lead the pack. And hunt down gazelles with its teeth which I would literally pay to watch Snoop Lion do. Who do I talk to about that?

While in the studio, he distanced himself from his musical past by referring to Snoop Dogg in the third person. “Fuck Snoop Dogg. Don’t think about none of the shit he rapped about: hustling and making money and drug-dealing and shooting. All that shit’ll be out of here,” he said to his collaborators in the studio.
With reggae, Lion has the chance to create music that all ages can enjoy – from children to his grandparents, who might not have been able to enjoy his harder-edged rap catalogue.

You know how you have that annoying friend who’s always like, “Dude, weed is like a miracle drug, it cures everything. Little kids should smoke it for breakfast.” Please tell them there’s now scientific proof that shit eats your brain out and spits it out in the shape of lion because I’ve seen people on bath salts make more sense. At least when they eat my face, I know it’s because their hunger is chemically amplified and not because they think they’re Bob Marley’s lion spirit reincarnated in black Willie Nelson. Even Tom Cruise saw this and went, “Come again?” but that was mostly to his pool boy, so I don’t know why I brought it up.

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