Snoop Dogg Endorses Ron Paul

Ron Paul might want to peel back the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and basically turn the United States into a boner-inducing fiefdom for rich, gun-toting white property owners, but he also wants to legalize weed so, really, how hard can that other shit make it for brotha? Mediaite reports:

Snoop Dogg — the undisputed voice of the people — has voiced his support for a GOP candidate. On Sunday, the rapper and actor posted an image of Ron Paul to Facebook, accompanied by the gentle suggestion to “Smoke Weed Everyday.” Snoop captioned the image with a simple “because I said so.”
“He’s always high,” responded one commenter. “That’s why he makes so much sense.”
“Substance,” replied another. “What Ron Paul speaks and Snoop Dog smokes!!! Ron Paul/Snoop Dog in 2012!”

But before everyone rags on Snoop Dogg, keep in mind, there are actually liberals going apeshit for Ron Paul because despite envisioning a U.S. free of any and all social services, stop lights (True Story: Libertarians hate traffic signs.) or laws against using your cellphone while driving because if our forefathers didn’t want us texting they would’ve put it in the Constitution 200 years ago, he said some legitimate things about 9/11 and is against the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. So, wants to take us back to the Wild West where you’re basically fucked unless you own land, but hey man, he’s against drone missiles and lets you smoke the sticky icky, so how bad can it be? The current state of American politics, ladies and gentlemen.

Adding… Ayn Rand enrolled in Medicare and Social Security after she got lung cancer. Eat a dick.

Photo: Getty