Snooki’s ass, anyone?

January 19th, 2010 // 132 Comments

I’ve honestly been trying to avoid these Jersey Shore kids, but when the one who looks like a Big-Titted Warwick Davis keeps flashing its shit at every club they stop at, it’s hard not to make you guys suffer through an unbearable eye-hell with me. So enjoy these shots of the Stromboli Clusterfucks at Greenhouse in NYC last night where they made Italian-Americans everywhere wish their ancestors kept sailing to Cuba or straight off the face of the Earth into the mouth of a dragon.

Photos: Splash News

  1. marcello

    # 95 italy? really? ..
    i doubt you’d be able to even walk into any establishment in italy ..
    you wouldn’t be served ..
    jealous ?
    check out the ‘satorialist’ for italian men on the street of italy hahaaa
    milano a good start !

  2. martiantoo

    thanks god these kind of italians self transported themselves into the usa delivering italy from their presence.
    what a bunch of douche. why does mtv creates such monsters?
    who is so dumb to ever watch their show? bleah.

  3. martian

    @95. Where have you been, exactly, in Italy?
    You can find very different kinds of persons amongst a 60+ million population.
    Those you’re describing are no more than a 10%, if ever.
    Of course the lower classes, the ignorants exist everywhere, but am I entitled to say all americans are rednecks/white thrash of gangta pimpin’ niggaz just because a few of them are?
    I am sure entitled to say that the average american is way less literate and cultured than the average italian.

  4. Oh yeah, funny captions.

  5. cbuzz

    Like C3-PO would say: We were made to suffer, that is our lot in life.

    Thanks for the pics, time to pour acid into them

  6. Lin

    These photo’s are disgusting, so what does that make me for looking at them? They are so gross, as is the show. This does not depict Italians, nor does it depict all NJ residents. By the way – the only thing I know about the show as I don’t watch it is what I see on sites like this and on TV reporting some outrageous thing they’ve done. All the “Housewives” shows and now this are just a bunch of made up, over zealous, bunch of people who don’t care what they act like or how ridiculous they make others seem for a moment of fame and a TV show.

  7. tasha bada

    Yo u r so nasty girl and man get that away from u

  8. jack johnson

    aint nothin cottagecheesy about her ass, so all you sloppy-built ho’s and no pussy gettin fatboys should stop hatin on the bitches lil body cuz you know youd kill for a chance to get your hands on snookys thang, she certainly looks like a lil slut in this pic but we all like em a lil filthy anyway right? so deal with it, and wipe the jergens off before u respond, fuckin losers

  9. I call 'em as I see 'em

    I love the stained ‘stonewashed’ jeans on those around her. And the lovely carpet. (by that, I actually DO mean the rug on the floor) And the fact that the heels on her boots are all worn off on the back, exposing the white plastic heel. Girl, I don’t care if your shoes are from Payless, take care of them! Otherwise you look like a skank. Oh, wait. You ARE a skank. A ‘nasty-pair-of-pantyhose-filled-with-cottage-cheese-ass’ SKANK.
    At a really classy party.

  10. i like ourshoesbox

  11. snoookdanite

    uhh those last people arent even from jersey shore yu retard..

  12. Gigs

    The fact that these clowns and whores were paid more money than I’ll ever make to act like perverted idiots makes me wanna jump out a fucking window.

  13. jack hoffe

    I can smell that cunt from here

  14. mimi

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  15. kelly

    ok soo in those last 4 pictures those people were never in or on jersey shore. soo i dont know who took those last 4 pics but they obviously dont watch the show

  16. Accuteknj

    This is GROSSSS!!!!! completely, if I want to see cow’s ass I would rather go to Texas,,,,,As for Jersey Shore, if this is what they represent, they ought be banned completely. All they are doing is giving JERSEY a much worst reputation…..Do away with this kind of shit, making Italians look a more like meatballs

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  18. Gary B

    She almost look cute there, then I realize that he is most likely drunk and she must have the worst case of dragon breath on the East Coast.

    Why is MTV playing this crap, I thought they hit the low point with The Laguna beach/The Hills cast. No these people make Heidi and Lauren look classy in comparison.

    Like Heidi, I cannot wait until Snooki gets a pop album and clothing line. it will blow Heidi’s “high priced hooker wear” out of the water. Her album wont be music such as pop or hip hop much as 12 tracks of her moaning and groaning fake orgasms over rap and dance beats.

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  20. just some idiot

    None of these oompa loompas are attractive at all.

    These stupid reality shows are a disease and breeding a generation of fake people who want to do nothing but party instead of contributing to society in some way.

  21. Gary B

    121, these D bags to contribute.They work enough just to have the money to party. Small businesses like bars and trendy night clubs make a profit on the sales of overpriced booze and watered down beer, not including charging at the door.

  22. Gary B

    I have the first song written for Snooki’s enventual albulm.

    “my name is snooki, I love it in my pussy” repeats for like 20 times

    “Put it in put it in” 20 more times

    “5 minutes of moaning and groaning”

    “A sound that resembles rubber stretching way beyond it’s tolerances”

    “Some fart noises”

    “A toilet flushing”

  23. mama

    OMG those AMERICAN bitches are soooo fucked up!!! you dont see this shit anywhere else in the world hahaha your women just see a camera and BAM shirts and skirts start flying in the air lol and thy start poseing like they in a fucking porn movie. fuck

  24. Pinky

    OMG Jersery Show is like a show on who can be the whoriest dumbest bitch and I think Snookie is winning and is proud of it. I mean really who takes a smiling pic at a club/party with some guy’s finger up your dirty cunt? Her mom must be so proud.

    @ Gary B- lol at the song-too funny…and watching Heidi just roll around in all her vids is just painful..check her on youtube search “video on trail” heidi montag and you will see some funny shit.

    and just some idiot-do you post under that name on another site?

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  26. Christian

    dude idk what your talking about, i would fuck the shit out of her, shes so hot.

  27. jonisjackingoff

    I’d like to tongue her anus & have her fart on my tongue!

  28. katie

    OMG wow, what a way to make mom and dad so proud. I bet she takes pennicillin on a daily basis to treat her re-occuring clamidia. She and others like her are the reason seat protectors are offered in many public restrooms. I’d hate to be her gyno. Getting past the herpes and green discharge would be a real challenge.

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