Snooki’s Taking Diet Pills Now

May 27th, 2011 // 47 Comments

Because apparently the Cookie Diet doesn’t work (Who knew?), Snooki is reportedly knocking back Zantrex-3 diet pills now, according to a press release you people won’t stop forwarding me. I’m not entirely sure how they work – if they even are working judging by these photos – but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to eat half of Italy while you’re on them. That only works with meth. M-E-T-H. Meth. Write that down, girls.

The Superficial: Your Weight-Loss Headquarters

Photo: Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN


  1. stratacat

    WTF is going on with her nails?

  2. fx

    they work. looks like she’s down to 220

  3. anonymous

    pills aren’t working. she is still fat as fuck and looks like she should be honey glazed in an oven and served on Christmas Day.

  4. Ed

    . . . because exercising is too much work.

  5. The 10 ft. pole has met its match.

  6. I'dfucksnooki

    I think she’s hot.

  7. How's my roughing? call (718)915-0476

    The difference between her and other fat people is, she has a problem with her midsection, which most fat people usually lose, eventually. Shes not that fat. she should check with an internal medicine specialist. I mean, she might be one of those people with a grown ulcer in her stomach. Ive seen this in the news all the time. And I suspect this might be the case here….

  8. How's my roughing? call (718)915-0476

    Hmmm I think cyst would be the magical word instead of ulcer…

  9. Jersey Shore Snooki Diet Pills
    Commented on this photo:

    It does look like she lost weight…. in her tummy especially.

  10. Jersey Shore Snooki Diet Pills
    Commented on this photo:

    When she isn’t wearing something awful she looks not so bad..

  11. Jersey Shore Snooki Diet Pills
    Commented on this photo:

    Okay she actually looks cute in this outfit.

    • oh i know

      yes! i agree! she looks good and she HAS lost weight–poor thing, when you’re only 4’9″, five extra pounds probably looks like 20! you GO, snooki!!

  12. The Critical Crassness

    The “Zantrex-3, Pizza and a Pitcher Diet” will be the next big fad for all those Jersey Shore fans since it is working for Snooki. How can you tell? She is down to 2 rolls of fat around her belly.

  13. kareno

    god no. Zantrex kills kidneys. People who take diet pills go into hospital all the time due to kidney failure. By her doing this, all people who don’t know any better are going to go out and buy that dangerous crap and hurt themselves, especially young girls who are vulnerable and don’t know any better. God, she’s dumb. Just work out.

  14. the captain

    just read all the manuals on food.
    ………..and sport twenty minutes a day.

    • Jovy

      none of your posts make ANY sense. EVER. I never thought someone could type in broken English but congratulations on accomplishing something for once in your life.

  15. Jersey Shore Snooki Diet Pills
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:

    But she still looks fat and is missing an upper lip?

  16. Mia

    Shes still: A FAT B-I-T-C-H!!!

  17. Christopher Kandrat

    Meh, Its her option, if she think she has extra weight, she can take’em all she wants, her choice.

  18. Snooki Lover

    You sir, are a champion.

    Thank you for the awesome Snooki pics!

  19. god rape the queen

    YEAH!!!!! baby my little sex machine

  20. Jersey Shore Snooki Diet Pills
    god rape the queen
    Commented on this photo:

    2 hot 2 handle

  21. terry

    she better save that money. Once Jersey Shore loses its ratings MTV will drop them fuckers real fast. Save the money losers and go to school.
    In the end I think DJ Pauley will be the only one making a living beyond the show doing music.

  22. leah

    where the fuck is her torso? ah man if she ever gets pregnant her stomach is going to be destroyed,LOL, glad im not that short!

  23. Moose

    Perhaps she’ll die…

  24. rican

    She’s on a “Seefood” diet, She sees food and she eats it.

  25. Jersey Shore Snooki Diet Pills
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s quite losing weight a bit now, similar as J-Woww with the good looking body.

  26. rough smacked

    As always it turns out i have been proven wrong once again.

    Apparently, snooki got into a car accident in Florence Italy and she only escaped injury due to her protruding stomach, because the air-bag failed to deploy.

    How do you like that?

    She got fat mobster luck. Like those 300 pound mobsters who gets sprayed with bullets and survive anyway.

  27. Jonie

    I think she looks good here. **dons flamesuit**

  28. Jersey Shore Snooki Diet Pills
    Dick Dickerson
    Commented on this photo:

    I bet her crotch smells just like that pizza, MMMM More anchovies please

  29. Jersey Shore Snooki Diet Pills
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks better with more meat on her

  30. valerie

    I love snooki she is cute n your ugly y? ??

  31. sammie_toodle_kisses xoxoxo

    i cant believe so many ppl are so quick to judge her i love her to me she is fine the way she is i hate how ppl sit here with all these rude a$$ coments about her over trying to take diet pills half the ppl in the world have tried them an i have she isnt perfect if i knew her she’d be my best friend where so much alike like randomness an style idc snooki is fun loving an care free as i am as well for ppl to make fun of her an talk all this sh!t is so childish an dumb grow the f!ck up get on with ur life an stop hating!!! atleast she tryin to try to lose weight i mean one the first season of jersey shore she said she use to not eat in high school an have anaxiea an bilmic leave her ALONE!!! i love u snooki “nicole” dont worrie about the haters ur awsome :)

  32. sammie_toodle_kisses xoxoxo

    uhhh mur mur kitty dumpling snottle muppet turtle dove a$$ crow singing some where over the rainbow an dancing love bugs under a apple pie mmmmm sir take a dip on top on a whipped cream bowl an slide down an hill of f!ck yous an that my friend is me sayin uh im awsome like that bizzle a$$hole murrr murr meep!!! hahahahahaha

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