Snooki’s New Teeth Look Fantastic

Posted by Photo Boy

While MTV’s Jersey Shore is finally uttering its death rattle after this season, The Little Ewok That Could spawn super-AIDS is apparently thriving. Not only is she launching another product tailor-made for that sweet 15 year old prostitute demographic, but she’s also achieved the type of middling wealth that buys cosmetic dentistry that falls just above Brazilian concrete butt implants. And in before you say ‘I’d literally rather shove my genitals into a blender than spend another second considering whether or not they actually put veneers on a pig,’ let me show you some examples. BOOM! Snaggle-teeth, where’d they go? And another, shazam! Consider the last minute and forty-two seconds of your life officially murdered. *Punches clock, puts lunchbox under arm, whistles way out the door*

Photo: INFdaily

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