Snooki & JWoww aren’t really Italian

February 17th, 2010 // 90 Comments

Of course they’re not. Via Fox411:

But in an appearance on’s hit Web show, “The Strategy Room,” Jenni “JWOWW” Farley revealed that she and some of the other cast members are not actually Italian!
Farley herself is “Spanish and Irish,” while castmate Snooki is actually Chilean.
We’ll give you a moment to reflect on that.
The self-proclaimed “guidette princess” from Poughkeepsie is not Italian!

Welcome to the new trifecta of reality show whoring: Fake tans, fake tits and fake ethnicities. Just to put things in perspective, those blue people in Avatar were more real than anything you saw on Jersey Shore. No, really, I’m starting to think none of these kids even exist and, even worse, I might be the only who can see them. Sort of like Snuffleupagus who coincidentally also walks around with two people inside him.

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  1. bar room hero


  2. cole

    yeah. old news, and not exactly a secret.. heard most of the cast say that a few times already. ooooops. not exactly a surprise either, just look at the two of em

  3. lvH

    get skip gates on the case, he’ll sort it all out.

  4. Dread not

    So Snooki is Chilean, big f’n deal. She’s a tv personality…. ….yeah, almost typed that without LMAO! Look, remember that, “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on tv,” commercial for that aspirin product? They should have the cast of Douchey Shore give a disclaimer before each episode in unison. “Hi, we’re the a-holes from Douchey Shore! We’re not Italians, but we play them on tv! Bada-bing-bada-boom-bada-whoa!” Look, it’s all fantasy stuff. I mean, is Harvey Levin really THAT short? Is Britney Spears really THAT much of a whack job? Does Lindsay Lohan really THAT much of a coke problem and cleptomania? Is that REALLY Shauna Sand in those sex tapes? Is Jon Gosselin realy the father of Kate’s kids? Uh, bad examples.

  5. People have pointed this out all along! What I find sickening is the racists at MTV wanted to play along with the Italian thing when it served their purpose. Now that it no longer serves their purpose suddenly these idiots are acting like the Italian angle was never a thing. JWoww, Snookie, the rest of the idiots in the cast (whatever their pointless names are), and MTV execs share one trait, they’re all worthless prostitutes who will say and do anything for money.


    whoever thought these bitch ho’s were italian? …ahahahaaa
    when was the last time you saw an italian girl acting like trash at a club ?
    seriously keep it real ..

  7. UAEclubhopper

    @48, I would so watch that show.

  8. tania

    at the shore you dont have to be italian to be a guidette. its the way you dress, speak and act. i live in staten island and have been to the “shore” and there are plenty of non italian guidos and guiedettes. its like a lifestyle that makes you like that not necessarily your italian heritage.

  9. Leyla

    That’s awesome news! Ciao from Italy :)

  10. Anon

    What part of Italy were the people on Jersey Shore born in?

  11. Anonymous

    Sweaty, greasy Chileans and Spanish people? Not very surprising. Regardless, they’re American, they didn’t come from those places.

  12. anonymous

    I absolutely can not stand these jersey shore kids anymore.. Why are they so famous?? And she’s not even italian?? What the hell was she doing on the show then. The show was marketed as young italian-americans living together at the shore. It’s mis-representation if you ask me. I saw on another interview she said being a guidette has nothing to do with being italian but rather a way of life??- what does she mean by that?? Does she mean being a skank, cheating on her boyfriend, dressing like a slut, having bad hair and orange skin, not doing anything in life except drinking and partying?? Where can I sign up??-just-joking lol I also read online that she’s going to be in playboy… It’s funny that these loser kids all became famous from being scumbags and being casted on this ridiculous show to show what scum and low-lives they are. I mean all these young guys look up to the situation and pauly because they pick up girls, screw them, and then throw them out and move on to find new ones.. As a woman, living in today’s society, I can say it’s very hard to find a man that is not a whore and doesn’t sleep around.. by mtv setting this cast up as examples, other men are going to look at this and think that it’s ok to objectify and treat woman in this manner, and that it’s cool to try to screw as many girls as you can, hence making it more difficult for a woman to find a decent man and definitely make stds be on the rise again -It really has something to say about the youth of today and what people find entertaining.. I disappointed in society

  13. Sweets20

    Why was she there? It pisses me off that some one of this caliber has reached stardom and gets to go to red-carpet events. It just really angers me!! and would snookie get paid 5,000 dollars to show up at a car dealership and sign autographs? What has she done with her life? Nothing!! instead she brags online about how she’s reading her first book. Yay. Let’s give her more money for doing nothing and acting like a moron and basically bragging that she’s not educated.yay for’s cool not to care about anything except looking a certain way and partying, and that dj, Why should he get 10,000 a night to DJ? Who the f*uck is he, Tiesto, or Paul Oakenfield?? What the hell is happening? And let’s put them back on tv so we can watch them, not go work, fist fight with people on the street, abuse alcohol, pick up woman and brag about how they screwed them over and about how many woman they are sleeping with, and dress like sluts, so woman think that dressing like that is appropriate for everyday attire.

  14. Anon

    You go on a rant about not being able to find a decent man but gloss over the fact that she is also typical of women these days with her cheating and whoring.
    I guess you look up to that. Maybe the reason why you can’t find a decent man is because you aren’t a decent woman. Please stick to guidos and not ruin anyone of the good mens (which is the majority) lives.

    When I read about these people it shows me how that generation both male AND female are nothing but a waste of space.

  15. anonymous

    I never glossed over the fact that she is a typical woman with cheating and whoring.. I never wrote that!! Perhaps you need to go back and re-read, Asshole!! I was mocking her behavior on the show and jokingly said-where can I sign up. After I wrote that I wrote-just joking. I was being sarcastic. I find her behavior to be disgusting. You need to read someone’s post a little more carefully before going off and writing rude comments and insulting someone. I am a decent woman and I do have a decent man, I just feel it’s pathetic that men see these scumbags as role models, just creating more assholes in the world to look up to, both male and female.

  16. Anon

    Wow. Swearing at me.
    You’ve proved your point.
    Oh wait, I re-read your comment and you joked about signing up. You sexist tirade against men was serious.
    I can see why you’re lonely and hate men after just 2 replies. No guy likes you and it’s always your friends who get chatted up not you so to spare your fragile ego you blame men instead of looking at yourself.

    You go on about men being whores and assholes (your words) for doing something women also do (you admit that) but don’t put the same venom into attacking women.
    Double standards? One or two lines on her behaviour and then the rest of an essay slagging of men tells me plenty about you. It’s women like you with this “no decent men left” attitude that ruins it for decent women. You attract what you are or in your case attack what you are.
    I also liked the bit when you said my comment was rude. Everything about you is pot and kettle.

  17. Anon

    You said
    “I saw on another interview she said being a guidette has nothing to do with being italian but rather a way of life??- what does she mean by that?? Does she mean being a skank, cheating on her boyfriend, dressing like a slut, having bad hair and orange skin, not doing anything in life except drinking and partying?? Where can I sign up??-just-joking lol”
    Cheating – check You didn’t say whore but that was my take on it with the dressing like a slut, being a skank and cheating bit.
    So all that was a joke? You was joking meant you agree with her actions? are you her!!!

  18. loka

    im not proud 2 call myself chilena anymore ;( were def not as stupid or as skanky as snooki!

  19. Don'tworry aboutit

    thats what happends to a good Chilean girl when raised by Italians….poor girl she could have been somebody.

  20. whoprey

    Who cares!!! My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He- is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at- Agelessmatch @ co–m a nice and free site for Younger- Women and Older Men, or Older Women and Younger Men, to- interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or- tell your friends.

  21. marge

    no idea who Snooki is, so I googled her… I’m chilean and i’m SO glad she’s whoring around in the states.. god knows we don’t need more of that crap over here. Stay there!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. the only opinion that matters

    I saw this bunch on Ellen, what a boring bunch of nobodies. Why are they even on anyones radar? That Snooki is an ugly little trollette, not a guidette. I think she is confused…and the Situation might have nice abs but that face is nothing to get excited about. Enough….all you morons watching and liking this show, stop now , have some dignity and brains.

  23. the rest of the idiots in the cast (whatever their pointless names are), and MTV execs share one trait, they’re all worthless prostitutes who will say and do anything for money.

  24. mike

    Only 1 cast member is actually full Italian.

  25. alex

    its funny how people are like “who cares?” and “does is really matter?”
    but they probably googled this question,
    or at least you’re reading this. lol

  26. Damiann

    it dosent matter if there all italian or not its not gonna make like the show any less i didnt watch the show because of there ethnicity i watched it because of there personality.

  27. Of course JWOWW ain’t Italian, Because she don’t look like it and she ain’t mexican either she looks like a white bitch with fake ass tits and it looks like she had a nose job and it does fucking matter if their italian or not because the rest of them are italian DUH dumbasses and their all WHORES except for SAMMI


  29. virginia

    eww disgusting i dont give a damn what she is she is a dumb little loser and has a stupid show

  30. Annoymous

    I freaking new it! What fakes! As a REAL Italian, I always said that they were all a disgrace to Italians. They’re not even Italians. TV these days. Damn.

  31. Rjay

    It’s no surprise that Jenny isn’t Italian, I always knew she wasn’t, but I couldn’t believe Snooki wasn’t. She was born Chilean but was adopted by Italian parents, so her upbringing was Italian, and she sees herself as Italian, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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