Snooki is behind the leaked nudes

When the owners of didn’t get their cocks sued off for openly, and still unsuccessfully, trying to sell “nude” photos of Snooki, I pretty much assumed she was involved somehow.

Jump forward to the past 24 hours where Snooki, under the auspices of trying to get back into her “old shape,” posted two bikini pics of herself on Twitter from conveniently the same timeframe as the leaked nudes. I’m not saying this is definitive evidence, but it probably would’ve been less subtle if Snooki made a YouTube video of herself holding the nudes then blew five construction workers for a calzone to authenticate the process so no one’s trying to figure out why a shaved Ewok with skin cancer has access to pornography. We’re just not ready for that as a society.

NOTE: Added the latest “proof” photo from NakedSnooki which went up Sunday afternoon before Snooki’s on Monday. Convenient how she chose pics where the paint colors exactly match. You can’t tell me this chick doesn’t have 8,000 shots of herself in a bikini in various locales. There’s probably one from the pulpit of a church.

Photos: Snooki