Snooki is behind the leaked nudes

February 16th, 2010 // 73 Comments

When the owners of didn’t get their cocks sued off for openly, and still unsuccessfully, trying to sell “nude” photos of Snooki, I pretty much assumed she was involved somehow.

Jump forward to the past 24 hours where Snooki, under the auspices of trying to get back into her “old shape,” posted two bikini pics of herself on Twitter from conveniently the same timeframe as the leaked nudes. I’m not saying this is definitive evidence, but it probably would’ve been less subtle if Snooki made a YouTube video of herself holding the nudes then blew five construction workers for a calzone to authenticate the process so no one’s trying to figure out why a shaved Ewok with skin cancer has access to pornography. We’re just not ready for that as a society.

NOTE: Added the latest “proof” photo from NakedSnooki which went up Sunday afternoon before Snooki’s on Monday. Convenient how she chose pics where the paint colors exactly match. You can’t tell me this chick doesn’t have 8,000 shots of herself in a bikini in various locales. There’s probably one from the pulpit of a church.

Photos: Snooki

  1. Tazt

    I’d look at those tits

  2. Richard McBeef

    mmmmmmm….. calzones.

  3. swish

    this girl is a pig

  4. Brianna

    She looks soo good!!

  5. McFeely Smackup

    I don’t know who this is, or why I should care.

    What the fuck is a snookie? it sounds like what you call it when you’re trying to get a quickie BJ and the chick sneezes jizz out her nose.

    • Shan

      Ha ha good one lol

      • pussyfart

        You don’t know what snooki is! It’s the air a girl sucks into her vag before she qweefs. Duh. Like when you fuk her doggystyle real hard and fast then pull your dick out creating a vag vacuum and snooki then force your dick back in then it backdrafts down your shaft and flutters your sack.

  6. Rod

    Have we already scheduled the inevitable Snooki vs. Tila Tequila celebrity boxing match? We should make it interesting.. they both have to be locked into a double sided dildo while they tit-punch eachother.



  8. Founding Father

    Thanks, guys.

  9. WhaleWars

    The Sea Shepard protects whales just like her….

  10. ugh

    If these pictures are real, what the fuck happened to her? I mean if you gain weight, you don’t change your basic shape- she looks hourglass shaped or
    even a little pear shaped in these photos, and now she has these skinny little legs, and a giant barrel of a body. Did she fucking swallow a dog? WTF?

  11. She’s really mastered sucking in her gut for the self timer on the camera.

  12. holy shit


    Props to you all

  13. You're a moron

    Wait, the logic here is that since she posted pictures of herself taken during [timeframe], “nudes” of her taken during the same [timeframe] were necessarily released by her? As though she couldn’t have sent the pictures to someone else who’s now releasing them? Or someone else couldn’t have stolen them?

    Why would she deny they exist and then see to it that they were released?

    Jesus, this is unbridled stupidity.

  14. Delgo

    The ever elusive narwhal

  15. Gruns

    @ugh… you’re my hero.

  16. SborraInBocca

    What the hell, Fap Fap Fap

  17. glace neuf

    i might need to see a doctor, because i think it’d hit it.

  18. umm

    This is definitely not snookie. Of course she’s conveniently wearing sunglasses or her back is facing the camera in all the pictures. I cannot believe i actually took the time to comment on some no talent moron who’s 15 minutes of fame should be far over.

  19. umm

    This is definitely not snookie. Of course she’s conveniently wearing sunglasses or her back is facing the camera in all the pictures. I cannot believe i actually took the time to comment on some no talent moron who’s 15 minutes of fame should be far over.

  20. To: umm

    and comment twice, mind you!

  21. A product of the planet of the apes

    Whoever she is, I’d fuck her raw.

  22. She's a whore

    Another “I’ve got to show off my tits, pussy & ass to get noticed” slut. Absolutely no self esteem or self respect. She’ll be sucking off dudes in a back alleyway for rent money soon.

  23. Retard!

    Why the hell does this slut continue to make that stupid “duckface”? She looks like a retard when she does…

  24. PhotoshopMaster

    If you can make THAT look good you are a Photoshop master….I bow before your mad skills!

  25. maeby

    so her boobs grew 8 cup sizes when she gained a little weight? she says they’re not implants…

  26. What a stupid whore

    “The Rules” for a lying, conniving, manipulative “naked pic” campaign:

    1) Deny the pics were taken in the first place
    2) Contract with Vivid or some other porn company (50/50 split), release a few of them
    3) Say “Oh, those aren’t me”
    4) When proven to be yours, say “they weren’t meant to be released to the public”
    5) Have the porn company set up a website for you, to show “the complete released set”
    6) Release public statement, crying & whining about how “these were released by someone I know who didn’t have my permission; everyone’s being mean to me”
    7) Sit back & get money paid to you

    That’s right, it’s the slutney/blowhan/karDOUCHEian/tila “vietcong hooker” tequila/parasite hilton campaign of how to exploit yourself. Bunch of disgusting whores…

  27. SOS

    How did she gain soooo much weight since then? I hope it wasn’t over her lost love of 8 months…

  28. Ripper Owens

    I would put it in her. I would say “do you like it like that Nurse Ratchet?”

  29. Ripper Owens

    Then I would say “Who is your Daddy, and what does he do?”

    And than put it in her again as punishment.

  30. bar room hero


  31. John

    I love the people saying they do her. Including one reference to “fuck her raw”. You’d have a better chance coming out unscathed sticking your penis in a plane engine.

  32. NVG

    Who is this thing?
    Where do all these skanky, talentless ‘celebrities’ come from, and what planet do they get their names from?
    Tila Tequila,Cocco, JWoww, Snooki…
    Ha ha, the gods of Hollywood are happily sucking out our brains.

  33. Are those photos recent? She looks like she’s lost some weight.

  34. Apparently, she has what it takes to keep people talking about her. Love her or hate her, she’s the topic of a million conversations. As long as she’s someone people love to hate – she’ll be around!

  35. Ice

    Fat girls don’t deserve paternal love.

  36. Rose


  37. Nameless

    Yeah these are all pics of Snooki from like 4 years ago. This is not how she looks today.

    She’s still a fat, orange alcoholic oompa loompa.

  38. Rough on ice

    She shouldve ate the phone instead of gurgling that diet soda to stay slim…

  39. Boobs are too poor

  40. Brian

    Now if this dumbasrockscunt would stop rockin’ the fish-lips in every motherfuckingugly photo she takes….that would be a big improvement.

  41. meathead

    #5 , lol, seriously
    award for the funniest comment on a long time


  42. alyssa

    she is so ugly she should have those sunglasses on 24.7 .. and these pix must be 10 years old cuz she’s a cow now..ugly , stupid , midget

  43. aa

    that girl is to pretty to be snooki nd she’s not overtanned like ugly snooki ..not her

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  45. bell

    Oh..this is back when she had an eating disorder.

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  47. allow all the haters.. she looks great!

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  49. Cleea

    These pictures were taken back in the past. Did you look at a recent picture of her on the web lately. She is in a dress with her Vin, walking hand and hand. Her stomach is flabby, showing through the dress. Her arms are getting heavy. She doesn’t look like the pictures above at the present time. She is getting pretty chunky.
    I am 49 years old and I look better than she does in a dress. Actually, I look better than her without a dress. Look at her face when she makes her pouty lips, it looks like she has a mustache above her lips. That ugly pink lipstick she wears, was in style back in the 60′s. She looks like my mom with that lipstick. My mom is now 75 yrs. old. Snooki has absolutely no class or style. To much of the fun and good life will make you look old before your time. She is starting to look old.

  50. Fati87

    Ok. I just watched this fat cow on George Lopez and I had to find this post to say that either this is not actually her in the photos or this is her about 20 000 Big Macs ago! The bitch is very nasty looking right now. Fat and sloppy. I don’t know any normal guy who would want a piece of that disgusting shit.

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