Snooki in a Bikini

April 21st, 2010 // 92 Comments

Bikini Morning takes a stop at Slutty EwokTown, and I have to respect Snooki here for a minute for actually having the wherewithal to realize nobody wants to see what’s under that sarong. Then again, it frees her up to eat an entire Solo cup full of whipped cream on the beach, so we’ll call this one a draw.


  1. ego


  2. Daisy

    whyyyy fish, WHY?!?!?!?

  3. Hate Snooki


  4. hate snooki

    Just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  5. Reality tv sucks

    what bikini?

  6. Vonnegut

    I’d hit it with an AT-AT.

  7. Georgeo


    Why the fuck do you keep posting this shit? WHY???

  8. Puke

    Snooki sweetie lay of the sauce it’s making your ass huge!

  9. cc

    Look’s like a fire hydrant. If that thing she’s wearing was red, firemen would probably be trying to hook hoses to her!

  10. Andrew

    3 Jersey Shore posts? Pathetic. It’s sites like this and posts like these that keep fakes and attention whores like this in the public eye. stop. just stop.

  11. snooky fatty!

    fatty bitch!

  12. Pregnant Kickboxer

    Why is this necessary? What did we do to you? Please make it stop.

  13. Hey

    Omg she’s gross. At least she is considerate in knowing we’d all throw up of she put a two piece on. There is NOTHING attractive about her at all. I know whales that would look better in a swimsuit

  14. Remona

    NO MORE OF THIS CRAP! This site is supposed to be about celebrities!


    For god’s sake…why keep posting shit about these retards? They’re not in any way attractive or interesting. It’s fun to read about celeb slips and fuck ups but these people are a parody of the human race. Their mere existence is a fuck-up. They’re a walking joke, not celebrities.

  16. Dank

    Fish, dude you are fucking obsessed with this Jersey Shore shit. Every day we see these assholes.

  17. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  18. Silly Sly Stone

    I agree, please stop posting all the photos of these fatties… maybe you need to just post the one pic of her stuffing the muffin top full of more fat and place the awesome commentary. We don’t need to see multiple shots of this cow and her cow whore friends.

  19. Silly Sly Stone

    I’d hit …. with a Mac truck. and then reverse to do a cool fat spray off the back tires!

  20. salsa

    Snookie == Real Life Troll(TM)

  21. chris


    Jesus Christ if I see one more post today about Guido leather, I am never fucking coming back to this site. Gag me, fuck. Disgusting.

  22. doogie

    Why do you keep posting this s***?

    Nobody wants to look at her and sites like this are the reason they nobodies keep getting paid for staged pics.

  23. stop in the name of all that is good and holy

    If this is Bikini Morning, why are you only posting on Jersey Shores girls? Surely there are other photos of average-looking, non-famous women in bikinis that you can post, if that is your goal. Up the ante, please.

    Seriously, no post is better than a post on Jersey Shore retards.

  24. Can you imagine how much lotion it takes to keep her thighs from chapping.

  25. LouR

    This is a fucking troll!……..she reminds me of an old N.Y. Hign School girlfriend who everyone was banging except me…good thing!

  26. Rex Kramer-Danger Seeker

    She has the body of a harp seal-Club it!

  27. Fat is Fat

    I thought we had an earthquake but it was just Snookie at the beach….

  28. There will be 'a nightmare on Rough street'

    Snookie looks like a, well, a snookie.

  29. Oz

    He posts the pics because he gets paid to post them… not that hard to figure out folks LOL

  30. SO RIGHT

    I’m tellin ya, all it would take for these girls to look good is about 10 pounds and to dress less trashy. That would pretty much do it.

  31. Freshly Squeezed

    Holy shit, lighten up guys…those of you… i’m laughing my ass off! This is some great literary shit. Keep it up FIsh!

  32. Freshly Squeezed

    Holy shit, lighten up guys…those of you… i’m laughing my ass off! This is some great literary shit. Keep it up FIsh!

  33. Freshly Squeezed

    Holy shit, lighten up guys…those of you… i’m laughing my ass off! This is some great literary shit. Keep it up FIsh!

  34. Kris F.

    I agree with number 17

  35. Kris F.

    I agree with number 17

  36. Kris F.

    I agree with number 17

  37. Kris F.

    I agree with number 17

  38. Kris F.

    I agree with number 17

  39. Kris F.

    I agree with number 17

  40. Kris F.

    I agree with number 17

  41. bob

    why fish?

    damn you for this, hope you have a horrible week, you made my week horrible.

    seriously tho why do you give these bitches even a millisecond of your time? they are useless

  42. bar room hero

    disproportionate pseudo-italian midge-slag…

  43. Kim

    Does she really need to wear all the makeup i mean come on she’s at the beach?? i wonder what she looks like without makeup- scary!!!!

  44. Hong

    I’d eat her plus-sized ass. Why not?

  45. Lucky

    I agree with #30

  46. Tek

    Quick! Somebody shoot it!

  47. TheRegulator

    Two people with quite possibly the WORST gene pool imaginable met, and conceived this thing. She is an absolute genetic train wreck.

  48. fishtroll

    I can’t believe this. I come here every so often to see if there are new posts of celebrity slip-ups or hot models.

    Now you’re posting this crap regularly. If this keeps up I definitely will not be coming back.

    These people are not celebrities. and non of them are remotely attractive. There must be something – ANYTHING more interesting and attractive in the world than these pathetic pieces of crap. If I wanted to see these idiots I’d watch that pathetic show. But I don’t and so I don’t. Please stop posting this crap!

    Maybe you and your employers could check in on Joe Franics and see if he’s got any material for you … even that’s gotta be better than this.

  49. Forty-eighth!

    I’d hit it! If she lost twenty pounds, I’d wife it! Who’s with me?

  50. Cash

    It’s not so much Snooki in a bikini, as it is Snooki in a fucking sarong. I’d fuck that shit out of those tits, but she needs to do some serious situps before I’d touch the rest of her.

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