Snooki really wants those terrorists to hate us

April 8th, 2010 // 115 Comments

Here’s Snooki walking around Miami in her new $350 sunglasses which, combined with her height of exactly two feet, somehow didn’t end in her getting plowed by a car. Then again, I’m sure Ewok fur is a bitch to get out of a radiator so everyone just drove extra careful. “Shit, was that her? Or just a sparkly armadillo? God, I hate these kids.”

Photos: INFdaily

  1. Some one should tell this frumpy troll that she looks fucking retarded in those corny-ass bedazzled hat and shades.

  2. huh


  3. what did she seen???

  4. Raphael

    I wish I could have known a long time ago that having no talent nowadays is a talent. what a ugly bitch

  5. can her see with that glasses???

  6. Way back before she became Barbies clone, she has bugged me since the moment I laid eyes on her. Not for how plain looking she naturally was but her personality is that of a dinner plate. I couldn’t tell you what Irked me about her but it is something way deep down inside her, underneath the plastic shell in the hallow depths of her soul.

  7. turd da third

    I heard that she was wearing matching barnacal thong panties to match her glasses

  8. S

    Will not feel embarrassed

    Eighth sentence

    The other half is not 100 points

    Only two of the five people is

  9. daha yazacak bisey kalmad? uzgunum

  10. tatiana
    Commented on this photo:

    hahahah in the back of the picture it says tanning salon lol i thought obama put a 10 percent tax on that lol

  11. tatiana
    Commented on this photo:

    omg look at the bottom of her dress/shirt. its like stuck eew

  12. babiicakesz

    wow what a bunch of haters! get a life u losers!!! snooki is the best and the glasses are amazing :) don’t b jealous because your broke asses can’t afford them lmao

    -btw, don’t bother talking shit on me because i don’t care and i’m not going to read it because i DO have a life haha

  13. Dusk

    Wow. Majour chest butt-crack. What’s so appealing about two bags of fat on your chest squishing together? Fat people have those all over their bodies, but you don’t see us cutting out holes in their clothes to show it off!

  14. Vannan

    It looks like she taped her tits together to create cleavage.

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