Snooki really wants those terrorists to hate us

April 8th, 2010 // 115 Comments

Here’s Snooki walking around Miami in her new $350 sunglasses which, combined with her height of exactly two feet, somehow didn’t end in her getting plowed by a car. Then again, I’m sure Ewok fur is a bitch to get out of a radiator so everyone just drove extra careful. “Shit, was that her? Or just a sparkly armadillo? God, I hate these kids.”

Photos: INFdaily

  1. Fish dude, you have turned into a big pussy. I can’t believe you are censoring the post now. Why don’t you list the word we can not use any more.

    How about fuck? or twat? or Douche bag? Can we use any of them?

  2. wayneo

    First thoughts: What the fuck is that? and, Who ever let her out of her cage needs a damn good ass whooping!!! I mean really, who does this silly mother-fucker think she is? A celebrity? Only in her mind!!! Enough said, I rest my case.

  3. bob

    Why even waste time on this cunt! ugly bitch if you ask me!

  4. This girl is to fugly to be true and very very stupid also!! Did you cathch the second episode in which she got confused between sunset and sunrise?! To check out more gossip please visit my blog by clicking on my name!

  5. Jessie

    I wouldn’t fuck that with a stolen cock

  6. UhOH

    Pic # 11 – Some poop came out when she farted.

  7. JesseJimmy

    Let’s see:

    1. Short. Check.
    2. Fat. Check.
    3. Wide Load sticker on her ass. Check.
    4. Trashy. Check.
    5. NOT actually Italian. Check.

    Yep, she was likely treated like a supermodel in some inbred small town dive bar, and now she thinks she’s actually attractive. She’s about two donuts short of needing a Richard Simmons intervention.

    I bet that musky hairy herpetic jungle between her flabby thighs smells like hummus.

  8. shittin condoms

    the big american tv scam

    the funny thing is that this bitch iz not even Italian so how could she be guidette?

    shes a poser and most of yall are sucking it up like suckers yo

  9. bitch PLEASE

    I’m still waiting for her to start singing her “oompa loompa” song and hand out Willy Wonka bars…

  10. bugman

    Who the fuck *is* this person?

  11. Randal

    Mom always told me, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”


  12. mark

    I just trew up in my mouth…

  13. mark

    I just threw up in my mouth…FAT TROLL!!!

  14. ME

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…

    This country needs a good nuclear event.

  15. She has not ass!!!

  16. Opps, She has no ASS!!!

  17. Fuxy



  18. Tanzarian

    @ 24 BK – She was aborted, just nobody noticed.

  19. Really?

    What a waste of 350 bucks… those sunglasses are about as tasteless as air, but they do fit in with the rest of her douchey attire and persona. TV sucks these days.

  20. Sana

    thats just stupid.. only lady gaga can get away with something like this.. coz at least she has some talent.. but snooki..

  21. Aryn

    I like how she assumes it’s okay to wear a shirt as a dress just because she’s 4 feet tall, trash

  22. Sy

    Money can’t buy good taste.

  23. Summer74

    Can’t believe all the nasty things you guys are saying about this person
    nobody has a right to put someone down as much as you guys are doing. Maybe about her personality yes but other then that plz grow up. Peace:)

  24. empress

    LMAO even Randal #61 couldnt say something nice about snooks.. AND LMAO at #39

  25. mindxpander

    PHAT!!!…wait…wrong word…

    FAT!!!…there we go.

  26. Jack MeHoff

    I like Snooks…..I’ve always had a Monchichi fetish

  27. cheezbox

    TOTALLY SHOPPED. Her PR people clearly got to this. Here in the original:

  28. Gawd

    She’s gone full retard.

  29. jessica

    look at her purse hahahah

  30. jill

    @39, you’re ignorant. i can name lots of peole who dont know who snooki is, or heidi is, or kate gosselin….I mean yeah they may have heard their names in passing but not everyone reads celeb blogs and magazines and watches stupid reality shows. people have their own lives. nobody looks up to these people…mostly they trash them and the stupid drama in their lives is like a car accident you just cant help but look at. It’s not just America that has these kinds of trainwreck celebs…Katie Price, anyone (and now, Amy Winehouse)? Plus, these people will never be as famous as “real” famous peole…major movie stars, major musicians with multi platinum albums…people with real talent. The ‘celebs’ who base their fame off cheap publicity stunts and their looks will be forgotten soon unless they die within a few years, and new trainwrecks will replace them.

  31. I tried and I couldn’t do it in fact I had to beat my cock against a brick wall to even get a chubby to start with after I decided to attempt this feat.

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  33. captain america

    you’re ashamed now to be an american?

  34. Karl Hungus

    I’d stick it in the pooper.

  35. jay

    what a stupid fat ass clown of a cunt

  36. Shouldn’t she be weaving a basket in a hut in South America?

  37. won't be back

    alright… who beat her with those freakin glasses… anyone. huh, huh?

  38. LouR

    I would not fuck her with any of you guys dicks….but..I’ll let her blow me!

  39. hanmeng

    What is it?

  40. F-Dawg

    Looks like her herpes started from top to bottom here…wait i can’t really tell if that is her face or her cunt… or ass…or cock!? …anyways what a fucking dumb slut spic midget., seriously is she made of shit? …loving that square sponge cake ass. I feel better now! haha what a cunt!

  41. Nichole

    she should take the purse and use the jeans and make some freaking pants!!!! the one thing she doesn’t apparently own!! oh and the glasses all i have to say is BBBBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZ BEE!! THEY ARE FUC*ING UGLY!!

  42. bob

    and she is why you don’t see cats on the beach – they’d be desperately trying to cover that turd up

  43. You could get those glasses, the hat, and a Bedazzler at Wal-Mart for $40 and do a better job of it.

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  45. I did not really understand the topic. But, points out the chest and legs ..

  46. oh baby, you’re there to have another seat in the place

  47. heyy my baby. you hamm hamm !!


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  50. snoopi

    What’s that thing in the blue shirt? And how can it see through that glasses?

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