Snooki really wants those terrorists to hate us

April 8th, 2010 // 115 Comments

Here’s Snooki walking around Miami in her new $350 sunglasses which, combined with her height of exactly two feet, somehow didn’t end in her getting plowed by a car. Then again, I’m sure Ewok fur is a bitch to get out of a radiator so everyone just drove extra careful. “Shit, was that her? Or just a sparkly armadillo? God, I hate these kids.”

Photos: INFdaily

  1. doogie


  2. Posttache


  3. icu

    what a stupid fucking fat cunt

  4. stupid fucking fat cunt

    Are those sunglasses bedazzled?

  5. WTH

    Why are her glasses covered with barnacles (and her hat too) ??

  6. who dat

    When a greasy meatball like this gets face time…tv has officially jumped the shark.

  7. TS

    Just an absurd human being in every way, shape and form…

  8. Madsen

    That is just so unnessersary

  9. E.

    Good lord she is fug

    Sweet denim purse, ugh

  10. Ka

    Can someone explain me how she sees anything with those on ????

  11. bi chick

    how can she see anything thru those glasses?

  12. abby

    #6 Barnacles… LMAO

    Why isn’t she smiling and making sweet love to the camera, she is getting paid out the booty. Come on you’re new money, act like it.

  13. Irene Barcelo

    @who dat – that was a funny comment: “greasy meatball” Priceless!

  14. Gigs

    I’d hit it….with someone else’s dick and 10 guys pushing.

  15. fearsarewishes

    She must have lost a bet.

  16. xylus

    She’s like an anthropomorphic pork dumpling….

  17. wtf

    I can’t believe those glasses were $350. It looks like she made them out of things she found in a dumpster.

  18. El Dude

    What a retarded body shape.

  19. Giorgio!

    Man this has got to be one of the ugliest creatures I have ever seen, she looks like the Wilder Beast/Sasquatch’s love(hate) child. FUG!

  20. I offer up a challenge for all of you other straight guys out there to try and rub one out to pics of this Snookie beast.

    I tried and I couldn’t do it in fact I had to beat my cock against a brick wall to even get a chubby to start with after I decided to attempt this feat.



  21. Those are the ugliest glasses i’ve ever seen. Not cool at all. Put them on and see

  22. SaraPalin

    I didn’t know they were filming the new Hobbit movie in Miami

  23. BK

    I wish she had been aborted.

  24. Jerry Falwell

    She turns me on. I can’t help myself. I like my women a tad short and stacked. The olive complexion is a bonus. I’d do her from every angle in any hole she offered. Yum.

  25. Sport

    what a fucking joke all of these ‘stars’ are.

  26. Gigi

    Umm… Is she having some trouble picking a wedge in pic #11? KLASSY.

  27. Rex Kramer

    Does the phrase “Full grown midget” mean anything to you guys?

  28. Beeotch

    She reminds me a little of Hank the Angry Dwarf (R.I.P)

  29. America

    No people anywhere will ever dish out more hate on us than you do Superficial writer and shut-in commentors.

  30. The T

    she looks like the love child of jabba the hut and rosie o’donnell

  31. martian1234

    haha funny “sparkly armadillo”
    I still hit that!!

  32. Benny

    Pseudo fame =pseudo fashion sense.
    That show and the cast need to crawl back into their hole and stay there.

  33. lucycharms

    Why? Who would look at those craft project overpriced glasses & buy them? Aren’t they shooting in Miami…. won’t the glare off the metal make them blinding for her & others? She looks like she is wearing parts of someone’s old halloween robot costume.
    Clearly this is an example of too much money plus poor taste equals the photos above.

  34. dude!

    There is no F’ing way one can see clearly out of those glasses with those barnacles!. What is the point of wearing something that is not functional when it comes to one’s vision?

    Does this person have a job? A real job? Bet not.

  35. btreese

    What a disgusting attention whore. She needs to slapped…

  36. moka

    snooki is one of the most horrible and cheap people who came out of 2009

  37. Joe

    Please die the world is sick of you, you short fat slutty oompa-loompa

  38. alien

    haha you americans crack me up… you find the most annoying untalented retard possible and worship them as celebrities! None of these people should be “famous”

    Kate’s big claim to fame = have 8 kids wow!
    Kim = have sex and get pissed on
    Snooki = ummm be ugly and stupid?
    Heidi = get plastic surgery

    And thats just a few of your stars? haha they say the one industry the rest of the world will never compete with america in is the hollywood industry… but seriously its like your just trying to piss of the rest of the world with these “stars”

  39. bb_gun

    “The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it.”
    - Michaelangelo

  40. Great White Pygmy

    Please, please people. Help me in my fight against unjustly compared Ewoks to Lil’ Miss Jersey Mess. With your help we can end the comparisons that hurt every single Ewok. I envision a future where every youngling no longer asks “Mommy, What’s a Snookie?” Make a request to your Superficial Writer to “Stop the cruelty” and end this galactic prejudice. Thank You for Your Support

  41. Rob

    The glasses are just stupid. They look like something a 5 year old would wear.

  42. Clem

    Fat, self-obessed and ugly. Perfect for this site.

  43. bar room hero

    What a slag.
    Wierd body shape, looks like total club trash…

    Those glasses are ghetto, almost as ghetto as a grille…

  44. seriously

    Keep tanning there ape girl-in 10 years you will look like Magda from There’s Something About Mary!

  45. chupacabrica

    besides the clown-shoes this whore has on her face/head,

    is that a “Dress?” I’m thinking that is a t-shirt, but she’s so short, she thinks it’s a dress? I mean, FTW?

  46. chupcabarica

    wait a minute, did i just see her holding her “purse” like she’s Nicole Ritchie?

    Did you take a look at that purse? Dollar Store.

  47. who dat

    “”The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it.”
    - Michaelangelo”

    I like it…… true

  48. TekMoney

    This little creature needs to hit the gym ASAP. She’s like 4’8 so the big fake tits don’t help. Other than that she has no shape… AND toothpick legs. Ugh, this has FAIL written all over.

  49. Ooooppps

    Ha Ha. Shows what I know about “celebs”. Thougth this chick was a black girl.

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